7th March 2023

Edge of Night: Episode 31

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7th March 2023, 01:16 AM

Kara, Bakeitor, and Dice are hot on Ayancito's trail. They are catching up to him thanks to the tracking device Kara had planted into Ayancito's arm. They finally see him! The dog runs away scared at the sight of the master assassin.

Ayancito: A woman? You think you can stop me? You will be easy to murder.
Dice: She is not alone!
Ayancito (laughing): I could have killed you earlier you fool!
Bakeitor: That's right but I stopped you from doing it!
Ayancito: I am not afraid of you either.
Ayancito draws his lightsaber. It is red like his eyes. He runs to attack Kara first but she easily steps out of the way. Then he tries to attack Dice but he dives behind a dumpster. Bakeitor tries to shoot him using his gun but Ayancito deflects every shot with his saber and then goes to attack Bakeitor. Just before Ayancito can attack Bakeitor, Kara attacks him from behind with a dual sided saber. Ayancito is surprised.
Ayancito (scared): DOOM? HELP!
Kara and Ayancito fight. Ayancito is losing.
Kara: You've lost. Don't you know I'm a trained knight of the Empire? Damen awarded me with this light saber personally. You are coming with us Ayancito.
Ayancito receives no response from Doom and surrenders. Bakeitor handcuffs him and the four all return to thrones.

Little, Varda, Manwe, Eonwe, Glarthir, and Nook have landed in the South. They go to the forest where they will stay for the night until Eiven's funeral. While there, they see Orome.

Varda: Orome! It is so good to see you again.
Orome: It is good to see you too. Too bad our reunion isn't under different circumstances. I was quite hoping there would be a good old fashioned forest wedding soon.
Orome looks past Varda towards Little and Eonwe.
Varda: Oh no, they aren't dating.
Orome: Oh. Your daughter could do with a strong noble man like Eonwe.
Manwe: I agree but she seems to have her eyes set on lesser kinds of men...
Little turns red, embarrassed.
Varda (warningly): Manwe.
Manwe: She brought that annoying boy and a nazgul to Star Palace!
Varda: Manwe! That is enough!
Little (flustered): I'm going for a walk!
Little storms away.
Eonwe: I'm going to go after her. She shouldn't be alone with an assassin on the loose.
Eonwe catches up to Little. He notices that she is crying.
Eonwe: My lady... I'm so sorry.
Little: I don't want to talk about it. Besides, maybe I deserved that. I did bring Zes to Star Palace. None of this trouble would have happened if I had left him here.
Eonwe: Eiven would still be dead and we would still be here.
Little: I mean you wouldn't have ended up on Das or gotten in a fight with Pythas. What if you had died!? It would have been all my fault!
Eonwe: If I had died, I would have simply remanifested myself. There is nothing to feel guilty about.
Little: Really?
Eonwe: Really.
Eonwe wipes away Little's tears.
Eonwe (laughs): Besides, it was your father who made me put on that cursed makeup. He thought it would make you fall in love with me.
Little (giggles): You did look kind of cute as an emo.
Eonwe: Don't let your father hear you say that.
Little: I won't. It doesn't suit you anyway.
Little is no longer upset and so she and Eonwe return to the rest of the group.

In Silence's office, a vulture has arrived to visit Loki. It has a very important message.

Vulture: Squaaark squark squack squaaack!!
Loki: Interesting... How did it happen?
Vulture: Squaaaark squack squack!
Loki (surprised): He really managed to kill someone?
Vulture: Squack!
Silence (angry): What is that vulture doing in here?
Loki (annoyed): Don't you recognize me? I'm a patient.
Silence: Not you! That other vulture!
Loki: She's brought me important news from the South.
Silence: She needs to leave! It is past visiting hours and I do not allow birds in here anyway!
Loki tells the vulture she has to leave. The vulture flies over to Silence and bites his face before flying out the window. Silence curses and closes the window, locking it so nothing else can come in.
Loki: Did you have to be so rude to her?
Silence: I wasn't rude to her.
Loki: Yes you were! The vultures are a proud race! They are more than just simple birds!
Silence: Are all you vultures this sensitive?
Amir: Ladies, ladies, stop this nonsense. Wife, what did the vulture say?
Loki (glaring at Silence): She said that Eiven is dead. He was assassinated by Ayancito. The funeral is tomorrow and then the forest is going to war the South.
Amir: Perfect. The forest at war with the South. That will benefit us greatly.
Tasha: Ayancito actually managed to murder someone? That has to be a first...
Loki: Shall we go to the funeral and watch the chaos unfold?
Silence: A woman in your condition shouldn't be traveling that far.
Loki: What is that even supposed to mean?
Silence smirks and leaves without saying anything more.

Meanwhile, Zes is sleeping so Pic has decided to shave off his eyebrows. Lord Law watches her.
Pic (annoyed): I know, I know, he could probably sue me. Well you know what? I. Don't. Care.
Lord Law: I wasn't going to say anything about him suing you. In fact, what you're doing is perfectly legal.
Pic: Oh... Get me a sharpie.
Lord Law: Why?
Pic: I'm going to draw them back on. Do you think he should look surprised or angry?
Lord Law: Why not have one angry eyebrow and one surprised one?
Pic: Perfect.

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Don't you know I'm a trained knight of the Empire? Damen awarded me with this light saber personally.


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