17th March 2023

CZ NEWS: Feb 28-March 16, 2023

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17th March 2023, 12:21 AM

February 28, 2023
Nook came and baked bread by cave of Menegroth as he had spoken about doing previously. He made seed loaf bread and shared it with everyone who came.

Nook also make a couple prophecies. He prophecied that Tulkas's wrath will come to Arda and that Sir Warrior would return to help the Stazhand. Nook asked Eiven to fill in for Sir Warrior until he returns. Eiven rejected the suggestion and said that he has to take care of his daughter. Then Tommo and BigShaq went psycho after allegedly hearing voices and started attacking Nook and Reza. Nook was killed by Tommo on AchTo. Reza escaped death.

March 10, 2023
Glarthir came and was worried that he is gay. He said he needs the Princess of Light (Little) to kiss him and cleanse him. He was also upset that he might be cursed because the forest hasn't been speaking to him. So he said he was going to go on a pilgrimage. He also said Loki would become more desirable than all of the forest girls and that Fiona has gotten OLD. He also mentioned that evil skin never gets wrinkled because it is full of deception! :o

Glarthir also stated his desire to go into Baraddur to speak to a forest spirit that has been residing there but apparently he isn't allowed there because Amir won't allow anyone weak to enter the city. He asked Loki to get Amir to let him go into Baraddur again. The forest spirit calls itself Ahar and has good tidings for the forest!

Glarthir gave a message to Zaron that he must pass along to Ronaldo. He must say to Ronaldo "cut yourself, please, and pour 1 inch out" and then Tulkas's anger at Raheem will end. Zaron asked Glarthir about Aule and Glarthir called him the Lord of the Cowards as Aule has ascended into heaven. Glarthir was then smited as he was on Achto.

Glarthir then went into the void and renounced the forest. He was convinced by Flame to bow to him and become evil. The Voice then came and said that Reza must be killed. Glarthir took this as his personal mission and started plotting how to kill Reza.

March 13, 2023
Tulkas returned and pledged his loyalty back to the forest so that he will be restored to being a 50/50 grey dune. He killed Turq after being mocked by him and then asked/demanded a prophet to cleanse him. Reza took Tulkas to the Lake of the Dunes on Achto where she asked Nameless to cleanse him if he is true in his word. Tulkas then returns to his original shade of grey and is successfully cleansed! He shaved his beard and announced that he would no longer hunt Raheem.

Then a fight broke out between Tulkas, Fable, and Kace as Fable suddenly becomes possessed by the evil that Tulkas had just been cleansed of. Tulkas declared that he will beat the evil out of Fable as they fought in Humm. It was eventually revealed that Fable was possessed by his sword, which is a void blade. After losing the blade, Fable was no longer possessed.

Ronaldo and Tulkas also decided to start a house together. It is to be a house for stones. Tommo also kept up his attempts on Reza's life but fled after Tulkas attacked him over it. Tulkas then celebrated the restoration of balance in Arda and left.

March 16, 2023
A wormhole opened to Malacoth. Flame, Ronaldo, Loki, and Trolencio venture into the Temple of Ancients. Ronaldo is taken prisoner and cannot leave the building! After Ronaldo was imprisoned, everyone else who came to the planet was freed through a new wormhole.

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17th March 2023, 05:08 AM

Ronaldo stop getting boxed in

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17th March 2023, 06:51 AM

This is the most 🤪 thing I've ever had the fortune to see with my very two good own 👀 at least Glarthmare / Glarthir got what was coming to him. Let this b a lesson: Do not make absurd nonsense up if you can't come up with something original.

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Glarthir went from the most respected sacrifise in OLDCP lore to the most MID cz character ever known to man!

Good thing my mans Tommo keeps up the tradition of killing em!

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Help !!!!!

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