24th April 2023

Edge of Night: Episode 34

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On Das, Amir, Loki, and Tasha are leaving Silence's office. Loki has decided that she has healed plenty from being shot with the arrow, though Silence thinks otherwise. Amir has temporarily been placed in charge of Baraddur as Pythas has left to go to the south for his revenge plot.

Amir: Wife, are you sure this is a good idea?
Loki: Silence is a control freak. He enjoyed having authority over me the past few days and he wants to keep it that way. So yes, this is a good idea.
Tasha: Mom, where is Pic? I haven't seen her since last night after she broke Zes's nose.
Loki: I don't know... I haven't seen her since then either.
--Loki looks at Amir.--
Loki (worried): You didn't kill her did you!?
Amir: Do you really think I would kill your friend?
Loki: Maybe...
Tasha: Oh my god, dad killed Pic!
Amir: I didn't kill Pic! Why don't you ask Zes where she is? I last saw her talking to him.
Loki: No thanks. Then I'd have to see Silence again.
Tasha: I'll go.
--Tasha turns back to ask Zes about Pic. Loki and Amir are alone.--
Amir (slyly): Well wife, now that we're alone and I'm in charge, what do you want to do?
--Their eyes meet. With no words spoken, they run off together.--

Tasha has returned to Silence's office so that she could speak with Zes about Pic's disappearance... or so she said...

Tasha: Hi doctor!
Silence (suspiciously): Your mother isn't coming back is she?
Tasha: No.
Silence: What brings you here? Are you hurt? Do you need an examination? Are you interested in having plastic surgery?
Tasha: No... Should I be?
Silence: Whatever you need done, I can do it! What will it be?
Tasha: Can you teach me to become a doctor?
Silence: I cannot unless you have been through med school and then you must apply through our residency match program.
Tasha (flatteringly): Are you sure? I would love to learn about medicine from you.
Silence: I am too busy for this. Leave.
--Tasha leaves--
Silence (muttering): Vulture women.

Pic is in her padded cell in the Baraddur insane asylum. Its a really terrible place to be. She can hear people screaming and shouting down the hall. Most of them have been tortured to insanity. Luckily for Pic, she has a visitor.

Pic: Lord Law! I'm so glad you're here!
Lord Law: I told you what could happen to you.
Pic: You came here to tell me 'I told you so?'
Lord Law: Yes and no.
Pic: I could have a more interesting conversation with myself than what I'm having with you right now.
Lord Law: If you're going to be rude, I'm just going to leave.
Pic: What do you want? Make it fast, I don't have all day.
Lord Law: You don't?
Pic: No, I don't.
Lord Law: What better things do you have to do?
Pic: I need to finish this drawing I’m working on.
—Pic shows Lord Law a picture.—
Lord Law: How come it’s all in red?
Pic: It’s hard to make other colors when the only thing you have to work with is blood!
Lord Law (horrified): You’re using your own blood?
Pic: Of course not! I’m not a sadist.
Lord Law (suspiciously): Where did you get the blood then?
Pic: Zes. I collected a vial of it when I broke his nose.
Lord Law: That’s very messed up. Maybe you deserve to be here…
Pic: UHM NO I don’t! If you’re not going to be supportive of my artwork then leave. Maybe I’ll use your blood in my next painting.
Lord Law: Or you could give up your horrific artwork and go with me…
Pic: Go? With you? Are you serious?
Lord Law: Mhm.
Pic: What's the catch?
Lord Law: You have to write and sign a statement saying that you went a little crazy after learning that Orlock had been killed.
Pic: What!? Orlock is dead?
Lord Law: You didn't know that?
Pic: No?!?
Lord Law: Oh... Well... Orlock is dead.... He was executed weeks ago for betraying Pythas.

In the South, it is now time for Eiven's funeral. Everyone is gathered at thrones. Everyone is wearing black. Many people are crying. The forest people are all gathered on one side of thrones, many of them are dressed for war. The normal civilians are gathered on the other side, looking nervous. The knights are all at the front, protecting Emperor Damen.

Damen: Thank you all for attending this very sad and somber event. We are here today to mourn the loss of Eiven Realhawk. It is easy to let sadness consume us all during this time, but we must also be happy! We must remember, if Eiven hadn't died, it would have been me and that would be way worse.
Forest Person 1 (shouting): I'd rather it was you!
Damen (awkwardly): Anyway, we must also remember all the good things Eiven did for us. He brought us great joy with his humor and he made my life easier by doing my bidding.
Forest Person 2 (shouting): You mean he was your slave!
Damen (awkwardly): Eiven, you were a great man and I wish you were here with us today.
Forest Person 3: Let's just kill him and he can join Eiven in death!
Forest People: YEAH!

All the forest people move for their swords, the civilians start running for the exit, some of the knights draw their swords as well. As the two sides started rushing for each other something strange happened and a bright light appears at the front of thrones over Eiven's casket.

?????: ENOUGH!
The room falls silent as everyone looks upon the blinding light and are awestruck by it. The light begins to fade and a figure emerges from it. A few men and women faint.
Damen (awestruck): It cannot be...
Little: Eiven??
Eiven: Yes, it is me. Oh, quit looking so surprised.
Manwe: But... you're dead!
Eiven: Hmm... strange, I feel awfully alive for being dead.
Damen: But I saw you die! Even the doctor pronounced you dead!
Eiven: Did you all really forget that I'm a maia?
Orome (laughing): Yes, that's right! you're one of mine!
Little: How did you forget that?
Orome: Young lady, I, unlike you, am old. You must forgive me, I have a tendency to forget things in my age.
Little (crying, overcome with emotion): Eiven, I am so glad you are alive!
Little runs up to hug Eiven.
Eiven: Thank you, Little. I am glad that I am alive too.
Little: So, Ayancito didn't murder anyone!
Pythas: Ayancito may not have murdered anyone, but I certainly will!

The forest people square up to fight Pythas, Manwe and Eonwe at the forefront. Kara quickly grabs Damen and drags him out of the room before anything can happen to him. Varda quickly leaves thrones, taking Little with her. Little is worried and wants to watch the fight so she tries to escape from her mother but fails. Everyone who is not related to the forest exits, realizing that this is not a fight that they want to be involved in. Dice stays behind and finds himself a nice spot to hide in the balcony so that he can take pictures and write notes about what is unfolding in order to make a full report of it all in his newspaper.

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