14th May 2023

Shadows of Baraddur Season 3: Update 5

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After Tom dropped dead, all of the food was sent off to the Baraddur laboratory for testing. If there were any poisons in it, it would be revealed. Needless to say, everyone was quite nervous about the potential poisoning. What if they had eaten poisoned food too? Eiven was the most nervous about it all. He went off to the bathroom to purge the entire contents of his stomach.

All the deaths were starting to get to the survivors. Even Kutya was starting to act a little suspicious. She would jump at the slightest movement or softest noise. She was even seen at the locations were the others had died and heard whispering odd chants in those areas. When asked, she claimed she was looking for clues but gave no further details. Either she had found nothing or was destroying the evidence.

Gamer even joined Kutya in her search for clues, though he too found nothing noteworthy. Perhaps he had been distracted from the search. Loki and Amir did walk in on him kissing Kutya while they were at the scene of Lex's death. Kutya and Gamer were embarrassed to have been caught. Amir was proud to have made another successful match. Gamer attempted to curse Amir while his back was turned but he was no match for the Witch King and his curse was deflected.

Little, Kara, Pic, Damen, and Eiven took to going about Baraddur in a group. Damen disappeared at odd times. Apparently he was planning more events to take place. Kara went with them so she could be near to Damen. She was totally fangirling for him. Pic was with this group because she couldn't stand being near Loki and her husband. She claimed she would push them down a hill if she witnessed them in another public display of affection. And Eiven was there for both protection and so he could protect Little as he had promised her father he would take care of her.

So all was well for awhile. Well, actually, all was well for only 9 hours. It was after that amount of time had passed since Tom's death that another guest had been found dead. It was Gamer. The only witness was Kutya as they had been together when it happened. All she could remember from it thought was a lightning strike.

Could it have come from the volcano?

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guys its still amir

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