20th May 2023

CZ News: May 5-19, 2023

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May 5, 2023
A mysterious man is seen watching Aven and Reza speak. When he is noticed, he runs away. Then a spirit starts speaking with Reza. The spirit wants her to convince Aven to extend his help to the tower as a friend. The spirit convinces them that it is not a threat by offering to help regrow the South forest. It even donates a tree as a token of friendship. During this time, a strange music is heard playing where the old forest used to be in the South.

Reza thus plants the tree and is taken before Baraddur. The spirit then reveals itself in a blue glowing light and speaks so that everyone can hear it. It says that Baraddur is the tower and that a new era of good has begun since Amir has died and a light has come to it. The spirit referred to Aven as a chosen one who will help restore the forest to its former glory.

Reza is convinced by the spirit but Aven remained weary. The spirit then gave seeds to Aven so that he could plant them and start regrowing the forest. Reza assists her father in this task.

May 7, 2023
Nook comes and he is angry! He is angry at both Aven and Reza for planting a new forest in the South. Reza is confused and thinks that regrowing the south forest is a good thing. Nook reminds her that the forest is on Achto now. He threatened to kill Reza and Aven for planting an unauthorized forest and said that the seeds that they were given were evil seeds and that the tree they were given was rotten.

Despite Reza apologizing to Nook for planting the seeds, he remained angry and banished both her and her father from the forest for seven days. He temporarily renamed her as Mara which means bitter and called her a witch. He said they must take off their antlers and wear black robes or else he will kill both of them.

Then someone began speaking with Reza and convinced her to rebel against him. Nook wanted Reza to go into the river so he could cleanse her but she refused as she was convinced that she would be killed if she went into the water. She obtained a dagger doom and threatened to murder Nook since he was being so unreasonable about the whole situation, Reza found that she could not bring herself to murder Nook since he is her mentor. Nook was scared and angry when he saw the dagger doom. He referred to Reza as a daughter of Baraddur and left.

May 8, 2023
Nook returned in a remorseful state. He wanted to apologize to Reza for getting mad at her. He allowed both Reza and Aven to rejoin the forest. Aven rejected the offer. He said he only desires to protect his daughter.

Nook gave a task to the two of them. Reza is supposed to investigate Ahmez and Aven is supposed to protect her, though he would have done so anyway. Nook also picked up a rock and said “the one who I give this rock to will fall short.” He then gave it to Aven. He also approached Flame and said “so it will be with you.”

May 19, 2023
Ahmez comes and sacrifices a few souls to a mysterious lord. He sacrifices a gobhelin and a couple users who attacked him.

Ahmez becomes angry when his wife mentions her desire to resurrect Amir and threatens to imprison her. She also threatens to kiss Glarthir, further enraging him. Loki doesn’t think these things should bother Ahmez since he does not love her. Ahmez then tells her to embrace her hatred and tries to fight her. She quickly weakens him but doesn’t kill him so he spawned a plane, crashed it, and died.

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