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Milan's Reflections Upon 10 Years

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As the community reaches its finale, I felt it was the right time for me to leave all my thoughts, memories, and insights for everyone to see. I have to preface this post by announcing that it will be long, but I promise it will not be boring in the slightest. This is likely to be one of my first posts on this website to not contain an ounce of sarcasm or irony, which have come to define my time on this platform. Please bear with me as I embark on a journey to reflect upon the good, the bad, and the memorable (if you are looking for shout-outs, those will be at the end). Essentially everyone mentioned in these stories stuck with me even as I was an obnoxious pain in the ass a lot of the time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

There are parts that I will leave out, and I assume those who know them will agree on their exclusion.

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them down below!

As I embarked on a quest to obtain old club penguin items, I stumbled upon a website named "oldcp.biz". Confused at first, I quickly grew to appreciate the quirkiness of an alternate version of club penguin that allowed me to not only use new items but also climb the rank latter in pursuit of fame. Almost overnight, I became a daily user under the name "MIco". If you knew me back then, you probably remember how much it bothered me when people called me "MLCO", as opposed to "Mico" which signified one of my nicknames. Eager to make my name in the community, I applied to serve as a moderator in a now slightly embarrassing post, where I had lied about both my name, and age as I pretended to be a man named "Sebastian". The truth was that I did not speak a word of English at the time, and used Google Translate as my main way of both understanding and communicating with my peers. Often times, I used my knowledge of the German language and just assumed it would translate to English. Reflecting upon those times now, it's almost surreal how far my mastery of the English language has come, and it's even surreal that many of the friends that I met back then, stuck with me on my journey to this day (love you Alex, Hashir, and Jackie).

As I spent time attempting to obtain a rank, I was approached by Nicholas Angel as I repeatedly begged him to make me a Detective. Upon making a promise to promote me, he in fact never did so. This was perhaps one of my first true malds at the game, as I went around town telling everyone that Nicholas Angel had scammed me and robbed me of a position. However, I did not let that discourage me as I followed the transition to an Empire by repeatedly following Damen wherever he went and proclaiming: *guards*. My undeniable grit quickly earned me the position of Knight, which Mikomi had later trained me for. Working along other truly great minds of the game, such as Archie and bp28, I went around and beefed with Alex concerning topics such as World War II. I recall getting mad at Alex because we disagreed, and proclaiming with disgust in my mood: "Alex had offended me", to which Damen replied with a warning toward Alex.

As the first empire quickly crumbled to an end, I started off investigations with Alex that had earned me the rank of Detective. Coming back from a hiatus was Detective Inspector Minty, with whom I quickly established a relationship that had lasted to this day. As a young aspiring detective, I was intent on combating the imminent threats of Scarlet and the Blackhawks. Perhaps too intent, I was assassinated while eating a sandwich on the beach by Scarlet as I became a crucial part of the crime zone. I still recall my initial astonishment as I was completely caught off-guard. My assassin hid in the deep snow in the corners of town, and I was unprepared to handle the threat that brought me down. Scrambling for a new gig, I repeatedly spammed "PROMOTE MICO321" every time I encountered Damen, and shortly thereafter, I was promoted on my alt account and continued pestering the administration. Not satisfied with my role, I looked for off-brand OLDCP creations and arrived at RealCP, run by Asq5 and Island. Shortly thereafter, I partnered with Asq5 to create a Minecraft server which we had decided to name "Turbocraft".

Turbocraft, put into simple terms, was a beauty. Asq5 and I had spent essentially weeks trying to create a spawn area that cannot be described as more than an urban jungle, made out of stone and looking straight out of 1990s Detroit. And yet, it was this piece of trash that brought Asq5 and me together to become best friends, in many ways inseparable despite continuously finding ridiculous topics to fight and quarrel over. Coming into play during this time period was the DSGHQ Minecraft server. Cementing my relationship with Hashir, and bringing Jacob into the mix, the Minecraft Server was one of the most underrated highlights of my tenure in the community. On my first night at the server, I accompanied Damen in building the twin towers with stone just to TNT them for the show. In many ways, it set the tone for the rest of my extensive trolling catalog that I had applied in my decade spent in the community.

Upon the second establishment of the empire, I once again found myself jobless and scrambled toward new horizons as I zoomed in to becoming a wise one. I came up with the goofy words: "To know every part of the world, you must read every book in the world," which became a trademark saying which had gotten me hired under the supervision of Grand Most Wise, Jacobg627. Acquiring new wisdom under his instructions, I rose to become a Moth Wise before earning a promotion to the rank of High Priest upon the establishment of the Tobler Scrolls. While my tenure during this role is a bit less clear in my mind than that of others, I am fairly certain that I meet Tent during this time period, and that I was chosen among Dancebear to become one of the first two Djinn in the game. I vividly recall seeing the flames fire up over my character and feeling as if the same furnaces fueled the excitement present in my eyes that was reflected off of my laptop screen. My servitude of Shrek ended as Roberto went on a purge that eradicated the order and in many ways destroyed the true Moth Priest culture forever.

Shortly after the conclusion of this time period, I briefly left the community as I got deeply sucked into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, playing the game over 1000 hours over the span of a year. I still kept in touch with my closest friend at the time, Asq5 along with some others. After coming back to the community, I was re-hired by the Detective Inspector and became part of the Crime Office once more. During this tenure, I met two of my closest friends-- Maha and Rhea, to whom I feel deeply indebted for bearing with me through some of my worst outbursts.

Somewhere around this time, I became good friends with Tent, with whom I discussed the professional CSGO scene in great detail. Over the years, he ended up being one of my best trolling buddies whom I knew I could rely on every time I needed to cause some ruckus. Remaining friends with him to this day, I'm very thankful for all the great times and the very few bad ones as they brought us closer. I know that I can come to you every time I need advice in almost every realm, and despite my continuous ignorance of the aforementioned advice, I still very much appreciate you being there for me.

Returning from a stint of absence, I resurrected the Freehawks GOM team along with Jacob. In our first competition back as a team, we were the overall winners although due to an insensitive joke I made, I was suspended from winning the competition during that specific session. In order second competition back, we did not win as a team, however, Bloodrayne was selected as the most outstanding member and promptly made into a moderator. Yet another Freehawk had made the path as we cemented our place as the undoubtedly greatest Game of Mods team in the history of the game. Maha, and Rhea, you and your House Sushi folk can debate a wall. For the uninitiated reader, please know that Maha had never even tried sushi at that time. They were frauds, plain and simple.

As part of my renewed involvement with the game, I learned a lot about the lore along with the newly implemented political system that had been set up to elect a president every few months. Along with Jacob, Mike, and NinjitsuSir, I founded the Real Party and ran on a campaign that positioned Jacob as the President.

Our great campaign was struck with a great blow, as NinjitsuSir was unable to find a homecoming date and promptly left the community forever. To this day, he has not gotten over this rejection as his recent writing endeavors reflect the mind of an individual that is unable to handle rejection with an introspective lens. However, we were soon approached by a "DRAKE" agent, that had requested we form triangles and become parts of the New World Order in order to ensure the victory of our campaign. Always looking for more entertainment, we readily accepted and we were positioned to win the elections, on legitimate or illegitimate means. Somewhere around this time, I became friends with Jdutr as we embarked on countless trolling missions with the most memorable being using the DRAKEHALL TREASURY to trick draconians into following our crimezone game, along with convincing Alatar to pretend he is of another gender as a way to become a nazgul.

Then, an opportunity presented itself-- I was offered by the same agent to become the head of a new military that would be proposed by Jacob as his first presidential edict: "IMPERIAL". If I had sold my soul, I would control this military force that would be organized as the main military power within the game. Seeing an opportunity to grossly enrich myself, I accepted and had to conduct rituals along with some others in order to obtain this power. One of those rituals was interrupted by the Crime Office, spearheaded by Maha and Hashir, whom I both shot and deeply angered. I still remember some of the angry messages that Hashir had sent me, as we rapidly became "frenemies" within OLDCP. Leveraging my newfound position with the dark side, along with my newfound obsession with the Game of Thrones, I managed to convince Damen to let me create the sister house to House Drake-- The House of Lannister.

The House of Lannister came to be the defining experience of my OLDCP career, as I ran it with the person who become my best friend over the years-- Jdutr. From the very get-go, our goal was clear and we were not going to let anyone get in our path on our quest to rule the game. From countless betrayals of Orbay that sought to undermine his power and eventually bring House Hydra under the Lannister banner, our tag-team pranks and operations became the thorn in the side of essentially every other player in the game.

Coming clean now, we absolutely played dirty to reach our position. Additionally, I would often attempt to assassinate political opponents during various wars by "accidentally" killing them while fighting a common enemy, such as orcs. We had abused gold duplication glitches in order to create the largest arsenal of missiles in the game, which if you know anything about me, it is the fact that I loved to abuse the living hell out of them in conflicts. Perhaps the move most reflective of this ideology was the nuking of the courtyard during Abu's rebellion, in which I assassinated both enemies and friends alike. Coincidentally, I had also assassinated the Warlord at the time-- Pencil-- as I was the next in line to succeed to the role upon his death. House Lannister, in many ways, came to be defined by both its allegiance to the dark side, while also striving to separate itself from those ties during times of need. Of course, we would never miss iconic LannisHall meetings with Pythas, where he famously played Chief Keef's "Don't Like" upon the request of SecurityGuy.

One of my favorite pastimes was changing the mood of the IMPERIAL account I was using, going into popular and spreading pure misinformation, as well as cracking jokes at people's expense. After getting many users riled up, I would promptly go to my igloo and simply change my mood to signify that I was a whole new agent and go back into the room, announcing that the previous agent was fired. I had done this way more times than I could remember, and I simply cannot believe that no one had ever suspected that it was one and the same person doing both sides of the story. Frankly told, it was hilarious.

If you ask me (Damen will probably disagree), at its peak, House Lannister's power severely outclassed that of every other house on OLDCP, including Drake, with its control of IMPERIAL, LANNISTER, HYDRA, and INFERNUS militaries along with every major region apart from the South.

During those times, I would often team up with Hashir and his powers to combat Jackie's Cortana, or I would team up with Jackie's Cortana to combat Hashir's Crimesolvers, or they would both team up to take me on. My OLDCP experience would not be the same without those two friends, despite the quarrels that had often separated us for weeks on end. You guys were the best rivals anyone could have ever asked for. It's awesome seeing both of you pursue your careers and I know that the same fervor you used to oppose me will one day be used to further whatever task you guys set for yourself to achieve.

During this time period, I was involved in countless unforgettable meetings with Damen, Wilf, Majorhalo, and Ramson that made me fall out of my chair laughing. I believe I still have the screenshot of Damen asking: "Son, are you stupid?" upon receiving a question he did not like from Ramson. Additionally, this is where we carried out our plans for taking over the world, which had often involved using House Lannister as a proxy for House Drake's power, which I did not particularly believe in. This culminated with our assassination attempt on Damen, in which I had hired Flame and offered him and INFERNUS account to attempt and murder Damen in /popular, which I would use to seize the full control of the South. Our assassination attempt failed, and Hashir ratted me out for which I was promptly punished by having my control of IMPERIAL stripped for the time being. I will always be thankful to Damen for giving me so many chances and never making me feel left out, despite many of the rules I repeatedly broke over and over again.

Following one of my characteristic fits of frustrations, I quit the game and had been distant from the community until the time of COVID. During my absence, Jdutr almost single-handedly kept the House of Lannister intact and did better than I could have ever imagined.

On my first day of coming back, I had once again resurrected my plans of taking over, however, under a new banner this time: CPPP. Influenced by my recent readings of Mao Zedong, I decided to attempt to install Marxism-Leninism in Club Penguin with the backing of some of my friends. Following a war on Flame's North which was won with the help of Nate's overpowered account, I convinced the administration to arm one of my alt accounts with a gun for the purpose of protecting myself. However, this action had ulterior motives. I had been trying to convince Jenna to join the CPPP and become the President of Providence, and bend the knee to the greatness of the party that I was the Chairman of, however, she kept rejecting my advances. Studying her line of succession, I discovered that Mike, a dear friend of mine, was the next in line and would likely be willing to join the CPPP if asked. Therefore, I used the alt account in order to execute Jenna which made Mike the Top Dogg, and he promptly joined the CPPP under the role of President. Similar methods were used to conquer Das and Cobia, and within a few weeks, every land apart from the South had been under our direct control.

The only remaining step was to convince the South to merge, and we were right there. Majorhalo, the then Emperor, was convinced to join the CPPP as President of the South, in essence ending the monarchy and establishing the Chairman as the one ruler of the game. However, Lloyd's characteristic meddling had swayed the Emperor's mind, which ended the meeting with me pulling out my gun and attempting to assassinate the Emperor there and then. This had failed, and resulted with the quick dissolution of the CPPP by the South's many allies. While our forces were devastated, I was quickly planning my second attempt under the banner of "PLA", or Penguin Liberation Army, through which I met one of my now best friends-- Eugee.

The PLA was, in essence, simply a rebrand of the CPPP's entire mission. However, as I grew busier and busier with college applications and life, Eugee and Tommo took over the operations and ensured that PLA was in great hands as I slowly but surely shifted away from OLDCP for good. My primary way of engaging the community became through the Discord server known as Shapiro, which had in essence just been a collection of my closest friends over the years. While it developed a negative connotation among those who had not been part of it, I can ensure that Shapiro was nothing ever more than a group of friends cracking jokes and just trying to live their best lives.

After my disappearance from the community, I had been hard at work at my university and I am currently on track to graduate summa cum laude as I pursue my life-long goal of attending law school. In many ways, the experiences I obtained from OLDCP are an integral part of who I am, and everyone who was mentioned in this post is forever going to be a part of me. As of now, I am a dedicated League of Legends player part of a clash team made up of Tr4 (Eugenio), skepta (Rami), butter popcorn (Hash), and Loqoxae (Eugenekrabs). We are still looking for substitutes.

If you had endured to this point, I am amazed by your tenacity and ability to read through my rambling at 3 AM. While this is the end of my time here, you will always be able to find me at: MilanZDS#5787 .

I will undoubtedly miss many names, but off the top of my head, these are the people who made me laugh, and made me feel honored to be part of their lives over the past ten years: Jdutr, Ollo, Terry, Alex, Hash, Preston, Ramickey, Eugenio, Jackie, Pickle (Mo), Abu, Jacob, Mike, Orbay, Bob (Zach), Chopper, Bob (Bob), Jesse, Karo, Pencil, Ramson, Rocket, Valentina, Maha, Gamer, Rhea, Lush, Tommo, Harrison, Damen, Mikomi, Ghost, Sydney, eugene2krabs (I know you are on that account), Adam, Cryo, Nate (Habs), Key123, Tahir, Bloodrayne, Nate (Cashout Mike Fan), Chase (Khal), Lyss, Bashy (Capo), and many more. For some of the names on the list, I am not certain that I will ever have the opportunity to talk to you again, however, if you happen to stumble upon this point anytime in the near future, please know that you made my childhood special (in more ways than one).

Thank you for your time and patience,

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25th May 2023, 05:27 AM

Reflecting on this really made me remember how much fun we’ve had over the years.

It’s been an honour, brother. Who knew running the streets of OLDCP would bring about such meaningful friendships. I’ve had so many nights in absolute tears with how hard we’ve laughed at various things. I’ll always be grateful for this platform, even if it has had its ups and downs.

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Mate, thanks for writing this amazing post. It brought so many memories back, memories I probably wouldn't have remembered fully if it weren't for this. It was so well written, and I enjoyed it a lot. Its really amazing how you went from being a Knight, and then High Priest to almost ruling the entire game. Its players like you that made the game politics so interesting. Thank you Milan Mico, you are a cornerstone 🫡

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P.s. those meetings in Drake hall were legendary 😆

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MilanBACK wrote on 25th May 2023, 05:09 AM:
However, this action had ulterior motives. I had been trying to convince Jenna to join the CPPP and become the President of Providence, and bend the knee to the greatness of the party that I was the Chairman of, however, she kept rejecting my advances. Studying her line of succession, I discovered that Mike, a dear friend of mine, was the next in line and would likely be willing to join the CPPP if asked. Therefore, I used the alt account in order to execute Jenna which made Mike the Top Dogg, and he promptly joined the CPPP under the role of President. Similar methods were used to conquer Das and Cobia, and within a few weeks, every land apart from the South had been under our direct control.
gaslit myself into thinking i wasn't gonna be mentioned in this post, but i was :O. so grateful for all the late night vc's with everyone else & all the fun memories!

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Amazing story you have here, it was great when you gave me an opportunity in PLA, and had much fun love you bro

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Damn Commie.

"Abso • lutely not a Pe • do"!

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Hey Milan, I just read this. I want to thank you for the memories we made years ago, it is funny looking back at our feuds from years ago and I will forever enjoy the memory of Mikomi training you and me with the sword in /jr Damen almost ten years ago. Take care man, thank you.

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