25th May 2023


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25th May 2023, 05:56 PM

Usually, I don't get too artsy fartsy with these types of posts but considering how DSGHQ was a community I grew up with during my childhood I'd say it deserves a proper sendoff in the proper spirit it deserves.

I remember way back in 2014 I joined the community due to the game advertising it was a club penguin game based on the old days and thought it was fun times to mess around with. Remember dearly how the first few sessions in game was spent LARPING house with some girl named Skylark and how I tried rizzing her up under the pseudonym 'bashysmelly' (Just to mention, that name came from me watching a Lonniedoes Dumb Ways to Die video)

Getting involved with the lore of the game after realizing there was something akin to it, I had a lot of fun roleplaying. I remember how I used to stay up on school nights just to attend those grindy events and competitions for roles like moderator, knight, detective, etc. I think to this day I still have never attained a moderator position (LOWKEY FEEL ROBBED DAMEN). One of my fondest memories of the game was when I won the Black Guard competition as that was my first ever role that I lowkey took seriously at 12-13 years of age; I remember how most of my laptops couldn't even run the game properly so most of the time I was lagging out from the high amount of ping and server toll. I won't lie, I still wonder what's up with Mikomi sometimes when I play these games.

I'd like to thank everybody in the community who's been around since 2014-15 and who I made dear friends with. Naming all of you would be a hassle, but you're in my heart and mind. But there's one guy I'd definitely wanna mention personally...

I'd personally love to extend this out to Gamer who I grew up with in the community and still are brothers to this day. Funny how it all started on a club penguin game and then progressed into joining an Assassins Creed group on ROBLOX where I had to log onto your account to pass Phase training. Ig the only thing that is a peeve about you is that you still bring up that Freddy Fazbear doll I brought up on Tinychat: STOP BRINGING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On a serious note, I'm happy to have met you here and consider you a brother through and through, especially with recent events that you brought up in my DMS. Our bond means a lot and would take a lot more than this post to explain so I'll leave it on this short note.

As much as I never personally knew Damen or had a bond with him; probably cause at some low points I felt robbed out of Crimezone, I'd still like to thank you for making a substantial part of my childhood over these years with your creativity and dedication to this project. It might've ended on a downturn for sure; but I'll always remember you as the smart game developer who made some of the greatest pieces during the mid 2010's: LeoRPG, Snaildom, OldCP.biz and Penguin3D. Gonna be honest, I was really amazed how you successfully managed to wring in Crimezone into the game in a way that seemed supernatural back then to my kid brain; you have serious talent.

Thank you everyone for all these years! I'll never forget the memories I cherish here.

Reach me out on Discord if you wanna reconnect and talk about old memories about the community. I'm also on Shapiro (you all know if ur there):

To end this post off; here's a poem written by the Dogmeat General Zhang Zongchang titled: 'Praying for Rain':

The sky god is also named Zhang
Why does he make life hard for me
If it doesn’t rain in three days
I’ll demolish your temple
Then I’ll have cannons bombard your mom

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25th May 2023, 08:32 PM

I really didn't expect to be mentioned, this really means a lot to me, we've come a long way Bashy and I'll never forget when you made me enroll into the ROBLOXIAN Military with you LOL. The same goes words wouldn't be able to explain the bond we have especially growing up together in the community as children up to now. I know whenever I was a menace back in the days you & Adawg would do your best to vouch for me in order for Damen to unban me and bring me back into the community real G's for that. Old Levantine Assassins Brotherhood (LAB) days were too fun it'ds a shame LAB ended up dying because of Sk3le/David's incompetence but it was inevitable. Keep in touch always, you know exactly where to find me.

P.S: That doll was creepy, got me thinkin you was tryna do some voodoo.

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26th May 2023, 06:47 AM

I remember back when Me, you, Adawg and Ollo would have Skype calls and play roblox nearly everyday.

Farewell to the memories

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Lol and fart

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