3rd June 2023

The History of Wilf

Made by Zack TV in Crimezone

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The History of Failure.


- Joined Oldcp during Blackhawk CZ and assisted Nicholas & Pieguy before quitting because of the gore in the game at the time. (Parents didn't like the dismembered bodies in Dojo)

- Rejoined after the Iceghost CZ, became an apprentice of the Blue Wizard Maelor, before Crimezone killed Maelor and my only magical account, and than denied me a chance at being any other wizard's apprentice. (P.S Abushekaus DISOWNED me because I became Maelor's apprentice so I basically just got screwed over by CZ)

- Went to be a Detective, was never given a gun and ended up getting fired for.. "Dying too much"

- Joined the FAR SUPERIOR Imperial Knights, and was trained by Gamer, Mathewvacc, and BP28.

- Served with the Knights until I was demoted for inactivity, returning to the game I joined a pirate crew captained by a man named "Flint" while I was in Castlecrypt for swearing.

- Proceeded to serve Flint until his eventual death within the north, I than proceeded to 360 back to helping Gamer.

- Djinn Crimezone begins, and I alongside Gamer, Mico, Matthewvacc, Jacobg, and Bakon all begin researching the Oldway individually.

- Me and a few other users find the Coffee Shop Lounge secret and enter the Oldway alongside Gamer and Matthewvacc.

- The group discovers at their own times, that this is related to a previous CZ character named "Snowfalls", and Matthewvacc & Gamer both receive visions of Hell itself.

- From the group, Gamer and Matthewvacc are selected to enter hell and banish Snowfalls for good.

- P.S At some point Raindrop gets possessed during a wedding and kills me. I still remember the sideways ";)" text.

- After Gamer returns from hell, the old group disperses, and I decide to become a simp.

The Era of Moms Iced Like Fire.

- I began chasing Gamer's virtual mother, Snowfalls, and became the first "Ice Priest".

- This really goes nowhere, until Snowfalls appears once more after guiding me to help her, and basically just calls me a creep and tells me to leave her alone.

The Son of Ice!

- Raegon is hinted to have a son, and Gamer thinks it's me.

- A new user named Rainberry gets told she's Raegon's daughter, and gets all the clout from it.

- Later it's revealed she isn't, and that I am Raegon's son... but only once the title has literally no power or relevance at all. (Another reoccurring thing.)

Guess I'll be evil.

- After getting bamboozled by Crimezone one too many times, I join the early NWO alongside Securityguy, and later the early Sith.

- I thought the Sith's would be more fair and unbias'd than the good side.

- All the Og sith are dying laughing having read that sentence I guarantee.

- I proceed to destroy my sleep schedule for 3 entire years, and end up never getting a single Evil Rank or any prominence.

- At some point Damen executed my dog Bluejeyne, and Pythas revived it but- that's all he ever did for me tbh.

Switching Sides and Twisting Tides

- I begin playing both sides, and this is where most people from nowadays know me, I decided both sides were lame as hell and required luck and ego stroking of CZ characters to get anywhere.

- I meet a mysterious man on Providence, named "Orbay" who accepts me into his order of the Grey Jedi. (Based.)

- The Grey Jedi got removed by Damen himself like 1-2 days later.

- Orbay and I maintain in touch.

Fast forward.

- Here's some TL;DR, I end up going to Providence and Das first, before joining the good and becoming Gamer's SON! Before he disowned me and I became nonrelevant again.

- I basically did nothing but try to become relevant. It did not work. I seriously spent 2 years trying to be CZ relevant like it was a job and the most I got was disowned by Gamer.


- Alatar, me, and Orbay form a super group of Crimezone smuggling and power tripping beyond belief.

- We end smuggling and trading CZ rings until me and Alatar were the most powerful Sith at the time.

- Orbay and I become good friends, discussing what it means to be in the grey, not dark or light- based take that I would continue to use forever.

- I kill and bully Skylinr and multiple overly cocky Jedi, before eventually getting tired of the smuggling game..

- But not before Alatar would text me that he'd began war on Cobia.

- I proceeded to kill over 100 Drake Soldiers and tank 2 missiles within the span of 3 hours. (Btw these were OG missiles that tracked you and did 1 hit to even OP users.)

- I than left, and gave my rings out to other users.

2019-2020 - The Age of 3D

- I am confirmed to be Raegon's son 2019, however all this does is make every Good Cz character hate me. (Whereas Rainberry instantly got loved)

- Because my new Ilúvatar CZ family hates me, I proceed to begin killing Nook as much as possible.

- I do some CZ stuff, but nothing really comes of any of it.

- I try to have a COOL GUY moment and end up getting Vanished by Ancalagon. (Bc CZ only lets Gamer have those moments.)

- Raegon returns to CZ, only to say like 3 things to me before focusing on Little, and later just dying.

- I finally get to speak to Eru, and tell him he's a clown and he responds with "Your words are like ice."

- Gamer offers me the role of Shaman of the forest, I try to take it, Crimezone revokes it and gives it to Glarthir. (They rebirthed me, and everything btw).

- I quit CZ for good after this, and focus on Evil Trolling.

What Now?

Nothing, I have to live with these memories now.

My childhood wasn't the best, even on OLDCP my escape from the real world.

It felt like people like Gamer and Bakon got saved, but I was just not worth it I guess.

At the end of the day,

I ended up helping get Sriram and multiple other creeps off of DSGHQ.

And though I'll never get my thanks, I know that I helped in everyway I could.

Thank you for reading,

Drink some Lemonade,


"Abso • lutely not a Pe • do"!

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