5th June 2023

Forest memoirs part 1

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5th June 2023, 05:21 PM


These are the memoirs of the forest that Im making before dsghq closes down. If you want your memoirs in part 2, write them below but DON'T MAKE THEM TOO LONG, JUST 1 PARAGRAPH PLEASE.

Look at the end picture to see me grown up

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5th June 2023, 05:47 PM

This is sad 😢 I will write something later.

You should come on P3D, we must speak one final time before it is over…

Loki’s memoir:
Foe of the Forest I have been most of my life. It was not my choosing to be evil, it was how I was raised. I grew up worshiping Pythas and knowing only cruelty. Finally I did repent and I joined the forest. But then I did something more evil yet; I fell in love with a man of darkness. Now he is gone but one day we will walk together again. And to my vulture kingdom I say this, soon you will all have peace in your nests. I have done my best for you as your queen, I hope my mother is proud of me.

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6th June 2023, 06:08 AM

I'd like a memoir..

Wilf Son of Raegon, Slayer of Women.

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9th June 2023, 03:56 PM

Love is the key. Although some may doubt it, but love is a very powerful thing. It is always in you whether you expect it or not. Varda,Manwe and Zaarbrand, I will never forget you, I love you till the last Star burns out. May the snowflakes in blizzard give you cold sweet kisses and hugs.
To everyone who reads this, may the stars you see burn and shine forever. May every snowflake you see, remind you of me.
I love you

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