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The Fate of Loki

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It was, perhaps, that Loki’s will was held to The Witch King through the wedding ring he had placed upon her finger on their wedding day, or so it was said in the forest.

In any case, the young vulture loved him deeply and mourned for her husband after he was cruelly slain by an overzealous spazhand on the orders of her son. So thus, Loki came to hate her son and finally believed that her son was not hers, but a parasite as what the prophet Nook had said long ago and what Silence had confirmed with a DNA test. She began to plot his demise and did indeed hold the key to bring about his doom.

In his will, Amir had given his wife to Ahmez as he did not wish her to be a lonely widow if the worst should come. It was thus that Ahmez took Loki as his wife, though they loved each other not. Loki sobbed through the ceremony, being heartbroken, desiring only her late husband.

Ahmez would not help his wife on her quest to resurrect her husband using his nazgul ring. In this was the only way Ahmez would show desire for his wife, desiring selfishly to possess her body and have her bare children to him. He threatened to imprison her if she were to pursue her plan so she sought help elsewhere, knowing there was a powerful stranger seeking to take the soul of her son, Spike.

Long she sought this mysterious dark lord. Her trade would be that he help her revive Amir in return for Spike’s crown which he had poured his soul into. The lord accepted this arrangement. Loki begged him to bring Amir back soon, before she could become pregnant with Ahmez’s child. No guarantees could be made on this, reviving a soul is a science and cannot be rushed.

But to her dismay, she became pregnant sooner than she had thought. While she tried to find love for her new child, she could not. Her ability to love had died and fled from Arda with Amir. Once the baby was born, she nurtured it little, only enough so that it would not die.

Ahmez did eventually discover Loki’s plan and her ongoing attempt to resurrect Amir. He became enraged and had her beaten. Then he had her imprisoned for a time, hoping to utterly break her will. In this he found some success. Loki gave up on her hopes of Amir returning.

Now, Loki only desired two things: revenge and death. So when Spike learned of what she had done with his crown he was enraged. He faced his mother with his sword drawn and threatened to vanquish her on the spot, expecting her to be cowed and bow before him. She was not. She drew her own sword and met her son’s challenge, fearing neither injury or death.

Loki was no match for Spike and was quickly defeated, yet he could not kill her. Something had restrained him. Lo and behold! It was the stranger!

“Your fight is not with her,” he commanded. “Rather, it is with me! I seduced your mother into giving me your crown.”

“What?” Loki asked weakly, dragging herself off the ground. “You disgusting piece of-“

The stranger pushed her back down with a harsh kick from his boot.

Now Spike was fully enraged and ran at the stranger. But he knew not that what the man wore on his head was not his crown, but a fake! The real one had been melted in Orodoom.

The stranger, being powerful and having stolen some of Spike’s strength for himself, quickly vanquished the makkaz. Loki wept, now everyone she had ever cared for was either dead or lost. Her revenge had been fulfilled and now she would go and seek death, believing it to be the only way she would ever reunite with her husband.

Loki wandered far and wide. She took to her vulture form and soared through the skies. Ahmez was seeking for her for his own malicious purposes. The top two being that he could not rule Himring without her as the vultures hated him and the other reason being that he desired another child from her. She knew that if he captured her, he would torture her until all that would be left would be a submissive shell of a being.

Ahmez was more clever than what Loki gave him credit for. While he was unable to capture his wife, he was able to capture her only remaining child, Raven. Raven had come seeking her mother after managing to escape from enslavement in another galaxy. She learned from Ahmez that her father had died and told her the news of her mother. Then Ahmez took Raven and chained her up. He sent in uruks and ordered them to beat the girl and show no mercy.

Loki heard Raven’s pained screams from afar and flew faster than the wind back to Himring. She fought off the uruks that were attacking her daughter and hacked the chains away that were binding her. Once Raven was free, Loki took her daughter and headed for the door. But now Ahmez was standing in the doorway and many uruks were behind him.

“Let us go, Ahmez,” Loki demanded, sounding much braver than she felt.

Ahmez laughed in her face. “You have nothing to bargain with.”

“All of the vulture kingdom is at my command. They would not hesitate to slay you if I ordered them to.”

Ahmez considered this. He did not want war with the vultures, there would be too many casualties and he would lose the sliver of power he held over them.

“One of you may go,” he said but looking to Loki he added, “you know what will happen to the one who stays.”

Loki did indeed know and ordered her daughter to leave without a second thought. She could not allow her daughter to be subjected to torture. Raven hesitated, not fully understanding what would happen if she stayed. Loki screeched insults at her in vulture until Raven flew off.

“Now you have me back, Ahmez. Do whatever you want to me. I am not afraid of pain nor am I afraid of death,” she spat.

“Very well.”

And so Ahmez chained up his wife and subjected her to torture like what they had practiced in Baraddur when Loki was a child. Outside, Ahmez cowed the vultures by threatening to vanquish their queen if they did not obey him. The vultures hated Ahmez even more for this and plotted to free Loki.

Loki was kept in solitary. Her only visitors being Ahmez, who was cruel to her, and different members of The Black Mass that he sent to torture her in varying ways. She was broken and hopeless. She had never felt this way before, not even when she was imprisoned by Ancalagon.

One day the door opened and all that was outside was darkness. Loki did not look up, she knew it would either be Ahmez or The Black Mass. She did not look as someone unlocked the manacles around her wrists and ankles. Loki was cleaned up and taken to Ahmez. She sat beside him as his submissive queen, not knowing or caring about anything going on around her. She was a shell of what she once was.

Meanwhile, Raven had worked to revive Amir, thinking that this was the only way to free her mother. She did manage to bring her father back from the dead using his nazgul ring and the crown of Loki. She told her father of all that had befallen and some vulture servants confirmed it and told more about the recent events going on around Himring. When Amir learned what Ahmez had done to his wife, he was enraged. This was without a doubt, the most ferious he had ever been in all of his long life.

Empowered by his rage, Amir went and challenged Ahmez. Ahmez accepted the challenge, thinking to defeat Amir in front of his own wife. But Ahmez had significantly underestimated the power of the nazgul freshly returned from death and his mortal form was quickly defeated.

Having defeated the member of the LEGION, Amir ran to his wife but he did not receive the loving greeting he expected. Instead she looked at him blankly as if she did not recognize him. In fact, she did not recognize anything. Ahmez had damaged a great portion of her soul and the part that was left was hidden deep within her.

After many months, Loki started to become more like herself again. Due to all the torment, she was unstable. Some may even say that she was insane. She would often talk to people who weren’t there. She would have evil visions. And she loved indulging in torture, preferring to torture young forest boys. If Amir was away for too long, she would grow paranoid and would attack any man who looked at her oddly in case they were coming to claim her as their wife. On days were she was particularly unstable, she would take to nesting in her vulture form and made ominous ticking noises like that of a clock (Amir found this to be extremely unsettling).

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