26th August 2023

thanks and bye

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26th August 2023, 10:39 PM

okay, i wasn’t exactly a prominent user on here back in 2014-2015, and the memories of this place are pretty much a faded blur now, but i do know that to 10 year old me this place (alongside oldcp and snaildom) was a massive part of my life. i haven’t been able to get into either or my og accounts on here since 2015, and i only happened to find the login info to this one by snooping through my dads (very) old gmail account. (he’s been cheating on my mum and it’s my job to find more info, lmao)

looking through the forums i do remember a few people, don’t have any specific memories of anybody but i recognise a few display names! if im remembered by anyone i think it’d be for being an annoying little so & so :p sorry about that, if it’s of any help i was an incredibly immature 10 year old who spent far too much time online.

as i’m writing i do vaguely remember being in some xat servers (is that what they were called??) and playing quickdraw or watching youtube videos in the sidebar with my friends

tbh in hindsight i probably would’ve been better off sticking to regular club penguin instead of the version with firearms and the occasional war, but then where’s the fun in that? :) can’t say it wasn’t educational either because the forums taught me basic html, all of which has been long forgotten but thats besides the point lol

anyway life is good now im going to uni in september & i made it into adulthood woo hoo

signing off (for the last time aaaaaadhfhrh)

- SkylarGal 🌟

(apologies if my grammar / spelling / general english language is off, its 3am and im falling asleep. also sorry if this whole thing is cringe i tried not to be haha)

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