31st August 2023

The End

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31st August 2023, 04:38 PM

I see many people say this is the end of the community as a whole, but I don't really agree with that

I do not say this because of the new Loreflix/Damen Outpost projects, which honestly, aren't as exciting at least for me

I'm saying this because I really do think the community and it's games will always be part of us in one way or another. I could take myself as an example here, and admit my English would still be very basic if I never joined this community, I wouldn't know a single thing about 3D modeling either if I never got interested in making items for Penguin3D. I am sure being in this community marked at least one thing in all of you

What I liked the most about the games was the way you could decide how to act facing a situation, it was your choice to become evil, good, or neutral, you could decide if you wanted to take part in a war or not, perhaps you just wanted to learn the lore and spread wisdom as a wise one. The possibilities were a lot and they were all different, and even if you chose the same path as someone else you could still do it your way.

Everyone had a different experience even though the game was only one. You could even change the direction of crimezone if you truly wanted to, or change the history of a land or a house.

I don't regret being in this community for these last 5 years, instead I am glad I joined and I wish I joined earlier too because it brought me joy, friends and memories I'll make sure to never forget.

I'm grateful to be part of this community and I'd do it all over again if I could.

Goodbye DSGHQ :)

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