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16th October 2014
I'm now ultimatum user! 1000 rep!
16th October 2014
my Master app plz read it http://forums.damenspike.com/view/29102/
16th October 2014
Scott made a new kind of a remake of Bonnie the Bunny. It looks childlish and will be used in Five nights at Freddys 2. I dont really like it that much but might fit for the 2nd one
16th October 2014
http://forums.damenspike.com/view/29171/?nfid=1236193 Enter my Profile Pictue contest! I am judging today at 3pm est!!
16th October 2014
I'm going to play Red Crucible 2 since I'm back from school. Anyone want to play with me? My name is Crowflying12.
16th October 2014
Guys, Chelsey doesn't think it to be the right time for me to become a Snaildom moderator, but ranks aren't everything, I didn't rage about not getting mod, I just simply knew that I should always try, and if I don't become a Snaildom mod, I shall still be the person I am.
16th October 2014
I cannot make it to the Game of Kings. CPManiac, my dad, and I will be spending a night at a hotel. Good luck to all competing, I wish you all luck.
16th October 2014
Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. There was a Geometry quiz Monday & Wednesday, and I have a test to do tomorrow. Also, to participate in the Kings Competition, do you have to apply?