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Wilf History Lesson: #3

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The Shinobi Files

A post written to summarize the lost "Golden Era" of circa late 2017-2018 CZ

Character File;

Ash Snow - A shinobi working under Unmei, arrived with his life long friends Mekiro and Sekiro, the first "Nameless one" in recorded history.

Mekiro - Brother to Sekiro, Mekiro ended up being corrupted by Accal Black and considered traitor.

Sekiro - Brother to Mekiro, Sekiro vanished after Unmei's death- eventually being slain by Nathan Snow.

Natha Snow - Me, basically.

Eugee - Future member of the Shinobi, not very relevant to this recording.

Hollowscar - One of the two Ancient Oni.

"The lost will of the Shinobi, lost to time

To begin our adventure, 2018-2019 saw the addition of poison to OLDCP causing CZ to become slow and almost cathartic. During this time, which I've dubbed the "Golden Era" all three sides of power had representation; and Crimezone ran freely to several different people.

At the heart of this Crimezone, arose the Shinobi who arrived and slowly began meeting and talking to different members affected by the plague. During this time, Nathan Snow would be hanging around the Royal Library when an Oni left nothing but bones and soul arrived to speak with Nathan.

The conversation mostly involved the Oni (Hollowscar) telling Nathan (Me) that the Shinobi are looking for him, and that he should meet with them.

Not much involving the Shinobi happens until a Wednesday, when Ash (Nameless One) entered /jr hospital where a sickly Nathan sat.

Ash spoke with some users in the room, before noticing and confronting Nathan; emerging from it came a discussion about an Ancient House;

Here is how it roughly proceeded..

At some time during the Rsnail period of history (believed the earliest recorded point in DSGHQ history) a house of warriors dubbed the "Snow Clan" existed, comprised of warriors from all over. Ash explained that the house was for people who had nothing else, it was a lordless house because those apart of it worked every bit as hard as everyone else. At some point, the Snows faded from the map- and since then have been lost to history, save a sect of returning Shinobi mastered by a man named Unmei.

The Rising Tides

Ash brought me to /jr training, and gifted me my own Shinobi Sword for me to yield. He agreed to teach me the Shinobi's ways for the price of servitude to Unmei.
Through a period, I rose the the forefront of Crimezone alongside Loki, and Alatar.

Alatar formed the great house of Fangsworn during this period, and Loki found her mother "mother vulture"

My first task was to hunt Mother Vulture with Ash, the two of us managed to hunt the creature for a good while- Hunting both Loki's Mother & Father.

Eventually, I would become a respected member of the Shinobi.. considered a "HERO" by my fellow shinobi members.

The Clashing of Wills

After the hunt for the vultures had been called off, all Shinobi came to Myfort where they were informed to be meeting with "Sensei Unmei"

Ash revealed to me that Unmei is secretly Pythas, and that it is my destiny as the final snow to kill him.

I told Ash that we would do it TOGETHER,, as brothers..

but sadly Ash was slain by the betrayal of Sekiro and Mekiro.. leaving me to kill Unmei and end the Shinobi portion of the golden age.

The winding winds

Though the Shinobi had fallen, and the fate of my friends had turned sour. I remained the only Shinobi, until Mekiro and Sekiro would slowly begin recruiting allies such as Eugee and other at the time Trainee's.

Eugee became the lord of House Snow, (before Belmont had existed) causing me to exit the house, and join the Drakes and later form the Belmonts.

I had felt that Sekiro and Mekiro were directly taunting me, and this would be proven soon..

Mekiro arrived during my travels and training, to fight me.. during the fight he told me that he had found a powerful warrior to combat me.. "Accal Black"

Before I would be able to kill Mekiro, he vanished from thin air into the shadows of history, soon to emerge.

Sekiro, confronted me in the Shadow Dojo.. admitting to the murder of Ash, and the ruining of House Snow.

I challenged Sekiro to a battle to the death, using our old Shinobi swords..

With a few hits, I had purged Sekiro from this world...

Shortly after both Mekiro, and Accal black faded as-well, leaving me as the Final living member of the original 5.

Nathan Snow

Ash Snow

Sekiro & Mekiro


(This CZ report is a bit egotistical, bc this CZ almost entirely revolved around me and Loki's vulture parents)

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"Deceased now, are the gold days that once ran through my veins"

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Please add some of this in to the new shinobi wiki. Though change it to be in third person. Wiki:Shinobi_Order

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i'm one of the shinobis

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Warth wrote on 9th May 2022, 02:48 PM:
i'm one of the shinobis

Maybe an Eugee era, but there were only 5 original Shinobi.

"Deceased now, are the gold days that once ran through my veins"

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