Shinobi Order


The Shinobi Order was also known as the Rocketsnail Ninjas, the original ninjas who were wiped out by Mickey during the rise of Disney. They were lead by a sensi whose name was Unmei.


The Shinobis first appeared in late July of 2019 after DRAKE Military dug up some Shinobi artifacts and placed them in Drake Hall as part of a new Shinobi Order Museum. An event was then held there to show the artifacts to the public before they were going to be moved to the Moth Temple.

Shinobi Order Museum

The artifacts in the Shinobi Order Museum included: foot spikes, a shinobi hat, a scroll that discusses about why the ninjas hate spirits (Glarthir in particular), some spiky weapon that was used to destroy wheels, a ninja mask, a katana, and Oni (ninja armor).

Shinobi Order Museum Event.

A couple Shinobi Ninjas came to the Shinobi Order Museum Event and ended up being arrested. There was a scuffle in jail and the Shinobis revealed that they only wished to take Glarthir captive. Since Glarthir could not be handed over to them, they announced their intent to wage war on the South.

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The Shinobi Order

Covert Mercenaries

Aliases Rocketsnail Ninjas
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