31st August 2023

10 to a freshman in college

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31st August 2023, 01:10 PM

I’ve been in this community since 2013, under many different aliases. I made iblue official in around 2015, and started to make my mark on oldcp while being only 8 years old. I’ve made many friends on oldcp, most being short term as I don’t really speak to them anymore, but some also long term, who I speak to often. I am grateful for the people i have met as they have had an impact on the way i’ve lived my childhood, and the choices ive made throughout these 8-10 years. I had the most fun on oldcp while I was a child, and probably more so during covid. I was ignorant and a dumb kid, who lied about being 18 and my major being biology. But now I am 18 and my major is in fact biology, which is very ironic. It is sad to see such a big part of my childhood close down for good, but hopefully everyone has at least one person they’ve been able to take out of the community and stay in touch. I have a few, and I am grateful for that.

I’ve been in quite a few friend groups, first of them being one with rouge in it (i forgot what it’s called so rouge remind me). These friend groups have impacted me in different ways, no matter what my age was. I will forever remember the people i’ve met in this community and especially those who I made an everlasting memory with.

Thank you to Ari (lush), jaden, SG, randy and mance (the most OP jousting trio to ever touch the game), brit, jesse, marissa, void, zelda (for doxxing my last name…), tom, kace, the whole shapiro squad, sophie, isabella, rhea, maha, rouge, and not to be corny but Damen for making all this possible.

btw i was the best kotn, nobody dodged a nuke without logging off like me 💪

It is also very cool I got to be every fighter rank there is on oldcp since fighting was my favorite thing to do.


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JOUSTING TRIO?? Bud I was a goat in my prime be fr dawg at some point I was beating all of u guys except Mance so give me some respect

But bro tbh ur one of the best ppl i met on here. Ur a goat bro and I cant wait to see you succeed in your future

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funniest kid ive ever met on here

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