Early Days

Tom started playing OldCP properly in late 2015 after finding his best friend Baffed from NewCP online. He would soon become apart of the Wise Moth council but would become known to bully and attack users frequently. Tom would be demoted every so often for his actions but would always be back promoted until one day he changed his actions and would go on to become a respected member of the community

Tom would eventually step up from his dark past and win the 21st Series of Game of Mods. Later in 2020 during the revival of OldCP he would become a moderator once more after he became active and had a good reputation in the community. Tom would go on to achieve many ranks from a wide range of categories and has almost received every rank across the game.

Crime Office

In early 2016, Tom started showing an interest in Crimezone and became an assistant to Detective Pickle1020. Tom held this role until he became a Wise One a few months later. Many years later, Tom was asked to become a Detective by Inspector Bakon so he accepted and became a Detective on his alternative account 'Presto'.


After resigning from Detective a few months before, Inspector Saber asked Tom to rejoin the Crime Office and become the new Detective Sergeant. He happily accepted.


Tom was Detective Inspector not long before Saber came back to take on the role. They then both resigned the same day due to loss of interest.


From early days, Tom become known as a good fighter after being trained by his good friend Jesse. After he was demoted from Moth priest in early 2017 Tom was hired as an Imperial Knight and went on to become a Free Fighter as his combat skills improved over time.

Knight Captain

A few years later, Tom became Knight Captain of the South having been chosen by Lord Commander Randy.

Lord Commander

Tom shortly became Lord Commander after Randy needed replacing after sadly leaving the community. Tom appointed his former leader Jesse as the new Knight Captain.

Warlord & Royal Executioner

After being teamed on in the Winter Warlord competition as a huge target due to his combat skills, Damen made Tom the Royal Executioner of the South. However, Tom would go on to become Warlord in the next competition.

Island Ranks

King of Cobia

Tom was given the title 'King of Cobia' after his friend Jdutr gave his land before quitting the game. Tom was eventually killed and gave up the land and would keep the Lord of Stags title.

King of Das

A few months after losing Cobia, Tom became King of Das.

King of North

Tom had always wanted to rule the North and finally achieved this after coming out successful in the war he declared on the DRAKE/LIBITINA alliance in 2021.

Top Dogg

Tom was eventually given the isle of Providence by his good friend Eugee after he quit the game.

With his great fighting and leadership skills, over the years Tom was able to become the North Knight Captain, Chief Cavalier and Nightwatch Captain of Dorval.

Military & Houses


Lord Tennis would eventually pass STAGS down Tom alongside STAGS military inherited from DRAKE, which he famously used to kill the Mutant Orc Zaboth via nuke. Tom was praised and given the badge of honor for avenging Empress Chelsey.


After Jesse quit the game due to unknown reasons, Tom would become the Lord of Knights and Supreme commander of KNIGHTS military


From all his experience in leadership and militaries, Tom would become the leader of the generic IMPERIAL military and would act as a part-time Admin using his rank 5 account to help Emperor Helper Terry91.

Military to official Admin

Although known to have helped out administrating from his IMPERIAL military, Tom eventually became an Admin on his main account and still helps out where he can today.


Lord of Stags

Titles Lord Commander, Knight Captain, Warlord, King of North, Administrator, Royal Executioner, King of Das, King of Cobia, Top Dogg, Detective Inspector, Detective Sergeant, Free Fighter, Moth Priest, North Captain, House Guard.
Gender Male
House Stags
Related Tennis, Saber