I did not want to change my About Me page for the longest time because I wanted to preserve some of the lack of eloquence the old me had on my profile, but then I realized that was kind of cringe.

Now I have so much to type about and so much to say and personally I don't feel the need to let everyone know every single piece of my journey and adventure on this community, but I will say a few things about how this community impacted me and very briefly mention what I did on this community.
I was really young when I joined and this community was my way of coping with a lot of loneliness as a kid and I could never be grateful enough for the wonderful people I met here, some active, and some possibly gone from our lives and I hope all of them and us live to see a better tomorrow.
Until 2017 (2016 realistically) I was really active and I met too many people to list, but if I did meet you and I knew you back in those days please know that I am grateful for any interactions we had, all of you played a part in shaping a side of my personality and beliefs that I cannot discredit to any of you.

Back in those days I did a few things.
I hung out A LOT, with a lot of people and got into a fair bit of trouble, and I hosted a roleplay club called the TSA (Top Secret Agency, not to be confused with the literal imposters that are the real life TSA copy cats you see at the airport) where we hosted a several amount of missions. Were the missions sometimes awkward and probably overrated in my minds and anyone else who fondly remembers them? Probably but that didn't take away how special they were to me and those who may remember them positively.
I made a lot of good memories, I was listened to and respected and frankly I don't know why and hope everyone involved recieves some level of love and good vibes in their own personal lives, but I'll end this off by leaving what the original About Me was:

My entire history on here (summarized in 10 minutes)
On a lonely summer day I realized something, I wanted to experience the old days, back here I had a Club Penguin account but I also found myself feeling less fond towards the increasingly deteriorating game. It was towards this time when I discovered OldCP, back here I was basically a clout chaser (It's an unfortunate truth but I've moved past this hopefully and have learned many valuable things from my past flaws, and hopefully I will continue to)
In this duration of time my goal was simple; become unique, standout, and enjoy myself.
So it was with providence that I created a few accounts; An account named OldCPHelper and Sirius, but many many MANY more would follow.

The Legend Of OldCPHelper:
His identity was actually just "the dude who'd drop random obvious hints towards new users" but this quickly changed, OldCPHelper wanted to achieve more with his time, and became too ambitious in time wasting and eventually this lead to him becoming banned, but not before making a wide array of friends whom he still has some connections towards.
It was around 2014 When he returned, at this point in time he was ready to participate in the community and it's fun quests, but these quests lead to something nobody had ever done before besides Damen (unless I am actually unaware of someone who did this), and this would chance his life.

The Legend of TSA:
TSADirector was a newly formed account, with this account the roleplay of TSA began, this arguably shaped a lot of active user's lives and even if minor (in my mind I'd like to believe but you don't need to necessarily believe this) solidified RP as an aspect of OldCP.
TSA's plotline was simple: Evil rises, and Good even in its weakest form will equal the superiority of the ambitions and sacrifices evil will make no matter the circumstances.
TSA had a wide array of themes and villains, the most notable villains were the Overlord, Scorner, and the Frosters. It's most notable theme was the theme (the equivalent of a theme can be considered a season in a TV series) of the phoenix which was TSA's most iconic theme and was the hallmark for what would be expanded in the lore of the TSA (albeit simple lore). TSA lasted for approximately 8-9 themes until OldCPHelper left OldCP for a duration of time.

TSA lasted from 2014-2016, even though it was 2 years long it changed my life and it helped me learn to not close off my own ideas even if those ideas were lackluster.
I could add more to this description but I feel like this information should be enough.
2nd January 2022
So some might remember me as KingArthur or TSADirector, but I didn't come back here to do anything significant, I wanted to add the song "Write this down" with the creator named soul chef on my profile, but when I checked my profile I found out that the last time I visited the forums I made the Smash Ultimate theme my profile music, and now I'm conflicted on changing it or keeping it the way it is
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