Guardian Realm

The Guardian Realm

Guardian Realm is a Blue Bright beautiful Dimension located near of the mine and also behind of the pet shop at the mainland.

Inside of the Dimension:


Inside of this Dimension has a Really Difficult parkour, using Jetpacks would make it more easier, but if you do a Shortcut at the parkour, you might get Killed.
Here is some pictures of it:

Mine & Items

The Guardian Realm has also a Radium Mine at the Middle of the parkour where you can mine Radium Ores and Radium Crystals.

And theres also 2 items that you can take at the mine!
Such as:

Radium Hammer(It lets you mine Crystals)

Blue Viking helmet(Gives +30 HP)

The Beam

The beam is where you you can get the Radium Focus Gem after mining 20 Radium Crystals located at the End of the Parkour, after getting the Radium Focus Gem, you can finally forge a Radium Saber!

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