Lance Priebe

Who Is Rsnail?

Rsnail (Lance Priebe) was a well-known moderator on Club Penguin. Along with Billybob, he is the founder of Club Penguin. Rsnail is also the founder of Rocketsnail Games which consisted of games that he created with the help of the Rocketsnail Games team. The most popular game of his site was Penguin Chat 3 which is what Club Penguin is based on. Rsnail was the only player known to have a lowercase letter at the start of his name while everyone else had a lowercase letter at the start of their name but it was automatically changed to an uppercase letter after Club Penguin was updated. Rsnail's name is a contraction of Rocketsnail.

What was Rsnail's Goal?

Rsnail's goal was to create a game with pirates, spies, and ninjas which he all put in Club Penguin, Also on October 24th, 2012 Lance Priebe logged on Rsnail on Club Penguin to celebrate the 7th Anniversary Party, along with Gizmo, Screenhog, and Billybob. This was the first time he had been online since the fall of 2008. Card Jitsu was Lance Priebe (Rsnail's) last project before quitting Club Penguin.

The Club Penguin Beta Test Party

Rsnail was spotted in Club Penguin during Beta Test Party. Here is an image of him being spotted in the Beta Test Party:
And this is Lance Priebe's Signature

This is an Image of Lance Priebe And Lane Merrifield right at the club penguin 7th-anniversary office party in October 2012:

This is a list of the past Rocketsnail projects:

Past Games

Mech Mice (2013)
Club Penguin Card Jitsu (2008)
Club Penguin (2005)
Penguin Chat 3 (2005)
Penguin Chat 2 (2003)
Word Crunch (2003)
Mancala Snails (2002)
Experimental Penguins (2000)
Ballistic Biscuit (2000)

Current Rocketsnail Projects:
Box Critters (2019-present)

Current Projects

Unannounced Comic
Unannounced Game

Lance Priebe

Experienced Player

Aliases Lance Priebe, Rsnail, Nickname1, Swampy, Test Snail
Titles Co-founder & Creator Of Club Penguin, Former SVP of Disney Online Studios
Gender Male
Related Damen, Screenhog, Billybob, Gizmo, Happy77