Fishing Club

Sharkie founded the fishing club on August 20th, 2021. He charges 20 gold to join the fishing club and for this price he also provides new members with a fishing rod. While he says that the fee he collects for joining goes to charities, he has also hinted that it may just end up in his own pockets.


Sharkie's goal with the Fishing Club is to unite all penguins in the relaxing sport of fishing. In fact, all Sharkie really wants out of life are fish.

Sharkie's biggest catch!


Sharkie has a very fiery personality. Sharkie has been known to pick fights and attack people with his fishing knife if they anger him, which is quite often as he is easily annoyed and prone to fits of anger. Thus far, he has not murdered anyone. That being said, Sharkie turns into a more malevolent and blood thirsty mood if someone starts singing "Baby Shark(ie)" around him.


Though Sharkie's personality seems to be most fitting of an evil guy, his allegiance actually lies with neither evil, good, nor grey. His allegiance is to fish and fish alone. Sharkie loves fish and no cause can persuade him to pick a side as long as he always has fish to catch.


Sharkie lives in the Lodge in the South on P3D. It is located right in front of his favorite fishing hole. The Lodge also happens to be the headquarters of the Fishing Club.


Fishing Club Founder

Gender Male
Birthday 20th September 2021