1st March 2022

master appalachian (much update)

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1st March 2022, 03:33 AM

hello my name is fabs (sometimes called andrew now idk)
i play this games for a long time (since 2014 woo doggie)

i want to be a master of the games because master means teacher and grand most wise needs to teach
i was 10 (yet mature) when i joined and now i am adult do not start growing hairs yet
i am in the eastern standard time but i also follow DMT (Damen Median Time) which is usually 2-4 AM EST, 7-8 AM EST, 4-5 PM EST. So i will always be helpful to follow and help as master. Damen time only has 5 hours, those being called: Earlimorn, Prevew, and Loggin
i joined forums sometime.
im an experienced man, i've been wise one, moth priest, moderator, and GrandMostWiseHighToblerMothPriestLord (credits for Jacobg for that awesome name!) i was also a world leader for some time, but i didn't want to nuke Melkor. i got a lot forums reputation, but i can use inspect element to set it to any value
i've never done a bad thing on the games because thats not wise and masters must master the game
im having special qualfication, i can speak five languages. American (English Simplified), British (American Traditional), Scottish Accent (undeciperable), Latin American Spanish (to a degree), and I speak color too so that's fun.
why do i wanna be master?
because being a master of the damen spike forums means being a master at Spy Kids 3: Game over
i hav a lot of gold too and rich people master a lot of things
i support many channels on this website, like #Sherlock #Bob #Dice4ForumsMod (not gonna happen) #FazbearsPizzeria #GrandTheftPenguin #BankHistory #Squidward #NewswithJess #CharacterCards #AssassinsOfTheBlackHand #Rappers and my personal patronage, #AntiBullyTaskForce which I have been a member of since the dawn of creation.
heres a picture to finally get you to make me master

One of my biggest moments is when CPManiac accused me of not crediting sources (I was an 11 year old by the way) and the entire community wanted me demoted and I cried irl and you all hurt me but I did say "God is so loving he doesn't care"
my grammar is excellent i got an A in my college english class so i did the good and unpossible

heres a picture of the master symbol, it's an M which means master
my activity is good i try to be invested
my history in lore: i thought i was a wise old man but it turned out i was the son of ares, hashir didnt let me in the temple of the djinn because wise people dont go in and i want to remind you you made Jaxs wise one Hashir and he was actually a blackhawk in disguise so you played yourself idiot
my role models are Frodo907 (professional fishmonger), Larkagain (where did u go man), OldcpHELPER, Mico, Damen Spike (creator of Drejk), Vancelance and Snev (Benefactors of the DSGHQ MC Server) and Shrek, for inspiring me to create Shrek Shop, my favorite store ever.
have i ever been disqualified by the law? yes 100%
the qualities of a master are 100 posts, 100 likes, and 100 subscribers (complete)
anyways guys thanks for reading my application and multiplication it's like 2 Earlimorn
Give this a +1 if u like this post or give a -1 if you think i have a good chance at being the master, it doesn't matter too much since my reputation is already ruined at this point.
ok everyone goodbye and hapy earlimorn, i hope u can choose me as the supreme leader and master over all of forums

oh and heres an image of a sad man

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1st March 2022, 06:49 AM

Unfortunately we as a staff team have decided to reject your master application. Please try again in 2.5 weeks.

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1st March 2022, 12:31 PM

i did it



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