Fable discovered OldCP in 2015 and made an account by the name of Hap7. He soon became tired of the rather bland name so he made a new account named Fable which he thought had a bit more juice and pop.

Wise One

During the trial of Lylance, Fable was called to the wise stand. He spoke such great wisdom that even the beard of Jacobg tingled. Damen spared no time, and immediately promoted Fable after the trial.


Fable posted a series of wise texts and writings onto the forums that were based off a holy book. Interested in the subject, Maniac decided to investigate the writings, and found that he had not credited the book. Maniac, being a maniac, decided to slander an 11 year old for not taking High School English.


After the drama of plagiarism and feuding between his fellow Wise Ones, Fable soon lost the trust of Jacobg and the Staff. Jacobg finally demoted Fable from the rank of Wise One a rank he was told he would never be promoted to again.


Becoming a Wise One made Fable eligible to become a Member of the community Xat chat. This opened the door to many Temporary Xat Moderator opportunities, in which Fable protected the users and gave them his all. The staff was so impressed with Fable that they promoted him to Permanent Xat Moderator and alas, Fable protected the Xat chat from ambushes and hooligans until the day of his demotion.


Fable was demoted from Xat Moderator and Member on the day he was demoted from his rank as a Wise One. The rules state that no one with a rank within the empire can have anything larger than a guest rank on the community Xat chat, so even though Fable dedicated all he had for the chat he still had to be demoted.

War Knight

Fable was one of the 32 original War Knights chosen by Hashir to defend Oldcp from Mickey's army. He was killed at the Cove during a BlackHawk invasion and rejoined the community as FableII (Fable the Second). After disputing with the staff, Fable was repromoted to War Knight a week after his death.


Due to reasons in his personal life, Fable was forced to retire from the OldCP as a whole, saying goodbye to the friends he so much adored.

Leaving the Community

After Fable left OldCP, he made the hasty decision to leave the forums as well. He said goodbye to Xat hasn't returned since. He can be seen occasionally wallowing around the DSGHQ Minecraft server or checking in on the forums, but he has moved on in his life and left the community behind. Though he can no longer be around to visit them, he loves his friends and he always will...


Soon after his retirement, he changed his name to "Fable Fett" based on the star wars character; Boba Fett. When you see him, he'll be wearing his signature baby blue color, under a Boba Fett Helmet.


Wisdom cometh from the heart
Hunt for those who cannot
Anyone can be wise.. but they choose another path

Wise Returning

When Fable returned, things did change. New Royalty, but no new wises. When he greeted Damen. He was instantly promoted. Fable is definitely gonna stay here for a while.

Moth Priest

During the Gallery of Houses, Mico suggested that Fable should be a moth priest, he was thereby a Moth Priest.

High Priest and Grand Most Wise

Cyberwolf became the owner of OldCP at this time, Fable had requested to be the Grand Most Wise. However; Cyberwolf told me that Jacob had taken that position. Fable asked the former High Priest, Milan/Mico if Fable could take his spot of High Priest. He agreed and Milan decided to take the rank of South Knight Captain. (At that time, there was only one island and captain.) Fable revamped and revived the moths, making many users like Khal, Tom, George, and Loki moth priests. The moth priests, a rank of power had become stronger. Cyberwolf left and Chelsey became the monarch. Jacob had left so Fable asked Damen after a few weeks post-departure if he could take his spot. It was finished and Fable was Grand Most Wise for 5 months.

Charles and the New World Order

Charles bought OldCP at this time, there was a reset in the summer of 2016. All ranks got reset and a little wise one recently hired named SecurityGuy had taken the spot of Grand Most Wise. Moth Council had been forgotten, Fable abandoned the game and left.
Rocket came in, but Fable was too late. SG had taken GMW from me again, Fable once again was High Priest.
One day, two DRAKE HALL military came up to me. They offered me gifts of power and immortality. Fable didn't want anything of it. It was strange that they would offer such things to him. Turns out, SG agreed to their offer. Bigotry. He was the ruling class of the NWO along with Sriram Drake. He was defeated by killing Major Halo, the prince. Fable, being the wise of the trial, had taken his spot again.
He later killed Damen himself and Fable many times.
Fable befriended the forest boys for resisting this World Order. Fable was against involvement with them until these time.

Jedi Council

Gamer started a Jedi council, Fable and others joined his council and battled sith.

Angelic Era

After losing GMW many times, Fable gained GMW for the 7th time. However, out of rage of a wise one being murdered. Fable massacred a local company of draconic. In his trial, Fable was sentenced to fight on the front lines of the oncoming war, where was given powers from a mysterious force (possibly Orome or the Nameless One himself) but after dying, he was reborn into a hellscape. Due to his revival, he had the powers of Snowfalls the Ice Queen, after returning it to her, he fled in the event she might kill him. Fable also fought LEGION and killed him, taking all of his soul power. Fable, the new Northern King, fights in Dagor Dagorath but is killed by Pythas. The fall of Morgoth brings 7 untrained and draconic angels.

Forest Age

With the reset of power by the Nameless One, Fable became weak as his draconian counterparts. He goes on a different path and neglects the forest again, becoming a Dune. Then, Orome came to him. He told Fable to be ready to defeat Legion. Fable had grown to his full strength.

A depiction of what Fable may have looked like in the forest age.


Fable went evil under the alias Frozn. He served Pythas for a short time until returning to watch the stupid people fight in battles easily won by him.

The Road to Valiance

Tulkas, Fable's father, arrived and gave Fable the title of lieutenant. He was on the road to being the Valiant. and so he was. Fablestaz.

The Crossover to a new realm

Fable had shifted into a new realm, where everything was 3D. In this 3rd dimension, he was given a trident from The Nameless One, Eru Illuvitar. Pythas grew to become enemies with Fable, as he had attempted to assassinate Pythas on his wedding with Little. Pythas was nearly killed, and became wiser around Fable. Fable kept his trident for a while until Alatar killed him while he was AFK.

The Path Into Fire

Alatar was killed and his trident was given to Raymond. The forces of good thought Fable too weak to hold his trident, so he asked DOOM to turn him into a balrog. He became a creature named Valaraukar, the one he had killed so many years prior.

The Creation of Nyaristaz

Once Fable turned to the forces of the Fire Nation and dragons, Nyaristaz was born. Nyaristaz is the remaining goodness left in Fable's heart, formed into a vessel. Nyaristaz became a prophet and apprentice of Glarthir. So while Fable was powerful, Nyaristaz is comparatively weak. This humbled Nyaristaz and he slowly began to start from the source of good all over again.

Powers Over Time

Nyaristaz was killed by Ancalagon. When wishes came to each, Fable was not present to receive his wish. He had converted back to good and became pure white. One morning The Nameless One came to him and he requested some time to talk. After a brief talk he was made into the new Lord of Time.



Aliases Olorin, Mithrandir, Fabs, Nyaristaz, Andrew, Fablestaz
Titles Former GMW, Dune King, Fire Nation Lord,
Gender Male
Birthday 18th February 2004
House House of Illuvitar, House of Astaldo
Death Reborn
Related Jacobg627, Gamer, Bakon, Bob, Tulkas, DuneDain, Ronaldo

Species Spirit Person
Race DuneDain/Maiar
Age 28000 years old