Wiki Article Guidelines

All articles on the DSGHQ Wiki must follow DSGHQ's requirements and structure.

General guidelines

  • Think of the purpose of the article before writing.
  • Plan the article, don't write it at once
  • Write in benefit of the community, not to benefit individual members
  • Write in third-person (don't use I, we, us, instead, use he, they, them, etc)
  • Write from a neutral perspective
  • Write clearly and cohesively
  • Follow DSGHQ's rules and community values



All articles need to be organised to have main headings. Every main heading needs to be surrounded in



Sub headings are very important to separate information within a main heading. This will also build the contents to refer your readers to their desired interest.

Just like headings, sub headings are surrounded in



Correct grammar in an article is vital for text comprehension. Using spelling correction on a browser to correct any mistakes and researching words is very helpful when writing an article.


Correct usage of punctuation is also an important part of Wiki writing.

Know where commas ',' are most useful and where ';' semi-colons are not appropriate. Correct quantities of full-stops (.) and sentence lengths are important for the flow of an article.

For example, the usage of the comma in this quote:

In, my life I always have loved to cook.

In my life, I always have loved to cook.

Also, when mentioning a side-topic in the same sentence, make use of commas. For example, this correction:

Archie an intelligent business man sold his car.

Archie, an intelligent business man, sold his car.

Another mistake is unusual sentence lengths. These sentences below could be joined together, for example:

She loves puffles. Apart from black ones!

She loves puffles, apart from black ones!

Another mistake is not including spacing around commas when listing keywords

My favorite countries are Spain,Italy,Germany, France.

My favorite countries are Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

A big issue is capitalization. Capital letters are only used on words that describe the names of people, places, at the beginning of sentences, titles of work and abbreviations. If the writer is unsure about the capitalization of a word, research the word.

Correction of capitalization:

I Login to dsghq Forums every Day.

I login to DSGHQ Forums every day.

If there are persistent mistakes in an article, editors will clean them up. Not all mistakes are seen by editors. If an article does not follow the guidelines correctly, it risks being removed.

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