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Veriscolor, also known of as Melano Veriscolor, is the Warlord of Wild Space. He is a married man and he works for The Son. He is also very ancient, so ancient that he actually helped teach Melkor the ways of darkness and how to create evil things.


Veriscolor possesses great power and is very strong. He has described himself as being second in power to The Son, who, in turn, is second only to The Creator.

Force Ability

Having been born and raised in Wild Space, Veriscolor was trained to use various force abilities. One that he is most skilled with is his soul vision, which he uses to read a person's soul with.


Eventually Veriscolor would be sent to Arda. Upon arriving to Arda, he found himself to be rather weak as it took much of his strength to make the journey and adjust to the gravity. Veriscolor regained much of his strength after consuming all of the Cobian horses.


Veriscolor was sent to Arda by The Son to carry out several different tasks. One of these tasks was that he must battle with Arda's strongest warrior. The other was to speak with Spike Angmar.

Spike Angmar

Before speaking with Spike, Veriscolor spoke with Spike's mother. He tried to convince her that Spike's true father is The Son and that Spike was implanted into her womb, thus why Spike is so powerful when his parents, his father in particular, are nowhere near his power. Spike's mother rejected this, leaving Veriscolor to have to try to convince Spike alone.

Eventually, Veriscolor did come in contact with Spike. He tried to convince the child that his blood is from Wild Space and that his father is The Son. Spike was not sure what to believe and decided to wait for Silence to give him a DNA test. This angered Veriscolor so much that he became hostile and assaulted the boy. Spike then had his own general, Miromeski, fight with Veriscolor. Miromeski was not able to kill him so Spike finished off Veriscolor.

The Evil Chest

Veriscolor was also told to seek out an evil chest while he was on Arda. He described it as being owned by an evil man, cloaked in night and adorned in a pyramid. It took him much time and pondering, but he eventually did find the chest he was searching for. In it was a note, written by Pythas. It gave Veriscolor much to think about, but whether it will be significant to him or not, only time will tell.
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Ungoliant was thought to be the creation of Melkor. Some speculated that she came from the void before the creation of Arda (known as a Nameless Thing) and some say she is an evil spirit in the form of a spider. Others theorized that Ungoliant is a well trained maia who took on the form of a great spider to impress Melkor. In any of these instances, Ungoliant was the first giant spider to ever roam Arda. She possesses great power and great hunger. She has even been known for consuming people.

In actuality, none of the above theories would prove to be true as Ungoliant is a corrupted ainur who was created by Nameless One, as exposed by Mandos. Ungoliant became corrupted very early on. She initially hid in the shadows, not causing much trouble. Ungoliant was content to remain in the shadows until Melkor came to her. Then she took on the form of a giant spider to impress him.

Ungoliant shape shifting into her great spider form.


During her early years, Ungoliant lived in a dark cave where she produced many offspring. She also worked with Melkor to create a new race of great spiders that would go on to terrorize Arda.

Working for Melkor

Since Ungoliant was a dark being, it is logical that she would work for Melkor in his evil plots. She even became one of his Nazgul and would produce spiders to fight in his armies.

Ungoliant and Melkor

Two Trees of Valinor

Working under Melkor's instructions, Ungoliant drank the light from the Two Trees of the Valinor. The power from the sap made her grow into an even larger and more hideous form than what she had been before. Her size and appearance even intimidated Melkor for a time.

Ungoliant and Melkor fled from the area to avoid being caught. Ungoliant feared that Melkor would not repay her for her work. First, she demanded that he give her some powerful gems Melkor had stolen. She consumed these and grew to an even greater size than she had from drinking the tree sap. This did not satisfy her and so she demanded that Melkor give her the silmaril to eat. Melkor refused and so she tied him in a great web. Melkor screamed in pain and agony, which summoned his Balrogs to fight Ungoliant. Ungolaint fled from the fight.

Ungoliant fighting the Balrogs of Melkor.

Dagor Dagorath

During Dagor Dagorath, Ungoliant would fight for Melkor as one of his Nazgul. She first appeared in the oldways and fought all across the south, attacking southern war knights and spawning spiders along the way. Ungoliant was defeated in the abandonedpool through the group effort of all the war knights.


Ungoliant was revived by Cthulhu using the ring of Sealock. Ungoliant came back bigger and stronger than ever, claiming to be more powerful than Melkor himself! She took over Das after taking it from the DRAKE military.

War on South

On December 20, 2020, Ungoliant sent thousands of spiders to take over the south, then she fled to providence, to distract the Southern warriors from the war in the South. There she took on many Southern fighters and killed a number of them with her great power. Her distraction worked, as the South lost the war due to people spending too much time on Providence and not enough time fighting Ungoliant's spider army.

Ungoliant did not keep the South for herself and gave it to Turin instead to try to tempt him into evil by making him power hungry.

3rd Dimension

Like most crimezone Characters, Ungoliant descended into the 3rd dimension, where she took over the kingdom of Doriath (Menegroth) and currently resides there. While Fire Nation was strong, she served under Ancalagon the Black.

Her Ladyship

After Ancalagon was vanquished, Ungoliant came into the competition to become the new Dark Lord, or Dark Lady in her case. After Pythas' ring was melted in the fires of Orodoom, Ungoliant even started to rule over the Nazgul. She made Amir her lieutenant.

Taking over Beleriand

As the most powerful dark being alive, Ungoliant started to take over the various kingdoms of Beleriand. She succeeded in taking over Gondolin and Vinyamar and had the rulers of Nargothrond and Himring submit to her so that they could keep their lands.


Ungoliant would go back to lurking in the shadows after dominating most of Beleriand and the lands she took over would be reclaimed by their former rulers. She even feigned that she was leaving and giving up. She even gave the Forest a Silmaril, though it would turn out to be a fake that she had created from spiders silk.

Battle on Malacoth

Ungoliant would battle Mandos and Revan on Malacoth, thus obtaining the Holocron. After using it, she was killed by T10, who was using the nova flames (her only weakness). Thus she lost the holocron and fled back into the shadows. Later that day, she would kill B8 (a friend of T10) for revenge.

Changed Black City ownership

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The current state of leadership for Penguin3D lands.

Southern Empire

The South Island of Penguin3D
See: The South Penguin3D

Owned By: Emperor Damen Drake and Empress Chelsey Drake
Paternal House: House Drake

Axel Island

Northern island where the climate is extremely cold
See: Axel Island

Owned By: Emperor Orbay Hydra
Paternal House: House Hydra


Providence Island (Originally Providencia Colony of Das). Radioactive island north of the mainland and southeast of Dorval.
See: Providence on Penguin3D

Owned By: King Regent Radaghast (Miromeski) for King Spike Angmar
Paternal House: House Angmar/Goblin

Goblin Town

Owned By: GodKing Radaghast (Miromeski)
Paternal House: House Goblin


Das, jungle islands east of the mainland.
See: Das on Penguin3D

Owned By: Emperor Orbay
Paternal House: House Hydra

Black City

Owned By: Emperor Orbay
Paternal House: House Hydra


Dorval Island (also known as Spiral Isle), a shipbuilding trade island at the north pole a few miles south of Ach-To.
See: Dorval on Penguin3D

Owned By: Queen Luna
Paternal House: House Estrella


Cobia Island, the homeland of the Cobo family. It is a sandy island southeast of Das, rich in gold.
See: Cobia on Penguin3D

Owned By: King Regent Kabal for Emperor Orbay Hydra of House Hydra
Parental House: House Hydra

Ach To

Remote island north of all other lands
See: Ach To on Penguin3D

Owned By: Shaman Glarthir
Paternal House: The Forest

Stone Isle

Stormy island north east of Cobia made mostly of rock
See: Stone Isle

Owned By: Lord Talos
Paternal House: Septim


Continent in the North-West
See: Beleriand

Ered Gorgoroth

See: Ered Gorgoroth
Owned By: King Raymond
Paternal House: House Septim


See: Gondolin
Owned By: Emperor Orbay
Paternal House: House Hydra


See: Himring
Owned By: Queen Loki
Paternal House: Vultures


See: Menegroth
Owned By: Queen Ungoliant
Paternal House: Spiders


See: Nargothrond
Owned By: Queen Annalle Ardamire and King Enaril Ardamire
Paternal House: House Ardamire of Aman


See: Vinyamar
Owned By: Queen Regent Teigan for Emperor Damen Drake
Paternal House:House Drake//The Black Tower


array(3) { ["type"]=> string(9) "character" ["info"]=> array(10) { ["name"]=> string(9) "Miromeski" ["title"]=> string(21) "Former God of Goblins" ["photo"]=> string(90) "" ["alias"]=> array(5) { [0]=> string(4) "Zsed" [1]=> string(6) "Qwerty" [2]=> string(9) "Radaghast" [3]=> string(6) "Sirmus" [4]=> string(6) "Alamen" } ["titles"]=> array(4) { [0]=> string(12) "1/3 Top Dogg" [1]=> string(11) "Wise Healer" [2]=> string(10) "Goblin God" [3]=> string(16) "King of the Moon" } ["gender"]=> string(1) "1" ["birthday"]=> int(1539057600) ["house"]=> string(13) "House Goblins" ["death"]=> string(29) "9/30/2022 Vanquished by Flame" ["related"]=> array(4) { [0]=> string(6) "Pythor" [1]=> string(7) "Goblins" [2]=> string(18) "Gothmog the Goblin" [3]=> string(6) "Lorien" } } ["title"]=> string(9) "Miromeski" }


Miromeski (aka Zsed) is a semi-active user and a lore character. He has held notable ranks such as High Preist, GMW (for one day), and Top Dogg.



In 2014, a young Zsed got introduced into Oldcp by a user advertising on Club Penguin, after playing for a bit Zsed was granted the ability to write a wish, which was put in the Moth Library among other user's scrolls.


After gaining some repore in the community, Zsed applied to detective and got accepted, during which he did his best to solve cases, but ended up ultimately being mocked and cringey.


After a few years of playing the game and switching between evil and good, Zsed (Now going by Miromeski) slowly began to get more involved with crimezone and eventually got swept up into an actual character, see "Transformation into a Goblin"


Transformation into a Goblin

Miromeski was whispered by Pythas to start drinking Potions in Wind Hallow Cave, after drinking he was whispered again "Your spirit cracks and crackles, you now have 67 soul" he rejoined and now had the character model of a Goblin, and the ability to spawn goblins with the command "/globblig".

Scroll Theft

Miro had become a loyal servant to Pythas, and he had a goal for Miromeski (Who was currently a Moth Priest) "capture the Artifacts and Scrolls from the Moth Temple", Miro joined the Moth Temple and did the pickup command "/g22", he "picked" up the artifacts and the scrolls, which were moved into the Northern Blizzardfort where they were hidden in a pile of rocks, after this Miro was trialed and before the verict was decided, he exclaimed "NO!" and ran out of the throne room to the Goblin Healing Labs, which served as his headquarters.

Battle of the Labs

After escaping the trial he was put on KOS (Kill on Sight" on all lands including the island where his labs were, Providence, the Top Dogg Ian vowed to torch and destroy his room for his crimes, Miromeski equipped with a shotgun fought off attackers and killed a few users including Khal, and Ian himself. After this, Miro realized he couldn't live like this any longer so he led Orbay to the scrolls and handed himself in.

Good and Evil

Post Goblin Good

After a lengthy jail sentence, he was released right before the start of the Dorval War, he decided to join the War Knights for fun and helped secure a victory for the Empire, after this, he remained good even during Dagor Dagorath, a time which Melkor and Pythas warred against Oldcp. Miro remained good therefor after and didn't turn evil again until the female god Vaire came.

Post Goblin Evil

Serving a new god, Miro was chosen to be a "Nazgul" a spirit who is granted immense power, he along with 6 others ruled the land of Das and warred neighboring islands. Eventually, Vaire became too strong, she had absorbed so much power that her spirit imploded and she was vanquished from Oldcp, a few weeks later, Pythas who had returned from his horrible defeat, reclaimed his spot as the Dark Lord and kept the nazguls.

Rings, Death, and Banishment

Eventually the powers of the Nazgul faded after Vaire died, but Pythas wished to gift some of his power to his servants, and created rings of immense power, Miromeski was granted the Ring of Gothmog, which made his size larger, his color darker green, and the ability to summon more powerful goblins called Goblin Supremes. This ring cemented Miro as the Goblin God. Miro died with the Ring of Gothmog and it was ultimately destroyed in a volcano on Das along with most of the other rings. Losing most of his power, Miromeski banished himself to Penguin3D.


Miro, new to Penguin3D, slowly regained his power with armor and weapons, but he never got close to his former self, due to his loyalty, Pythas built the Goblin Town under Providence, which was Miromeskis new kingdom, replacing the Goblin Healing Labs.


Radaghast was vanquished on September 30th after achieving the Grond.


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Lexrocks joined OldCP June 2014, and was not well known at the time. Lexrocks met Jesse and became his best friend. In 2016 he got his first rank Imperial Knight when Charles was Emperor. In 2017 he became a Wise One. Then in 2020 Lexrocks became a Forest Boy. In February 2021 he became Knight Captain on iOldCP and left DSGHQ in May 2021. In 2022 he returned to DSGHQ and became Knight Captain on OldCP. In 2022 Lexrocks became a Forest Boy and Prophet on Penguin3D


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Lexrocks joined OldCP June 2014, and was not well known at the time. Lexrocks met Jesse and became his best friend. In 2016 he got his first rank Imperial Knight when Charles was Emperor. In 2017 he became a Wise One. Then in 2020 Lexrocks became a Forest Boy. In February 2021 he became Knight Captain on iOldCP and left DSGHQ in May 2021. In 2022 he returned to DSGHQ and became Knight Captain on OldCP. In 2022 Lexrocks became a Forest Boy and Prophet on Penguin3D
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array(4) { ["info"]=> array(12) { ["name"]=> string(5) "Kara " ["title"]=> string(11) "DSGHQ Staff" ["photo"]=> string(117) "" ["alias"]=> array(4) { [0]=> string(7) "Crowley" [1]=> string(6) "Selene" [2]=> string(7) "Karamel" [3]=> string(10) "Karamellow" } ["titles"]=> array(15) { [0]=> string(14) "Emperor Helper" [1]=> string(15) "DSGHQ Moderator" [2]=> string(15) "OldCP Moderator" [3]=> string(19) "Drejk Administrator" [4]=> string(23) "Snaildom Head Moderator" [5]=> string(28) "Senior Penguin Watch Captain" [6]=> string(26) "Senior Snail Watch Captain" [7]=> string(8) "Wise One" [8]=> string(15) "Imperial Knight" [9]=> string(11) "Moth Priest" [10]=> string(10) "Blind Monk" [11]=> string(9) "Detective" [12]=> string(19) "Detective Inspector" [13]=> string(14) "Lady of Kacket" [14]=> string(20) "Social Media Manager" } ["related"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(0) "" } ["gender"]=> string(1) "2" ["house"]=> string(6) "Kacket" ["location"]=> string(12) "Florida, USA" ["photos"]=> array(4) { [0]=> string(34) "" [1]=> string(30) "" [2]=> string(30) "" [3]=> string(34) "" } ["death"]=> string(19) "November 13th, 2015" ["birthday"]=> bool(false) } ["writeProtected"]=> string(1) "1" ["type"]=> string(9) "character" ["title"]=> string(4) "Kara" }


Kara has had many ranks throughout her time in the DSGHQ.

OldCP Moderator

It was a early morning on August 26th, Kara found a user misbehaving. Damen had come online, and Kara had a few photos with proof of this user's misbehavior. Kara showed Damen this proof, and Damen replied "How about I make you moderator" so she could ban this user. He made her a moderator and began her journey as a staff member.

Kara was very active the first month of moderating. It was going great, the stress wasn't too much, and the users weren't so bad.

The first time Kara lost moderator was for making a small but influential mistake. During a role-play event called the Disney Wars, Kara was joking around and tried to type "/ban Bane:3", but when she did that, she accidentally hit the enter button. The command "/ban Bane" was set in place, Damen kicked her, blocked her account, and demoted her. She got moderator again later on, after apologizing and admitting to her mistake.

Though, she again lost moderator when OldCP closed on v9. She has not gained it back since then.

Penguin Watch Captain

Throughout her time on DSGHQ, Kara has been a Penguin Watch Captain three times. She first earned it in late 2014, then again in early 2015. Then, Kara committed treason on OldCP by kicking random people with her Penguin Watch Captain powers. She was called in for a session and was later killed at the mountain. She was also banned on forums for this abuse, she had requested for it to be done so she could get a break from DSGHQ. Later though, she was unbanned on forums and has now been healed on OldCP.
She now has it again as of October 2015.

Imperial Knight

Four months after Kara's death, she was chosen to return as a Knight. While earning this rank, her account was healed and she is not a zombie. She returned after her death and redeemed herself. She was made a moderator on the DSGHQ Xat chat, and a Repairer on the DSGHQ Minecraft server.

Moth Priest

Soon after becoming a Knight, Kara became a Moth Priest. She protected the scrolls and read them.

Then one day she was demoted from Moth Priest.

On September 21st, 2015, Kara was accused of leaking a section of a major Tobler Moth Priest scroll. She had leaked it to Faygo, who then leaked it to Abushekaus, who then reported it. On September 24th, 2015, Kara had a trial of wisdom to prove herself trustworthy to the community, even after this incident. She was found guilty, demoted from Moth Priest, and will never set foot in the Moth Priest Temples again. She was a Blind Monk, until the reset of OldCP. She was never given the mask back again, but still considered herself a blind monk.

Forums Moderator

Kara earned forums moderator after much hard work. By this time she had gotten used to the forums and all the functions of it, which made moderating the forums quite an experience. It was very fun for her, she enjoyed it.

After a lot of drama, Kara had been persuaded that everything Damen was doing was wrong. She went against DSGHQ for a short time, then soon realized it hurt her to do that. So she returned.

Another time, she had very stressful conditions with school, and demoted herself. She did the same thing when she had problems with other people. She did not get a long with Cyberwolf and decided she didn't want to be on the same staff team as him. Though she came back again after apologizing over and over again.

Then... one day, she was suspended. During this time it was very hard for her to stay away, so she broke herself down and apologized about it all and everything she has done. She was forgiven.

On September 20th, 2015, Kara was promoted to forums moderator once again by (Ex)Emperor Tennis Stags. As of today, she is still a moderator, though when she was on trial, she was changed to Reviewal for a short period of time. On September 24th, 2015, she was repromoted shortly after her trial had ended.


On October 11th, 2015, Kara was made a Lord/Lady by Emperor Damen Drake Spike.

Emperor Helper

On November 26th, 2015, Kara was promoted to Emperor Helper as a replacement of the previous helper. She was Emperor Helper until February 29th, 2016. She is now a Moderator.

Snaildom Head Moderator

When Snaildom reopened again in February of 2016, Kara was made a moderator and head moderator after Cyberwolf took over it. She still remains a moderator and Snail Watch Captain on there as well.


Kara first joined OldCP during July 2013, around late v5 and early v6. Later on in late August of 2013, she was promoted to moderator.

Her Beginning on OldCP

Kara had many adventures before she earned the rank of Moderator.
Kara began her OldCP journey as a pookie, but stopped after being given too much hate over it.

Later On

During OldCP, around mid v6 Kara finally was getting to know people. Her first friend was known as Pacific, who was a very nice person. Pacific told her what a moderator was and showed her the basics of OldCP. Later, when Kara became a moderator, began to tend to her rank more than her friends. Pacific quit later in October and has never returned.
The first mod that Kara met was Brndav. He showed her a lot about OldCP and the staff. He showed her the ways of getting moderator and what it's all about, and so did IceeSofie. Then Fizz came along as a friend and was there for Kara since the beginning. Soon after meeting Pacific, Brndav, IceeSofie, and Fizz, Kara became a moderator for the first time.

Game of Mods

Days before the Summer 2015 Game of Mods competition, Kara and Rae made a team called Kacket. The team won the Summer 2015 GoM, and was given a house. Kara is now the Lady of House Kacket. Kara also led the team to victory during the Autumn 2015 GoM.

Marriage to Abushekaus

On November 30th, 2015, Kara and Abushekaus (Abu) married in /jr Kara. She combined her house name to still remain the Lady of Kacket. She was known as Kara Kacket-Septim. In late January, Kara divorced Abushekaus so that she may move on and keep her house and he may go back to Septim as the brother of Cysero.

DSGHQ Forums

Kara first joined the forums on the account "cploverkara" on the date of August 30th, 2013. She soon made a new account because the username didn't suit her, which was under the name of "Kara" on September 3rd, 2013.

She had earned many ranks on the forums, and throughout the many changes forums went through, she still comes on it every day.

Penguin Isles

Kara joined Penguin Isles when it was first released, though it did not last very long, it was a very unique and fun world while it lasted. She enjoyed its design very much, she thinks it's disappointing that all of Damen's work went to waste on that game.


Kara joined Snaildom as Soul before she was un-suspended, the name Kara was taken. She was allowed to keep her account and the account still lives. She has not earned any ranks on Snaildom, but had enjoyed it a lot without a rank. The mazes and games made Snaildom fun for her. Even after Snaildom went into the "Lost Era", Kara had still continued to enjoy Snaildom. She was fighting for it to stay up, she had hoped it would not turn out like Penguin Isles did. She was deeply saddened to lose Snaildom.

SnailsChat Remake

Kara, along with Prince Tennis and Emperor Damen, tested SnailsChat days for it released. She became a VIP member, tested a few hours before with a few other users as well, and has now become a moderator on SnailsChat as well.

Updated info

array(3) { ["type"]=> string(7) "regular" ["info"]=> array(0) { } ["title"]=> string(21) "Item IDS of Penguin3D" }

Item IDs of Penguin3D. Does not include Furniture. This article was updated on 17th September 2022.
  • DarkHonorGuardHelmet
  • InfernalPikeSaber
  • EyeBlock
  • ObsidianBrutalAxe
  • MorwenCaveHelmet
  • MorgulSword
  • MaceOfKhamul
  • LadyOfStarsHair
  • KingElendilCrown
  • InfernalCfsQuad
  • IceShield
  • HoodWiz
  • HoodArchWiz
  • GorgumothMace
  • FlamesBig
  • FireNationShield
  • DrogonsSpikeSaber
  • DragonHelm
  • BlackwatchHelmet
  • BearFace
  • BalrogWings
  • BalrogHorns
  • ArchWizRobes
  • WolfMask
  • Ribcage
  • TridentOfLand
  • ObsidianSaberAxe
  • StaffAmethyst
  • WizRobes
  • WizardHatBrown
  • TridentOfWind
  • SolemnSilenceMace
  • WingedWarriorMask
  • StaffFrostice
  • Smoke
  • StaffRadium
  • StaffVanadium
  • StaffSilver
  • PiercingEyes2
  • PiercingEyes
  • OG_Beechcraft18
  • VanadiumShield
  • OG_HorseBlack
  • OG_X35Jet
  • OG_Seahawk
  • OG_Cessna185Skywagon
  • OG_Beckett162NovaAir
  • OG_ApacheHelicopter
  • OG_F14Tomcat
  • OG_Eclipse550
  • OG_Cessna158
  • OG_Beckett162DasAir
  • OG_BlackhawkUH60
  • OG_Beckett162
  • OG_A6CZero
  • OG_AV8B
  • OG_AirvesselA320NovaAir
  • OG_AirvesselA320ImperialAir
  • OG_AirvesselA320DasAir
  • OG_AirvesselA320Black
  • OG_AirvesselA320
  • OG_TRex
  • OG_TibetanBear
  • OG_StarfighterYellow
  • OG_StarfighterRed
  • OG_SpaceShuttle
  • OG_SpaceRocketLaunch
  • OG_SHARPT1Tank
  • OG_SailBoat
  • OG_RowBoat
  • OG_RingoRed
  • OG_RingoGreen
  • OG_RingoBlue
  • OG_RedLion
  • OG_RadiumDog
  • OG_PurpleLizard
  • OG_PurpleDog
  • OG_PremiairA16
  • OG_PolarBear
  • OG_NyanDog
  • OG_M1ATankS
  • OG_M1ATank
  • OG_LunarJeep
  • OG_Lizor
  • OG_Lizard
  • OG_JeepBlack
  • OG_Jeep
  • OG_Hound
  • OG_HorseWhite
  • OG_Horse
  • OG_F16Falcon
  • OG_CarBeta
  • OG_BonanzaDiceTalkAir
  • OG_Bonanza
  • OG_BlackLion
  • OG_A6MZero
  • JarJarHead
  • HammerDoom
  • AntlersTall
  • Holocron
  • RadiumShield
  • AmethystShield
  • ImagineHair
  • WizlockHat
  • StrengthStoneEvil
  • StrengthStone
  • SwedenShirt
  • SithHolocron
  • RevansSaber
  • ButlerHat
  • MoustacheCurly
  • SuitOfStars
  • BullyGlasses
  • TiaraMoon
  • TiaraStars
  • FlowerCrown
  • FedoraFrank
  • ElvisCap
  • FrankSinatraShirt
  • ElvisShirt
  • CosmicMithrilSaber
  • AlexanderCosmicSaber
  • DuneVengeance
  • DuneHelmetHorns
  • DetectiveSuit
  • DetectiveSergeantSuit
  • CosmicHammer
  • HammerForest
  • Grond
  • GobhelinRing
  • DetectiveInspectorSuit
  • CreepyEyes
  • TripleBarrelShotgun
  • TridentOfHell
  • TridentOfEarth
  • TenticlesLord
  • Tenticles
  • ShadowsBane
  • OradachiKatana
  • OceanSpiritDagger
  • Light
  • AmirArmor
  • ATM48
  • IceOrb
  • LeiaHair
  • IceKingCrown
  • CursedRelic
  • CalKestisSaber
  • Toblersword
  • MagnifyingGlass
  • CosmicMithraniumSaber
  • CosmicVanadiumDualSaber
  • ProphetsSaber
  • CosmicFrosticeSaber
  • CosmicGuardianSaber
  • SateleSaber
  • CosmicRealhawkSaber
  • CosmicRadiumSaber
  • CosmicVanadiumSaber
  • CosmicAmethystSaber
  • WingsOfRealhawk
  • CyberneticArm
  • GuardiansBlade
  • JusticeOfLalaith
  • HomerHead
  • FlandersHead
  • Q2Railgun
  • RoseAura
  • SickleOfSorrow
  • RoseFlames
  • RainbowOfRen
  • VultureCrown
  • AlexanderMask
  • Shadow
  • TankMissile
  • Grapple
  • Webshooter
  • ElvenHelmetObsidian
  • ElvenHelmetVan
  • ElvenHelmetIce
  • ElvenArmorIce
  • NargBlade
  • ElvenHelmetMithril
  • ElvenHelmet
  • ElfHairBlack
  • ElfHairWhite
  • ElfHairGinger
  • ElfHairBrown
  • ElfHairBlonde
  • GondolinBlade
  • ElvenArmorObsidian
  • ElvenArmorAmethyst
  • ElvenArmorMithril
  • ElvenArmorVan
  • ElvenArmor
  • RevansHair
  • RevansTurban
  • SmokePipeVanadium
  • NargMerchTurin
  • NargMerchQuenya
  • SmokePipeRadium
  • SmokePipeAmethyst
  • SmokePipeSilver
  • SmokePipeWood
  • HoodieNargMerch5
  • HoodieNargMerch4
  • HoodieNargMerch3
  • HoodieNargMerch2
  • HoodieNargMerch1
  • HoodieRed
  • NargMerchElvenTree
  • NargMerchEvenstar
  • NargMerchShirt3
  • NargMerchShirt2
  • NargMerchShirt1
  • Watergun
  • Watergun
  • SeptimArmor
  • SeptimSaberMace
  • SeptimShield
  • WCIArmor
  • TricornHatLeather
  • TridentMovie
  • BrightKnightArmor
  • LokiCrown
  • LokiCrownHair
  • DestinyScepter
  • FatherSonSaber
  • RedemptionHelmet
  • PoolNoodle
  • LokiHelmet
  • DressStars
  • SnowflakeMask
  • ArabicArmor
  • LavaNationShield
  • BearTail
  • BearEars
  • ShadesGold
  • CubanChainGold
  • CaverHelmetBlue
  • WingedGoldHelmet
  • DressGold
  • SmokelessEyes
  • SmokelessFlames
  • ElkAntlersObsidian
  • ElkAntlersGold
  • ElkAntlers
  • Gunpowder
  • AntlersBroken
  • FoxEars
  • Foxtail
  • BunnySlippers
  • BallBearing
  • WoodenBBGun
  • HiVisPink
  • HiVisYellow
  • CaverJetpack
  • WingedVikingHelmet
  • DuneLexiconFOTM
  • LokiSword
  • EarthWindRing
  • EarthAndWindStone
  • KutyaSaber
  • ShieldDrake
  • ShieldVanadium
  • ShieldFrostice
  • ShieldRadium
  • ShieldAmethyst
  • ShieldCosmic
  • ShieldGold
  • ShieldObsidian
  • ShieldSilver
  • ShieldSteel
  • ShieldIron
  • RingOfStars
  • ChapulinArmor
  • 3YearShoes
  • 3YearShades
  • 3YearShirt
  • 3YearHat
  • CosmicRoundaxe
  • CosmicShades
  • CosmicSmasher
  • CosmicSword
  • CosmicVanadiumArmor
  • CosmicVanadiumAxe
  • CosmicVanadiumBow
  • CosmicVanadiumDagger
  • CosmicVanadiumDiblade
  • CosmicVanadiumHelmet
  • CosmicVanadiumJetpack
  • CosmicVanadiumJetpackWinged
  • CosmicVanadiumSword
  • CostaRicaShirt
  • CountHair
  • CowboyHat
  • CubanChain
  • DA17
  • DaggerDoom
  • DC15S
  • DeviantAntlers
  • DivingHelmet
  • DoomCfs
  • DoomEyes
  • DoomFollowerHelm
  • DrakeArmor
  • DrakeMilitaryArmor
  • DrakeRoyalArmor
  • DressBlack
  • DressDorval
  • DressDrac
  • DressMaid
  • DressPolkaPurple
  • DressPrincess
  • DressRed
  • DressYellowSun
  • Drumstick
  • DSGHQCap
  • DSGHQHeadphones
  • DSGHQJerseyWCI
  • DuneArmor
  • HairFlowingGinger
  • HairFlowingWhite
  • HairKenBlack
  • HairKenBlonde
  • HairKenBrown
  • HairKenGinger
  • HairKenWhite
  • HairMopBlack
  • HairMopBlonde
  • HairMopBrown
  • HairMopGinger
  • HairMopWhite
  • HairNiceguyBlack
  • HairNiceguyBlonde
  • HairNiceguyBrown
  • HairNiceguyWhite
  • HairPonylongBlack
  • HairPonylongBlonde
  • HairPonylongBrown
  • HairPonylongWhite
  • HairRockhawk
  • HairSkyBlack
  • HairSkyBlonde
  • HairSkyBrown
  • HairSkyGinger
  • HairSkyGrey
  • HairSpikeyBlack
  • HairSpikeyBlonde
  • HairSpikeyBrown
  • HairSpikeyWhite
  • Halo
  • Hammer
  • HandbagBlack
  • HandbagRed
  • Binoculars
  • BlackBeard
  • BlackBeardLong
  • BlackCap
  • BlackEyeMask
  • BlueShirt
  • GoldKnightHelm
  • GoldStagSword
  • GoldSword
  • GreenBinoculars
  • GreenCap
  • GreenShirt
  • GreenShoes
  • GreenSuit
  • GrilledKnightHelmet
  • Guandana
  • GuardianArmor
  • GuardianHelmet
  • GuardianSaber
  • GuileHair
  • HairBunBlack
  • HairBunBlonde
  • HairBunBrown
  • HairBunWhite
  • HairElfBlack
  • HairElfBlonde
  • HairElfBrown
  • HairElfWhite
  • HairElvenLord
  • HairFlowingBlack
  • HairFlowingBlonde
  • HairFlowingBrown
  • HandFlames
  • 1YearAnniversaryArmor
  • 1YearAnniversarySword
  • 1YearBeak
  • 1YearEyes
  • 1YearGlasses
  • 1YearHat
  • 1YearShirt
  • 2YearHat
  • 2YearShades
  • 2YearShirt
  • 2YearSword
  • 3DGlasses
  • AfroBlack
  • AfroWhite
  • AirHorn
  • AmbanSniper
  • AmberCfs
  • AmberSaber
  • AmethystFlames
  • AmethystShades
  • AngelWingsBlack
  • AngelWingsPink
  • AngelWingsWhite
  • Antiblade
  • Antlers
  • AquaShirt
  • AquaTextureShirt
  • AratarFlames
  • AulesRockcrusher
  • BalaclavaBlack
  • BalaclavaTheStag
  • BalaclavaWhite
  • BellHand
  • BetaHat
  • BlackShirt
  • BlackShoes
  • BlackSuit
  • Blindfold
  • BlueCap
  • BlueEyeMask
  • BluefinTuna
  • BlueSaber
  • CosmicArmorII
  • LightArmor
  • LightHelmet
  • ObsidianArmorL2
  • SteelDagger
  • SteelSword
  • Sting
  • StrangeSkull
  • StuffedPato
  • SwordOfChampions
  • Teddy
  • TheGreatKnife
  • ThermalCoat
  • Tiara
  • Tie
  • Toblercrown
  • TopHat
  • Torch
  • TorchFire
  • TourGuideHat
  • Tree
  • TricornHat
  • Trident
  • Trident
  • TridentOfEvil
  • TridentOfLight
  • TridentOfSea
  • TridentOfStars
  • TrippyShirt
  • Trumpet
  • TSeriesShirt
  • TulkasRockcrusher
  • TurqSaber
  • TurtleneckBlue
  • TurtleneckGreen
  • TurtleneckOrange
  • TurtleneckPink
  • TurtleneckRed
  • TurtleneckYellow
  • TWKHelmet
  • UnionJackShirt
  • UrukArmor
  • UrukHelmet
  • UrukSword
  • USAShirt
  • Ushanka
  • ValiantMask
  • VanadiumShades
  • VengefulMask
  • VideoCamera
  • ViSRaptor
  • WalkingStick
  • WandererHood
  • WES35
  • Whistle
  • WhiteBeard
  • WhiteBeardLong
  • WhiteCap
  • WhiteEyes
  • WhiteShirt
  • WhiteShoes
  • WhiteWizardHat
  • WingsBlack
  • WingsFire
  • WingsRed
  • WinterHat
  • WinterHatGreen
  • WinterHatWhite
  • WitchHat
  • WizardHat
  • WolfsBane
  • YellowJersey
  • YellowShirt
  • YellowShoes
  • YellowSuit
  • ZombieHair
  • Zweihander
  • RomanHelmet
  • RoyalCrown
  • RubberDucky
  • RubberDuckyGreen
  • Saxophone
  • ScarfBlack
  • ScarfBlue
  • ScarfGreen
  • ScarfNeonRedYellow
  • ScarfOrange
  • ScarfOrangeBlack
  • ScarfPink
  • ScarfPurple
  • ScarfRed
  • ScarfWhite
  • ScarfYellow
  • Scroll
  • Scythe
  • ScytheDoom
  • ScytheReloaded
  • ScytheSteward
  • SeaBass
  • SenseiHat
  • Shades
  • ShadesBlue
  • ShadesGreen
  • ShadesMeme
  • ShadesOrange
  • ShadesPink
  • ShadesPurple
  • ShadesRed
  • ShadesWhite
  • ShadesYellow
  • ShadowFlames
  • SHARPA1Carbine
  • SHARPDefender
  • SHARPRailgun
  • ShirtArgentina
  • ShirtColombia
  • ShirtIreland
  • ShortBeardBlack
  • ShortBeardBrown
  • ShortBeardGinger
  • ShortBeardWhite
  • ShortsBlack
  • ShortsBlue
  • ShortsGreen
  • ShortsOrange
  • ShortsPurple
  • SilverArmor
  • SilverAxe
  • SilverBow
  • SilverDagger
  • SilverSword
  • Skull
  • SnowShield
  • SnowShoes
  • SnowstormGoggles
  • SodaBottle
  • Sombrero
  • SoulCleaver
  • Soulcutter
  • SpaceHelmet
  • SpaceHelmetWithTorches
  • SpaceStationShirt
  • SpaceSuit
  • SpaceToy
  • SpainShirt
  • SpikedCollar
  • SpringfieldShoes
  • ST48
  • SteelArmor
  • SteelAxe
  • SteelBow
  • PilotCap
  • PilotShirtCaptain
  • PilotShirtCaptainGold
  • PilotShirtFO
  • PinkCap
  • PinkEyeMask
  • PinkShirt
  • PirateBandana
  • PirateSabre
  • PopcornBox
  • POTMShirt
  • Propellor
  • ProphetSword
  • ProvidencialDress
  • PurpleCap
  • PurpleDualSaber
  • PurpleJetpack
  • PurpleSaber
  • PurpleShirt
  • PurpleShoes
  • PurpleSword
  • PurpleTextureShirt
  • PurpleTorch
  • PyramidFollowerHelm
  • PyramidHead
  • PyroFlames
  • PyroFlameThrower
  • PythasToy
  • RaceHelmetBlack
  • RaceHelmetBlue
  • RaceHelmetPink
  • RaceHelmetRed
  • RaceHelmetWhite
  • RadiumArmor
  • RadiumAxe
  • RadiumBow
  • RadiumCfs
  • RadiumClaws
  • RadiumDagger
  • RadiumDualSaber
  • RadiumFish
  • RadiumGasMask
  • RadiumGlasses
  • RadiumHammer
  • RadiumHelmet
  • RadiumJetpack
  • RadiumJetPackWinged
  • RadiumMace
  • RadiumOrb
  • RadiumSaber
  • RadiumSaberOld
  • RadiumShades
  • RadiumSword
  • RealhawkBlade
  • ReaperEyes
  • RedBlade
  • RedCap
  • RedEyeMask
  • RedGangSword
  • RedMohawk
  • RedShirt
  • RedTextureShirt
  • RedVikingHelmet
  • ReleaseHat
  • RevanMask
  • RingOfAmir
  • RingOfKhamul
  • RobberShirt
  • RobesBlack
  • RobesBlue
  • RobesBrown
  • RobesNightwatch
  • RobesRoyal
  • RobesWhite
  • Jetpack
  • JetpackSpace
  • JevilScythe
  • JumboIonRifle
  • KaraCap
  • Katana
  • Katana
  • KhamulHelmet
  • KnightHelm
  • Kubikiribocho
  • LadyHairBlonde
  • LadyHairBrown
  • LeatherHat
  • Lightbringer
  • Lollypop
  • LuggageBag
  • M32MGL
  • M60Blaster
  • Malefice
  • MaulHorns
  • MedKit
  • MeloGamerShirt
  • MexicoShirt
  • Microphone
  • MilitaryArmor
  • MilitaryArmorGeneric
  • MilitaryGoggles
  • MilitaryGogglesGeneric
  • MilitaryHelmet
  • MilitaryHelmetGeneric
  • MinersHat
  • MithrilBow
  • MithrionAxe
  • MithrionClaws
  • MithrionDagger
  • MithrionMace
  • MithrionSword
  • Monobrow
  • Monocle
  • MoonArmor
  • MoonAxe
  • MoonCap
  • MoonDagger
  • MoonDiblade
  • MoonHelmet
  • MoonSword
  • MorgulBlade
  • Moustache
  • MoustacheBrown
  • MoustacheWhite
  • Narsil
  • NightwatchBlade
  • NinjaFold
  • NinjaMask
  • NovaFlames
  • ObsidianAntlers
  • ObsidianArmor
  • ObsidianAxe
  • ObsidianBow
  • ObsidianDagger
  • ObsidianHammer
  • ObsidianHelmet
  • ObsidianJetpack
  • ObsidianJetpackWinged
  • ObsidianSword
  • OgreHead
  • OniBlade
  • OrangeShirt
  • OrangeShoes
  • OrangeSuit
  • ParadiseFish
  • PewDiePieShirt
  • Pickaxe
  • PickaxeRadium
  • E22Rifle
  • EarthArmor
  • EarthEyes
  • EdmundHat
  • ElectricGuitarBlack
  • ElectricGuitarBlue
  • ElectricGuitarRed
  • ElorionShirt
  • ElvenLordBlade
  • ElvisHair
  • EyePatch
  • EyePatchSpikes
  • FaceMask
  • FaceMask2Years
  • FaceMaskBlack
  • FaceMaskPurple
  • FaceMaskRainbow
  • FaceMaskWCI
  • FrosticeCfs
  • FrosticeDualSaber
  • FrosticeJetpack
  • FrosticeSaber
  • FrosticeStone
  • GamerSaber
  • GC44
  • GeekyGlassesBlack
  • GeekyGlassesWhite
  • GharaakHelmet
  • GlassesCircle
  • Goatee
  • HandIceFlames
  • HatWithGlasses
  • HawkBlasterSniper
  • HelicopterHat
  • Hood
  • HoodBlue
  • HoodBrown
  • HoodEarth
  • HoodGreen
  • HoodNazgul
  • HoodNightwatch
  • HoodRed
  • HoodWhite
  • HoundHelm
  • IceAmulet
  • IceAntlers
  • IceArmor
  • IceAxe
  • IceBow
  • IceCaversHat
  • IceChildEyes
  • IceDagger
  • IceFlames
  • IceHammer
  • IceHelmet
  • IceMithrilArmor
  • IceMithrilCleaver
  • IceMithrilHelmet
  • IcePickaxe
  • IceSword
  • InfernalArmor
  • InfernalCfs
  • InfernalDualSaber
  • InfernalHelmet
  • InfernalSaber
  • InfernoKnightHelm
  • InvisibilityRing
  • Invisible
  • IronArmor
  • IronAxe
  • IronBow
  • IronDagger
  • IronSword
  • IronVikingHelmet
  • JailorMace
  • JerseyWCI
  • BlueShoes
  • BlueVikingHelmet
  • Bongos
  • BountyHunterArmor
  • BowTie
  • BrazilShirt
  • BriefcaseBlack
  • BriefcaseBrown
  • CapeAqua
  • CapeBlack
  • CapeBlue
  • CapeBrown
  • CapeGreen
  • CapeGrey
  • CapeOrange
  • CapePink
  • CapePurple
  • CapeRagged
  • CapeRed
  • CapeWhite
  • CapeYellow
  • CaversHat
  • CaverTorch
  • ChefHat
  • ChileShirt
  • ChipoteChillon
  • ClarksonTextureShirt
  • CoatBlack
  • ConstructionHat
  • CosmicAmethystAxe
  • CosmicAmethystDiblade
  • CosmicAmethystHelmet
  • CosmicAmethystJetpackWinged
  • CosmicAmethystSword
  • CosmicArmor
  • CosmicDiblade
  • CosmicHelmet
  • CosmicMachette
  • DuneAxe
  • DuneHat
  • DuneHelmet
  • DuneSaberAxe
  • DunesRockcrusher
  • E5Rifle
  • FedoraBrown
  • FetucchiniHat
  • FireCrown
  • FireCrownFlames
  • FishingRod
  • Flames
  • FlamingKatana
  • FlamingKatana
  • ForestEyes
  • ForestFlames
  • Gobklund
  • GoblinCrown
  • GoblinGodCrown
  • GoblinHead
  • GoldAntlers
  • GoldArmor
  • GoldAxe
  • GoldBow
  • GoldDagger
  • GoldDisc
  • GoldenCrown
  • CoatBrown
  • CoatPurple
  • CoatYellow
  • CosmicAmethystArmor
  • CosmicAmethystBow
  • CosmicAmethystDagger
  • CosmicAmethystJetpack
  • CosmicAxe
  • CosmicBow
  • CosmicDagger
  • CosmicGreatsword
  • CosmicJetpack
  • CosmicJetpackWinged
  • BoneDagger
  • DunelordRockcrusher
  • FisherHat
  • ProphetDagger
  • Windspear
  • Flames
  • SnowGlove

added info

array(3) { ["type"]=> string(9) "character" ["info"]=> array(10) { ["name"]=> string(6) "Stolas" ["title"]=> string(18) "Lord of Nightmares" ["photo"]=> string(90) "" ["alias"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(17) "Morpheus Iluvatar" [1]=> string(7) "Tindome" [2]=> string(0) "" } ["titles"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(29) "Lord of Dreams and Nightmares" } ["gender"]=> string(1) "1" ["birthday"]=> bool(false) ["house"]=> string(0) "" ["death"]=> string(0) "" ["related"]=> array(4) { [0]=> string(6) "Mandos" [1]=> string(6) "Melkor" [2]=> string(12) "Nameless One" [3]=> string(6) "Lorien" } } ["title"]=> string(6) "Stolas" }

Stolas is the Lord of Dreams and Nightmares. He is allegedly an ainur who was forgotten about after he became trapped in the void for many ages.


Stolas was forgotten to most people as he had been trapped in the void for some time after Melkor's banishment.

Into the Void

Stolas had gone in with Mandos under the orders of Nameless One to make sure no one would ever find Melkor chained in there. While in there, Mandos became corrupted by the words of Melkor and ended up stealing much of Stolas's soul power in order to escape from the void. Stolas was thus weakened so bad that he could not leave.

Leaving the Void

Stolas was able to escape from the void sometime after Melkor's vanquishment. When Melkor was vanquished, his body fell through all the dimensional planes. This created a hole in them and Stolas was then able to escape through the hole and return back to the Timeless Halls, where he remained weak.


Stolas first appeared on June 8th, 2022. He seemed to be rather suspicious as he claimed to be another of the ainur and said he was most alike to Nameless himself. He calls himself the Lord of Dreams and Nightmares. Stolas also does not get along well with some of the ainur. He mentioned that he wished he could kill some of the other ainur and that he thought that Manwe was egotistical.


Stolas has the power to give people visions and dreams/nightmares. He has great insight involving events of the future and is able to give prophecies. He is also able to take on the form of a dragon.
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added info

array(3) { ["type"]=> string(9) "character" ["info"]=> array(10) { ["name"]=> string(2) "B8" ["title"]=> string(18) "Protector of IOK-1" ["photo"]=> string(91) "" ["alias"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(0) "" } ["titles"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(14) "Nameless Being" [1]=> string(15) "Cosmic Defender" [2]=> string(18) "Protector of IOK-1" } ["gender"]=> string(1) "1" ["birthday"]=> bool(false) ["house"]=> string(0) "" ["death"]=> string(26) "September 13, 2022 - IOK-1" ["related"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(4) "IOK1" [1]=> string(7) "Raymond" } } ["title"]=> string(2) "B8" }



B8 was created by Nameless One himself as one of many Nameless Beings that were created at the beginning of time. These new Nameless Beings were granted their very own galaxies.

The Coma Berenices.

A Galaxy Granted

Like his fellow nameless beings, B8 was granted a galaxy to rule over and protect in the Coma Berenices. B8's galaxy was IOK-1. The galaxy thrived for much time and it was a very beautiful place. But Melkor had other plans...

Standing against Melkor

When Melkor found his way out of the void, he decided to recruit Nameless Beings to join with him and was very successful at gaining new recruits. But one galaxy would stand against him, B8 and his galaxy of IOK-1 became a major point of resistance. B8's resistance angered Melkor so Melkor sent B8's fallen brethren to kill him. B8 sought help but no aid came and his galaxy became corrupted.


Once the galaxy had become corrupted, a curse was placed upon it and it became a dark place. All the beauty and color that was once in that galaxy was gone. Yet, B8 still continued to defend IOK-1 and kept his rule over it.

IOK-1 ruined.

New Residents

B8 would remain in control of IOK-1 despite Melkor's curse on the galaxy. Over time, more and more people would move into the galaxy. Most of these new inhabitants were people in hiding, not desiring to be found. They lurked in the shadows. B8 and a few other companions kept the galaxy in order, enforcing laws when they had to so it would remain a somewhat safe and lawful place. Pythas entered IOK-1, and slaughtered many guardians, causing IOK-1 to be a deserted place.

Losing Control

In August of 2022, B8 would lose his control over the galaxy after Mandos killed one of B8's friends. IOK-1 then came under Mandos's control and became a dangerous and lawless place.


B8 would be vanquished by Ungoliant on September 13th, 2022 while heading back to his galaxy of IOK-1. Ungoliant slayed him as she thought that he was in the possession of the sith holocron. His remains are not to be found as his body was consumed by the great spider.