Jose Cobo

José Cobo was a King of Cobia and first born son of Juan Cobo.

First Appearance

José Cobo first appeared to Rainberry on the prison island of Corvo. Rainberry was prisoner at the time and was awaiting the LEGION to get her off the island.

Angel Cobo greets imprisoned Rainberry

José then learns of his brother Esteban Cobo's death by Rouge11X. He is greatly angered by this and attempts to have Rouge killed. However, Rainberry tells José that she knows that he murdered his own father the King of Cobia, Juan Cobo.


José proposes to Rainberry on Corvo Beach after he says she is 'a strong woman' and is very attracted to her. However, the Cobos have many wives and Rainberry would not truly accept.

Murdering his Father

José Cobo murdered his own father Juan Cobo in order to become King of Cobia. He succeeded and was enthroned but after getting entangled with the south.


José Cobo proved too difficult to work with and died alongside his Caballero envoy in the jail at the south. He was put to death by the order of Emperor Damen Drake.

José is slain

José cobo was then succeeded by his brother Angel Cobo.

José Cobo

King of Cobia

Titles King of Cobia
Gender Male
House Cobo
Death 31st August 2019, Castle Crypt, Rsnail Thrones, The South
Related Juan Cobo, Angel Cobo