House Cobo

House Cobo is the original ruling house of the land of Cobia.


• Lord Fernando Cobo
• Father of Sergio Cobo
• Father of Antonio Cobo
• Father of Juan Cobo
• Father of José Cobo
• Brother of Esteban Cobo
• Brother of Àngel Cobo
• Father of Turquito Cobo


The Cobo family is very rich. They amassed wealth from the abundance of gold and oil in the land of the East. They use a lot of their money to buy resources from the Empire such as weaponry.

Dealings with Das

Lord Antonio Cobo was once the ruler of the land of Das. His wealth was very great but soon lost control after The Nine of Pythas returned to the Black City as well as the Pirates of Providence raiding his tents.

Rulership of Cobia

The Cobos has been the only rulers of Cobia, having the small but wealthy island under their control for many years.

However, their rulership was disturbed by House Skeleton and Lord Adawg who has usurped Angel Cobo and Ariana Cobo.

The rulership has also been disturbed by Kace and the PLA.

House Cobo

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Lord Àngel Cobo
Lady N/A
Sons Turquito Cobo
Daughters None

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