Angel Cobo


The Homeland

Angel Cobo is from the Island of Cobia. He is the younger brother of Jose Cobo. His mother and father are unknown to us.

First Spotted

Angel Cobo was first spotted on September 7th, 2019. He greeted the Southern Forces when they first set foot on Cobia for an invasion.

Angel's Rise to Power

Angel's rise to power starts with his older brother, Jose, killing their Father. Due to Jose's murder of their father before Southerners ever stepped foot on the land of Cobia, it is unknown who his father is or what he was like. After their father was killed, Jose became King and Angel then became the heir to the throne as Jose had no children. Emperor Damen eventually deemed Jose to be unreasonable to work with and proclaimed that he would much rather negotiate with Jose's younger brother Angel. Jose was then killed in the South and Angel ascended to the throne.

Angel's Personal Life

Angel is a definite ladies man. He has had 13 wives, two of which were Southern Ladies (Sugar and Ariana). It is unknown whether he still recognizes Sugar as his wife as he only seeks out Ariana when he comes on. None of Angel's other wives have been seen and it is unknown whether they are dead or alive or where they reside. The other wives are suspected to be dead as there have been ominous things said about them by some Shinobi ninjas. Angel and Ariana share a son together, their son's name is Turquito. It is unknown whether or not Turquito is Angel's only son.

Angel proposes to Ariana.

Angel would eventually divorce Ariana as she was Queen of Cobia with Adawg when he took over the island. Angel then went on to start proposing to basically every other woman that he sees. Whether or not he will find the perfect wife and stop proposing to other women is question that can only be answered in time.

Angel's Demise

Angel's First Death

Angel was first killed by Sekiro, a Shinobi Ninja, after he had been possessed by Unmei and refused to submit to Unmei's power. After his death, Angel came back as a Forest Boy and was possessed once again by Unmei in an attempt to drive Angel mad. Unmei's attempt failed and Angel was left alone for a while afterwards.

Angel's Second Death

Angel eventually lost his Forest Boy powers and was killed by Faceless One (Ash) after he decided that was definitely not going to work with Unmei or the Shinobi Ninjas. After being killed by Ash on October 6th, 2019, he was no longer the King of Cobia and the title went to his son. Nook had prophecized that Angel would create another account and come back but he would be depressed.

Angel Returns

Nook's prophecy was right and eventually Angel came back but he was depressed as he was no longer the ruler of the land that he loved so much.

Angel's Revenge

After Adawg successfully took over Cobia, after taking his eyes off Providence, Angel came back and begun to praise Pythas, he then told users he sold his soul to Pythas. Angel was reborn as a viper and began to send his army of creatures which Pythas provided, including CaballeroZombies which began to plague the South and Cobia, eventually, over many days this army was defeated, and Angel realizing his defeat, cursed Pythas and rejoined the Empire, due to Adawg's assassination by Frogs, Angel retook the Cobia throne.

Cobo Fort vandalized by Angel after Adawg's takeover.

Angel in the Third Dimension

Like other crimezone characters, Angel has reappeared on Penguin3D. Once again, he is evil and has pledged to serve Pythas. It also did not take long for him to find more women to flirt with and propose to after he joined the game. Angel had a total of 20 wives as of August 11th, 2021.

Angel Cobo

King of Cobia

Aliases SuperAngelCobo, AngelLaMuerte, SupermanCobo
Titles King of Cobia
Gender Male
House Cobo
Death Cobo Fort, Cobia
Related Jose Cobo