OldCP Parties

OldCP Parties were first reintroduced to OldCP in February 2015. Before this, the last party users remember is the April Fools Party, before that was Submarine Party.

Medieval Party 2008

In February 2015, the Medieval Party of 2008 had came. This surprised users as it was out of nowhere! Rockhopper made an appearance and users enjoyed the Medieval Theme. A Medieval Ball was also held during this party. On March 15, 2015, this party ended. The Medieval Party was the first party to come back to OldCP.

St. Patricks Day Party

This party had been cancelled.

Halloween Party 2007

In October, the Halloween party came where there was OldCP themed as a spooky island. It was suggested by Sir Petal and ended on Halloween day.

Upcoming Parties

Penguin Games 2008

A sportive party is scheduled to be held during the end of the Autumn season of 2015.

Get a party

Parties within the range of 2005-2008 can be held on OldCP. To get them, you must send Damen the direct swf links.


Other Event

Date 2013-
Location Most Rooms
Hosted By Damen