OldCP - Club Penguin Recreation Project

OldCP is a project published by Damen Spike in effort of bringing back the joy of Club Penguin before Disney bought it out in 2007.


In 2011, a user named "Tent" began testing his abilities and created games and Club Penguin Private Servers for entertainment. Remembering the days he played Club Penguin in 2005-2007, he knew he wanted it back. This embarked the beginning of the OldCP Project.

Early Versions

Tent created OldCPv1 with a basic game server SDK known as SmartFoxServer. The first version was based on the 2005 era of Club Penguin, but had very limited features. The second and third versions of OldCP evolved into the 2006 client, which Tent (now Damen) learned how to create better, faster features and slowly departed from SmartFoxServer.

Present Versions

Versions four through eleven feature 2006-2007 Club Penguin how it used to be, but were developed without SmartFoxServer. With Damen having knowledge in programming languages such as Node.js, PHP, and ActionScript, he built his own server-sided material and began to work on the client with advancement.

Problems and Legality

OldCP in it's previous days was easier to maintain than it was in 2013. Around the Summer of 2013, OldCP was threatened to be shut down by Club Penguin's owner and our worst enemy - Disney. In claims of Copyright Infringement, Disney began to send legal documents and shutdown requests to OldCP's host. OldCPv11 now gives credit to Club Penguin and is easy to control again. Now all of the community is hoping that Disney doesn't come back for revenge.

OldCP V16

In April 23rd, 2021; OldCP and iOldCP merged into one. This version is called OldCPv16. This new OldCP was run completely different. It was managed by Orlock, Majorhalo, Gamer, and Damen as the Server Admins.


Game Experiment

Developer New Horizon Interactive
Development Started 25th March 2012
Tested 28th March 2012