Romeo Drake

Romeo is spoiled, arrogant, cowardly, childish and sadistic, though he tends to hide these traits before his ascension, appearing to be the typical charming heir to Seven Kingdoms. However, these traits are further exacerbated upon Damen's death and his ascension to the crown, proving to be one of the most twisted and malevolent Southern monarchs.

Romeo was an extremely ruthless, cruel, arrogant, sadistic, malicious, egotistical, remorseless, and tyrannical ruler even by the standards of his times. He immensely enjoyed indulging in the agony of others and played barbarically vicious 'games' with them.

He was convinced that he deserved praise and utter devotion from everyone around him because of his purported royal blood. Even though at the start of the War, most of the realm rose in rebellion against him, to the point that his faction essentially controlled only The Westerlands, The Eastlands, and a narrow strip of the southern Riverlands between them, Romeo was convinced that he was the greatest Emperor in the history of the Seven Kingdoms; proving just how arrogant and delusional he truly was. Added to what was an unstable personality, to begin with, Damen utterly spoiled and indulged Romeo his entire life, resulting in him possessing a massive sense of entitlement as well as having no impulse and self-control due to getting whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. Damen also outright told him that the world could be exactly as he wanted it to be, fueling his narcissism to the extreme. Moreover, his father-figure King Tennis was largely absent from his life and a terrible role-model, with his constant drinking and woman antics (though Tennis, at least, lamented on his deathbed that he hadn't been a good father or a father-figure).

Romeo was usually too short-sighted to bother lying, often simply committing various atrocities in public, without concern for the consequences.

Romeo had precious little restraint emotionally, and would continuously resort to petty, impractical, illogical, and childlike delights on violent degrees.

Romeo was rather narcissistically obsessed with the hypocritical self-conception that he was a great warrior like King(Emperor) Damen but displayed no martial skill. Romeo never raised a weapon against an enemy combatant in his entire life.


I am the King!
You're talking to a king!
I won't hurt him...much.
What you just did is punishable by death. You will never do it again. Never.
You're here to answer for your brother's treason.
Killing you would send your brother a message.
They know I saved the city. They know I won the war. I broke Mickey on the dark land. Pity you weren't there to help.
Kneel before your king!

Romeo Drake

Crown Prince

Aliases Romffrey, Romff, Joffrey, Joff
Titles Prince, Crown Prince
Gender Male
House Drake
Related Damen, Tennis

Father Damen Drake
Father-figure Tennis Stags
Mother Unknown......