Tennis is historically recognized as a user of many titles and for his service to the DSGHQ as an Administrator.


Prince Tennis the Great first arrived at the DSGHQ during the summer of 2013, around the time the OldCP Community was opened.

News Reporter

Tennis' first rank was Forum News Reporter. He upheld the responsibility of posting news content on the board for many months until he managed to make the jump to the rank of forums Master.


Steadily, his impression of the DSGHQ grew. Tennis began to serve as a Detective of the DSGHQ Crime Office under the direction of Detective Inspector Powell. His next honor was being granted the responsibility of Brother of the Watch. Then a week later he was promoted to Captain of the Watch because of his exceptional service in the Watch.

Blackhawk Regime

Tennis' exceptional abilities and loyalty had made a large impression on Damen Spike. In early 2014, Rover the Blackhawk and Former Gang Leader had been involved in a criminal regime to overthrow the Emperor. This scheme which was originally thought up by Rover was used against him by Damen himself. Damen assumed Rover's entire status to test Tennis' capabilities. It came at a cost, Scarlet's reputation was ruined and she quit OldCP for a time, and OldCP had to accept a short-lived new 'Empress', who marched into the Throne Room and killed Damen. This was not Rover, Damen was testing Tennis in the guise of the villain.

Tennis proved exceptional, he used spy work together with Detective abilities and managed to steal Rover's firearm and shoot her shortly after the false setup was over. Tennis was awarded Administrator rank and the title of Empress Slayer.


Short-lived was this honor, though it is not fully forgotten. When Tennis became an Administrator, problems occurred which made it seem as if he had betrayed the DSGHQ by abusing his rank. During the investigation, Tennis was demoted but was later found innocent.

Imperial Knight

Tennis, although no longer an Administrator, did not lose all of his achievements. He was Knighted a Knight during OldCPv9, and even became a Captain Knight. He also had experience as a Free Fighter working alone but such rank was not kept for long.


Captain Tennis resigned from his Captain title, not to the liking of the Emperor but was replaced by a worthy Knight, Sir Bp28 who became the next Captain.

Royal Executioner

After The Hound was destroyed at the end of OldCPv9, Tennis became the new Royal Executioner. He executed guilty found treasonous from the DSGHQ without fail and proved to be a hard worker, especially when arriving at trials.

Forum Moderator

Tennis achieved the rank of Forums Moderator around the same time his honor of being granted Royal Executioner. His service on the forums has been no less exceptional than his works on the game.


Tennis serviced as a Beta Tester of Snaildom in 2014. The short beta involved Tennis' good help in bug finding.


Tennis became a Moderator on Snaildom shortly after the Beta Era began.

King Helper

King Regent Cyberwolf of Snaildom named him the King Helper of Snaildom at his coronation after succeeding the Game of Kings.


Tennis was restored to his role as Moderator on OldCPv10's launch. He also retained his Royal Executionership and stood fast in securing the frozen land.

War of Ice Ghosts

Much different and riskier than his service stopping the Blackhawks, Sir Tennis was brave in facing an unseen foe, Ice Lord Uzu. Little is known of this Ice Lord, other than he was the Commanding officer working for King Raegon.

Death of Uzu

Tennis fought Ice Lord Commander Uzu and successfully slew him. Later on, his name was listed under the Champions of Damens Day. He became branded Sir Tennis the Great.

Battle with Raegon

King Raegon, King of the Ice Lords was disturbed by the death of his powerful commander, Lord Uzu. He sought revenge against Sir Tennis personally. Though proving strong enough to fight Uzu, his chances fell short against the great blade of Raegon. Tennis was destroyed.

Royal Hand Guard

When Emperor Damen brought back the rank of Royal Hand Guard, he selected Tennis for this honored position because of his advanced warrior skills and loyalty. Tennis retired from Royal Executioner to claim this rank.

Administrator Again

In December 2014, PenguinDSC was demoted from his administrator post and Tennis was elected to take his place. It was his first time returning to an administrator position after his short-lived term in March of 2014. Since administrator is in such a high position and requires a lot of time and energy, he quietly stepped down from Royal Hand Guard.
He was chosen to write one of the Toblermoth Scrolls a month later.

Lord of the Bank

When Cheep resigned from moderator and as Lady of the Bank, Tennis took over for her and became the first Lord of the Bank.


On March 20th, 2015, Lord Tennis was named Prince of the DSGHQ and second in line for the throne, brother of Prince Archie and the adopted son of Damen. Tennis retained his rank as an Administrator and continued to tend to his regular duties. Prince Tennis decided to marry Dancebear and a royal wedding was arranged.

Emperor Helper

Prince Tennis was promoted to Emperor Helper and Warden of Chats on May 31st, 2015. He is the second Royal Emperor Helper and Fourth Emperor Helper in the history of the empire.

Emperor Regent

Prince Tennis was named Emperor Regent of the DSGHQ Empire from July 23rd, 2015 - August 9th, 2015 while Damen was away dealing with important business matters. He ruled alongside Empress Chelsey Drake. At the end of his rule, Emperor Damen claimed he was the best Emperor Regent that the empire has ever had.


On September 18th the Blackhawk army attacked OldCP. The Empire won the battle but not before Mickey killed Damen. Mikomi refused Emperor, therefore, leaving Tennis with the throne, thus becoming the second Emperor in DSGHQ history.

Emperor Tennis hosting a celebration of the victory at the end of the War of Djinns.

Return of Damen

On September 27th, 2015 Damen married Empress Chelsey, therefore, regaining his right to the throne of Emperor. Tennis was therefore renamed, Emperor Helper.

Resignation from Emperor Helper

On October 1st, 2015 Prince Tennis agreed to step down from his position as Emperor Helper because his presence in that position bent the rules and a suitable replacement was found. He continues on with Administrative duties as a Prince.

Emperor Regent Again

On February 2nd, 2016, Prince Tennis was named Emperor Regent once again after Emperor Damen had to take an urgent leave of absence.

Current Day

Tennis formally left the community in 2017 after years of service. He continues to occasionally help Damen administrate and construct new projects.


Loyalty above all.
Justice shall come to those who deserve it.
Gain power not for the sake of yourself, but for the sake of those who cannot earn it for themselves.



Titles Emperor, Emperor Helper, Administrator, Lieutenant
Gender Male
House House Stags