The Reaper

First appearance

The Reaper joined Penguin3D after Zpheal showcased him the game.

The Reaper's path

After getting knowledge of how the game works, The Reaper seeked for power. Then he met BEHMON which gave him a Dagger doom after asking BEHMON if he could become a Nazgul, but he couldn't.

Right after that, The Reaper also met with LEGION who named him as Apprentice of LEGION, and giving The Reaper Red eyes as a gift. Is The Reaper hadn't recieved enough power yet, so he decided to Forge himself Vanadium Armor along with Zpheal.

More information coming soon...

The Reaper

Dark Apprentice

Aliases Deathseeker, Warmonger
Titles Dark Apprentice, Apprentice of LEGION, Keeper of the Reaper Eyes, The Reaper, Reaper
Gender Male
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