Penguin3D is a project made by DamenSpike Games as part of a 1-week game developer challenge. The project was fully completed within eight days and released on October 8th 2018. It has received several version upgrades since that date in order to improve the game into the future.


Asq5 / Jack was the one who thought of the idea to make a 3D game like Club Penguin Island. During conversation with Damen, they decided it would be a good idea to make an original game based on Club Penguin Island and OldCP's lore.

Developer Challenge

After being inspired by Asq5, Damen Spike, the maker of Penguin3D, decided to create the game in 7 days. After 7 days, the game was mostly complete but required another day to be fully finished.

Beta Test

Beta testing for Penguin3D begun on October 8th 2018. Damen made a livestream when he had officially finished the game late at night.

Beta Test Video

Cheese made this video two days after the beta test began.


Penguin3D continues to be updated to this day.


There have been two parkour worlds made.

• Purple Realm
Guardian Realm
Inferno Realm


Weapons can be forged using ores mined from caves and other mineable locations. See: Weapons of Penguin3D

Ores and Crystals

Ores can be mined in caves and other mineable locations. Crystals can be mined in the Guardian Realm. See: Ores of Penguin3D


There are many different pets that can be found in the Pet Shop. See: Pets of Penguin3D


Planes were added to the game alongside the island Dorval on September 12th, 2020. See: Aircraft of Penguin3D


There is only one minigame, which is the classic Sled Racing. A new game titled Aircourse is coming soon but is under construction.


There are currently six islands in the game.

• The South
Providence on P3D
Axel Island
Ach To on P3D

See Airmap for the flying routes between these islands.


Purple Realm
Guardian Realm
Inferno Realm

See: Penguin3D Radion

Spanish Influence

Penguin3D has a mostly Spanish userbase, this was caused by the sponsored videos on El Uriel, El Orion, Foxfireraul and Alecchi. Penguin3D has caused a new influx of players into DSGHQ and some of the Spanish Penguin3D players even started to play Oldcp!


Space was officially released on June 26th, 2020. See: Penguin3D Space

Beginners Guide

See: Penguin3D Beginners Guide

3D Multiplayer Game

Developer Damen Spike
Development Started 30th September 2018
Tested 8th October 2018 - 30th October 2018
Released 8th October 2018

Userbase (November 2020) 22,430
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux