Early Life in 2012


Fizz was on youtube one day looking at videos of Club Penguin in 2006. When he came across a video called OLDCP REMADE!!. It was made by CoolPool79 and he decided to search it up and try it out. He joined in September of 2012.



In OldCP Fizz first became a moderator in February of 2013. He was chosen after winning a vote. He was a mod for one year and a half but in summer of 2014 Fizz was demoted for Inactivity.


Fizz became a xat mod in April of 2013. Xat wasn't Fizz's favorite thing to moderate but it did show how much trust he had. He was later demoted after Widd hacked OldCP.


Fizz became a forum mod in April of 2013. Fizz became a forum mod because the forum at the time had only 5 moderators and needed more. Fizz loved going on forum and he had a love of making rants. Fizz was demoted after Widd hacked OldCP.


Before Fizz ever became a moderator he was promoted to Helper, a person that reports things to moderators on xat or on forums. They were eyes and ears for moderators.


On June 23rd, 2015 Fizz's account was possesed by the spirit of a Djinn. The spirit form of Fizz then uses a combination of Moderator powers and a sword to launch an attack on the town and massacre innocent users. The real Fizz immediately informed the community about how he had no access to his account, and how he didn't commit the crime.


Retired Moderator

Titles Master, Moderator, Head Moderator, Member
Gender Male
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