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Pablo joined OldCP on June 11th 2016 with ID#: 502. His first encounter with a user was in Town and the user's name was Gallaudet. Gallaudet told him various stories and ranted about OldCP's problems at the time. While taking note of this, Gallaudet was later arrested and he could not visit him in jail because he did not have enough gold to purchase the Jailor transform which was priced at 18,000 gold. He made the common mistake of typing commands with "!" instead of "/" and later encountered Jesse who was the first Moderator and staff member he befriended. Jesse helped guide him along the way.

Early Life

Pablo was born in Canada on October 9, 2000, the youngest of his family. He grew up having a passion for the arts and created several artworks in his childhood. Through playing the original Club Penguin, he was able to find OldCP and become a member of the DSGHQ Community on June 11th 2016. 6 days later, Pablo earned his first rank on June 17th 2016.


Pablo has achieved a total of 23 OldCP ranks/titles since 2016.

World Champion

On June 17th 2016, everyone was summoned for a session at thrones - at the session, Bri was promoted to a Moderator. Damen then announced that he was going to host The Series 8 DSGHQ WCI Competition. After scoring the most points in the Snowball Challenge on the Whiteout server, Pablo was paired up with CPManiac (DSGHQ's 2015 Winter World Champion) and both were duelling to be the WCI. After defeating CPManiac, this experience was his rise to fame in that beforehand, nobody even knew who he was.

Imperial Knight [3x]

On July 13th 2016, as the Emperor Helper, CoffeeCow/Loullipop hosted a session and near the end of it, she told everyone she had a promotion in mind. Pablo recalls getting a whisper from Jesse that read, "ur getting knight dont tell anyone - JesseII" a few seconds before and he was so excited. Imperial Knight was Pablo's 2nd rank. After the session, his title remained World Champion but his name colour was made grey.

Imperial Knight Captain [2x]

From August - September of 2016, the many users who still played had to overcome an instant shift in Emperor Reign and Staff Changes in that Charles, Spencer, Kathcal and his close friends took over OldCP. Due to this, all of the ranks were reset. Everyone was well equipped with various namecolours, firearms and were invincible. It was surely a chaotic era on OldCP. Both Pablo and Orbay were made into Knight Captains. Pablo spent most of his time with his friends like SecurityGuy and Pencil.

Detective [2x]

On December 16th 2016, Pablo was promoted to a Detective with Bakon as the Detective Inspector and Pencil as the Detective Sergeant. Pablo was also featured in several Christmas skit videos made by Cristal and Sugar.

Penguin Watch Captain [2x]

The New Year of 2017 arrived and Pablo was not done striving to be apart of the Staff Team. In January, Series 17 GOM began and with the assistance of Jesse, Pablo had formed a small team of 4, with Vasco/Terry91, Habsolo and Ash1415. The stakes were high but the chance of winning with only 4 members was extremely low. The team became larger each day and Bailey and Skippy joined it too. Damen himself even had doubts Team Knights was gonna make it far. However, as the underdogs they managed to do so starting at last with 0 points to finishing 2nd with 6 points. Pablo and Ash1415 were chosen as finalists from Team Knights while PWC Katrules from Team Fairytales, was made the winner. Pablo was then made the PWC to replace Katrules.

Meme King

On March 4th 2017, The Meme King Competition was held and Former Meme Queen - Baffed (who won with the Sriramcha Meme) did not want to participate. Instead, Pablo's meme submissions were sent in and showcased on the screen in Cinema along with other user's submissions. People voted for his Starboy-OldCP submission. After this, Pablo was promoted to Moderator and his best friend Vasco/Terry91 was made Penguin Watch Captain to take his place.

War Knight

In November of 2018, Pablo was made a War Knight along with many other users like Killer to help aid in the war between various Houses.

North Knight Captain

After being a North Knight around late November of 2018, Pablo was later promoted to North Knight Captain. He helped train other North Knights and passed down his role to Randy after being crowned King of the North.

King of the North

On December 13th 2018, Pablo was passed down King of the North from Fable and Loki. A lot of veterans of OldCP started returning as well and included people such as Cheep, Jesse, Lylance, Bailey, CoffeeCow, LiveToDance, Kricken, Indigo and many more. He decided to promote most of them in an effort to help increase OldCP's activeness.


With Christmas around the corner, Damen decided to bring back I'm a Penguin Get Me Out of Here (IAPGMOOH) in December 2018 and Jack, Jdutr, Pablo, Julian and Sled were chosen as Rangers.

Moderator [4x]

After revisiting OldCP, Pablo decided to make a GOM team for fun with users like Yeet. The team was named Team Litty Committee. In a surprise, he became the winner of GOM's 25th Series - making this his 4th time earning Moderator. Pablo also disconnected during the announcement of the winner due to lag.

Forums Achievements

Pablo has achieved a total of 4 Forums ranks/titles since 2016.

Forums Master

Pablo joined the Forums on December 18th 2018. He was awarded Forums Master by Abushekaus on December 29th 2018. He was awarded the Loyal badge by Chelsey on December 30th 2018. The 'Forums Master' and 'Loyal to The Values' badge were his two first earned badges.

Forums Moderator

On December 10 2019, Series 2 Forums Game Of Mods was brought back. Lush encouraged him to partake in this one. Pablo and Lylance were finalists due to completing all 3 stages consistently. Pablo managed to win and it was announced in Damen's Livestream.
"The second season was won by Pablo who took the first and last stage. Lylance came second after winning the second stage but did not post a grammatically strong story on stage three."

Pablo Knights

Experienced Player

Aliases Angelo (Real Name)
Titles Forums Master, Forums Moderator
Gender Male
Birthday 9th October 2000
House Knights
Death August 1, 2016 (shot by a pirate)
Related Jesse, Fizz, Lylance, Loki