Indur is one of the original nine nazgul in the service of the dark lord Pythas.

Serving Pythas


Indur was one of the nine Nazgul that came to OldCp. Indur has no known history prior to his appearance as a Nazgul. It can be assumed that he was a great man of power even before Pythas corrupted him and gave him his very own Nazgul Ring.

Black Assassin

Indur became known as "The Black Assassin". He was Pythas' most skilled agent of death and greatly feared by all.

Dagor Dagorath

Indur appeared on OldCp during Dagor Dagorath. He was the fourth Nazgul to appear he brought with him Ballrogs and words of doom.

Indur on Dagor Dagorath.
Indur was very fast and powerful, yet the southern forces still slayed him with out terribly much trouble.

Indur's death in the book room of the Coffee Shop.


The Black Assassin

Aliases X4
Titles The Black Assassin, Fouth of the Nazgul
Gender Male
Death Dagor Dagorath- Coffee Shop Book Room
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