Dagor Dagorath

What was Dagor Dagorath

Dagor Dagorath was meant to be the end of the world. Melkor was to come down and bring true terror into the world and end civilization. In preparation, Melkor sent all his evil forces and creations, such as goblins, balrogs, orcs, etc. On the days over which Dagor took pace, Melkor warred all lands and everyone participated in fighting back against his creations.

Melian, a Wise Moth at the time was chosen by Vaire, the Forest Lady to introduce Dagor Dagorath. She was given the task of announcing the Nazgul.

The Nazgul

Melian introduced the Nazgul in order, such as Cyrus the Custodian of the 9, Celegorm a corrupted Maia of Orome and Renjey the dark sorcerer.
The Nazgul were of the first to appear. Despite having OP health and weapons, they all fell to the forces of good.


Pythas also appeared to take part in Dagor. He killed many people with his great sword. The fighters tried to show him love to get him to turn good. The efforts were futile though as Pythas pretended to turn good and then betrayed everyone by pretending to be Eru after Dagor was over.


Snowfalls was killed by Melkor during Dagor. She was vanquished and her head was displayed in the forest for all to see.

The Fall of Melkor

Fighting Melkor was a long and hard battle for the warriors. Grond, Melkor's war hammer, killed fighters in one hit. As prophecised, Melkor fell to Turin (Gamer).

After the Fall of Melkor

After Melkor was slayed, all dead users were revived. A man named 'HoodedOne' came down to congratulate everyone on killing the powerful Ainur. He claimed to be Eru, and said he would come back the next day to appoint seven new Maiar as Orome had prophecized. This did not happen and it was later found out that HoodedOne was actually Pythas.

A New Era

The death of Melkor also marked the beginning of a new era. For the new era, all ranks were reset so everyone could get a fresh start.

Dagor Dagorath

Battle of Battles

Date January 13, 2019
Location OldCp - Everywhere