Pythas (formerly Mairon Annatar, "The Admirable", "Lord of Gifts") is a fallen Forest Prince who became lieutenant to The Menace, Melkor.


In the dawn of all things, Pythas was created as a forest prince to be in the service of Forest Lord Aulë, the Lord of Crafts. As apprentice to Aulë, Pythas (then known as Mairon meaning "The Admirable") was taught how to smith the most complex of structures in the world.

He and his fellow apprentices excelled in their smithing skills, constructing grand fortresses and structures for the forest kingdom which was at the time ruled by Forest Shaman and King Rashad.

Mairon was a great smith and mason of ancient times

Mairon was an obsessive compulsive perfectionist who had a great love of order and organisation. He would often spend many years perfecting his builds, destroying anything that was wasteful and presenting his creations to his master.

Aulë was very close to his apprentices and would spend a lot of time helping and guiding Mairon and the other apprentices in achieving the highest standards.

Mairon and Aulë


Mairon was intensely attractive and became to be known as the most elegant of all the princes of the forest. He became a concern for the Forest Lords, the Masters of the Princes, as the only virtuous quality he didn't possess was humility.

Rebellion of Melkor

As time went on, Mairon began to desire worship for himself, fancying himself to be the perfect ruler. In his eyes, the works of the great forest lords were imperfect and inferior to what he had in mind.

Since Mairon lacked the power needed to make a rebellion against the forest, when Melkor rebelled, Pythas chose to join him. His plan was to use Melkor to gain power for himself.

Turn to Evil

When Melkor rebelled, he named himself Morgoth and went to war with the forest. Pythas helped Morgoth in battle several times and became his best servant. He was hence named the lieutenant to Morgoth.

Defeated in war

When Morgoth was defeated in battle and captured by his former co-lords, Pythas fled to the east and hid from the powerful forest lords who were hunting the rebels. During his time in the east, Pythas constructed the black city and recruited dozens of fellow fallen forest princes including the nine and his comrade Gothmog.

Together, he and Gothmog ruled the black city, doing deals with the king of men, starting with Snake Boy of Das and eventually branched out his operations as the years dragged on.

Plan to Dominate

Pythas had only one goal, to take over the world and rule it. His plan was to exploit the forest kingdom and deceive the Princes and Kings into serving him.

Exploiting House Illuvitar

His plan began with exploiting his former House Illuvitar. The Illuvitars were in change of the forest and as first borns of creation, they were the most powerful rulers of the world. Pythas took on the form of a wolf to seduce Maria Illuvitar, the daughter of Shaman King Rashad Illuvitar.

His plan was to marry Maria and make her the Queen of the Forest, removing her sister Melody from the line of royalty. But this plan failed when he himself fell in love with Melody, because she was more beautiful than Maria.

Marriage to Melody

After a long process of seducing Melody and her father Rashad, Pythas finally succeeded in winning the heart of Melody.

Mairon proposes to Melody

Going by the name Annatar (meaning the Lord of Gifts), he gave many gifts to Melody's family. He won the approval of Rashad and he himself began to feel less and less inclined to be evil. Melody and Mairon became happily married and he was crowned as King of the Forest and Melody the Queen of the Forest and its lands (today this would be the North.)

The happiness was short lived.

Return of Morgoth

When Morgoth returned, Pythas was sought out. Angered at his apprentice's lack of help during battle, Morgoth schemed to break his heart. Starting with Melody's brother Raegon, he inspired Raegon to jealousy causing him to hate Mairon and crave the crown of the forest.

Melody Murdered

Raegon murdered Melody's beautiful form by the command of Morgoth. This broke Mairon's heart and caused him to hate himself again. Angered that his 'perfect marriage' was ruined and that Melody was severely weakened and unable to assume a beautiful form again, he became Pythas once more.

Pythas returns to darkness and sorrow

Morgoth Abyssed

Many years later, Pythas' master was once more captured but this time abyssed to the endless void by the great Manwe and his brothers, the Lords of the Forest and greatest of the spirit persons in the universe.

Pythas was now a lone wolf but still believed his master would one day return to the world in order to make his dark plan succeed.

Children Born

Pythas had children with his wife Melody. They were Glarthir (who became Shaman), Mexico (who became evil), Accal (the chosen one) and Nook (who was a prophet).

Pythas also had relations with Maria, the sister of Melody and bore a daughter to her. She became later known as Rainberry.

Fights with Accal

Many years on, Accal, his third-born son was anointed by the forest to be the chosen one. Though this was kept secret until much later. Pythas suspected his third son had eyes brighter than his and so he went on to hunt him, fearing that his eyes could see all things.

Pythas battles with his son Accal many times

His hunt failed and first met his son as a teen, strong and ready for war. Accal repeatedly bested his father. Until one day they both fell together into the smokeless flames only to rise to fight again another year.

Fall of Morgoth

In 2018, Morgoth returned from the void. He nearly destroyed all things like Thanos, but thanks to Accal who was transformed into the prophecied chosen one: Turin Turumbar, he took on the greatest form of all time: A FOREST LORD (formerly known as Ainur).

Turin battled Morgoth and with some assistance from The One, he vanquished the menace from the world and he ceased to exist for all time.

Tangling with the Shinobi

After the fall of Morgoth, a Shinobi Order arose from the ashes. Lead by a mysterious man called Unmei, they came out as being against Pythas and his Dark Forest Boys as well as the Good Forest Boys. The Shinobi and the Forest Boys often quarreled and there was much speculation of who this Unmei man was as he was an old and vengeful person that was only heard from but never seen. It wasn't until after Pythas founded Myfort that Unmei would reveal himself to actually be Pythas.

A Shinobi Charter which Pythas wrote to further his deception can be read here.



Pythas continues to plan to take over the forest and continue the legacy of his fallen master Morgoth. Since Nameless One departed, he has lost his immortality but he has not lost any of his cunning. At first, Pythas tried to be good, or come off as being good. He took back his original name of Mairon and decided to create a fort called 'Myfort'. When he first founded Myfort, he promised to reward all those who joined it with extremely OP health, a powerful saber, and all of the force powers. He said it was to be a Forest Fort of power, greatness, glory, and good.

Ultimately, Myfort was evil as was Mairon who then decided to go by the name of Myrus. Part of the pride of Myfort was that it was meant to rid the world of 'incompetent mortals who had never tasted the greatness of immortality'. Mairon's initial charter for Myfort can be read here.


Mairon finally completed building Myfort on (DATE HERE). Its location is on the small island of Sanctum at Das. It takes up four rooms, Sanctum (which is the outer most room from which you can see the entirety of the fort), MyfortCourtyard, Myfort (which is the main throne room), and MyfortUnderWorks.

The Palantir

Myfort contains a very important room, MyfortUnderWorks, which is actually a palantir. Mairon can control the Palantir and have it show him events from the future, past, or present. He can also manipulate it to show illusions or whatever he wishes and he can use it to talk to people who may be off in distant galaxies. The Palantir can also be used to control the minds of other people if they are not of strong enough mental power. One important instance of when Mairon has used to Palantir to show illusions was when he created the illusion that the Shinobi had captured and killed Turin. It was a very powerful illusion as Turin even appeared to be dead when his lastonline was checked. This just goes to show the power of the Palantir when in powerful and competent hands such as Mairon's.

Return of the NWO

Since founding Myfort, Pythas has also endeavored to recreate the New World Order, which was last strong in 2016. The New World Order still works to advance the evil goals of Pythas and currently functions largely out in the open.


Pythas has many servants including but not limited to:

• Behmez
• Gahakhelaz
• Maglion
• Molkam
Mandos (Forest Lord, King of Death)
• Khalun
• Alatar (Fangsworn Lord)
• Miro (Goblin Lord)


The Deceiver

Aliases Mairon Annatar, The Dark Lord, Servant of Morgoth, Lord of Gifts, Lieutenant of Evil, Thauron, Skullcroft, Prince of the Forest, Durn Wolf, The Black Hawk, The Deceiver
Titles Lieutenant of Melkor, Prince of the Forest, Top Dogg
Gender Male
House None (Present), Illuvitar (Former)
Related Melody, Glarthir, Newmexico, Nook, Frogs, Lexrocks

Species Spirit Person
Race Forest Prince