Starwolf first joined OldCP after hearing about it from a friend. The friend she had met only talked about OldCP and would never stop talking about it. So out of curiosity sake she asked the link to it so she could join.

She registered on OldCP and was completely amazed by it. She was only talking with the friend and stayed on for what seemed like hours. So after a couple weeks she asked this friend if they could met up again.

The friend said that she left OldCP and never went on. So after awhile, Starwolf was going through favourites that were registered on the bookmarks slot. Suddenly OldCP had popped up clicked the link and all the memories were coming back. The registration under a specific name was set and OldCP became the game that was always clicked.


Snaildom was her entire life but couldn't let go of OldCP. She was playing Snaildom happily and would always go on it whenever she could. Snaildom was one of her favourite games. Though she doesn't play Snaildom anymore, she is still always remembering all those fun and beautiful times she had on it. Snaildom was a bit of a bad time for her as well. Good and bad times were recorded and placed there.

The Community

The forums is her must go site whenever she's bored. Each day whenever she's bored, there would always be a new discussion by Starwolf. She is currently a forum Moderator. She recently achieved this goal on 12/18/14. Forums moderator is a long awaited goal accomplished by her and will always be cherished.


Experienced Player

Titles Former Oldcp Moderator, Former Forums Moderator, Former Top Member
Gender Female
House Septim
Related Sunwolf, Sadie