Snaildom is the second version of Damen's original game, Snailschat. Snaildom is available to play at


Snaildom began development on the 5th of February 2014. Firstly, a client which became able to login to an account made shape. Then multiplayer features such as chatting, moving and rooms were created.

Below are some images of the early developments of Snaildom. The users in the images were all created by Damen Spike for testing.

It took around 7 months to complete the game. Much longer than SnailsChat took, which was only 3 months. The delay was due to Damen Spike completing his last year in secondary school. Originally, the game was going to be called the Kingdom of Snails.

Beta Era


Beta Testing (or the Beta Era) began on September 29th 2014 and lasted until October 4th 2014. Most beta testers however were not given access until the third day. Bugs were found quickly and fixed. The beta testers were so efficient, testing lasted less then a week. For their hard work, Beta Testers were granted the Snaildom Beta forum badge and the Rainbow Shell on Snaildom.

Beta Testers

Damen, Raindrop, Cyberwolf, Adawg, Tennis, Bp28, Terry91, Kara, Sofie, Archie, Sherlock120, Jacobg627, Mico, Gamer, LivetoDance, Bailey, Little, Chelsey, PenguinDSC, CpManiac, Freddy, Toby, Luke, Dancebear, Mistywolf, Daisy12344, Jake01, Cheep.


The Beta Era ended on October 4th 2014 when Snaildom was open to the public.

Golden Era

Public Launch

When Snaildom opened to the public, the Golden Era began. The game was still being updated and going under improvements, but the game was full of life. Civilian jobs were introduced, giving users the chance to be a part of the Snaildom experience.


Four major events have taken place on Snaildom during the early Golden Era. Series 9 of the Game of Mods was held on Snaildom, as well as a Damenball style WCI. Two new events were featured too, a Game of Kings, to determine who would become the King and Queen Regent of Snaildom, and the Emperors Apprentice Competition, to determine which lucky user would be granted the opportunity to learn Damen's skills.

King Regent Cyberwolf

After ten hard and demanding stages of the Game of Kings, Cyberwolf and Cheep were crowned King and Queen Regents of Snaildom to serve under Emperor Damen, who stepped down as King. King Cyberwolf, then elected Tennis as his and the first King Helper of Snaildom.


Overtime new features were added to Snaildom, including Damenball, the Cinema, Snaildrop and new Mazes/Quests. Every month new items are featured in the Style Store and Furniture Shop.


Very little crime has appeared on Snaildom so far. There had only been one incident, a ghost named Silorn was attacking users and making them fall unconscious. The matter was resolved quickly and all those harmed were revived.


Below are an up-to-date list of all the Snaildom features.


Bow and Arrow Training - Located in the West Forest

Rail and Cart - Located at the Black Mine

Find Four - Located in the Library

Write with Me - Located in the Library

Snaildrop - Located in the Courtyard

Damenball - Located at the Damenball Grounds


Shadow Wood
West Forest
North Forest
Throne Room
Market Village
Style Store
Furniture Store
Black Mine
Party Treehouse
Damenball Grounds

Forge and Blacksmith

Users can create and forge their own items at the Blacksmith located off the Courtyard. Different items require a different amount and types of ore, which can be obtained by playing Rail and Cart. Items take five minutes to create each, and a user can only create one item at a time.


Damenball is a game very similar to Soccer, and first appeared on OldCP. The game is very popular and can be played by anyone at anytime. Games traditionally last 10 minutes. The two teams are Green and Red. A Damenball tournament was used to find the Autumn 2014 World Champion. Each goal is worth 10 gold


The library features original stories written by DSGHQ users. Stories are submitted in a forum post, if chosen the author is awarded with the Snaildom Author badge. Books can be bought for 5 coins or more, the price depends on the stories length and quality. New stories are chosen at random. The stories are from all different genres and styles.


The Cinema is a room where TV can be live-streamed and watched on Snaildom. It can be accessed through the Throne Room. Showings are random, and have no set time length as they must be done manually. The Cinema was launched around two months after the Golden Era began.


After one year and one month, Damen made the executive decision to close Snaildom. A session was held on both OldCP and Snaildom announcing the end of it. All of the users gathered together to say their final goodbyes to the game.

The game finally ended with a session from Damen and a lost connection. Snaildom may be gone for now, but it remains forever in our hearts.


On 19th June 2019, Damen announced on Forums that Snaildom would be back. The game was released on the same day.
The link to play Snaildom is


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Virtual World

Developer Damen Spike
Development Started 5 February 2014
Tested 29 Sept. - 4th Oct. 2014
Closed 5 April 2015

Warden Kace
Reopened May 20th, 2022