Annalle is the Queen of Nargothrond. She found it after the waters receded from Beleriand and worked to restore it to its former glory. Eventually she became possessed by some enchantment from Vanadium Crystals.

Finding Nargothrond

Annalle went in search for Nargothrond with her husband, Enaril, and their servants. It was hard to find Nargothrond as the area's geography had been altered by the water when the land was flooded and sunken. The area was unrecognizable. The halls had been collapsed under the weight of the mountain that stood above the ancient city. The only thing that had not been destroyed were the passageways through the caverns. Annalle discovered an opening into the city at the top of the entrance chamber.

After entering Nargothrond, Annalle discovered many treasures that had been buried below the rubble. She found many different ores such as: frost ice nuggets, mithril, gold, and vanadium crystals. Her husband hypothesized that the vanadium crystals were brought there by Glaurung the dragon in his early days as part of his treasure hoard. Annalle would become captivated by the glowing red of the vanadium crystals.


Annalle found herself becoming very obsessed with the glowing beauty of the vanadium crystals. It started out being harmless but slowly became something much more serious. Her obsession caused Annalle's husband (Enaril) to leave the project, saying that she held more love for vanadium than for himself. This bothered Annalle little and she claimed that he would return after the project on Nargothrond was complete. One day, Annalle would go off and stare at her vanadium crystals. She said it felt like she had only been looking at them for two hours, but it actually turned out to have been two days.

Annalle, enchanted by a large vanadium crystal.


Annalle made finding more and hoarding vanadium her own personal goal, stating that she would rather have vanadium than any other ore or mineral that the earth has to offer. Annalle even had her servants stop work on restoring Nargothrond in order to find more vanadium for her. When they started coming up empty handed she became enraged and placed sanctions on her workers. Annalle even went so far as to threaten to hang everyone one by one if they could not find her even another ounce of the crystal.


The more Annalle became obsessed with vanadium, the more she thought about about Morgoth and Glaurung. The next day, the waterman would bring Annalle a book he found, it was water logged and unreadable. Annalle determined that this book was The Tome of Discord, the most evil book ever written. She thought to throw it away but left it near to the vanadium crystals, which restored the book into a readable condition. At this point, Annalle felt as though she just had to read it, and so she did. Annalle found herself agreeing with Morgoth, thinking that people should not have been so quick to dismiss him or to label him as evil. She wrote that Morgoth was just exercising his own free will.

Annalle wrote little in her journal since reading the Tome of Discord. Her last entry was on February 2nd, 4th year of the 4th age. She wrote that she had to part with 20 more pound of vanadium crystals and that she had hidden her stash away so that none of her workers would ever touch it.

A possible look of Annalle's vanadium stash.


Queen of Nargothrond

Titles Queen of Nargothrond
Gender Female
House Ardamire
Related Elrond, Elrohir, Elrus, Enaril