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Nargothrond was constructed in the First Age by Finrod Felagund as a fortress against Morgoth. It was built deep into the banks of the Narog river. Finrod was assisted in the underground construction of this city by the dwarves. There were many majestic caves, tunnels, and halls. It was certainly a most beautiful place to behold. Nargothrond would remain as a secure place hidden from the forces of Morgoth for hundreds of years.

Nargothrond in its prime.

Fall of Nargothrond

Bad Strategy

Nargothrod would eventually fall when it's king, Orodreth, under the counseling of Turin Turambar, decided to make open war with Morgoth rather than fighting in secret. Orodreth had a great bridge built across the Narog river directly to the doors of Nargothrond so that his armies could pass over the river easily but this also revealed the exact location of the hidden city which Morgoth had never before been able to find.


Since Morgoth knew where Nargothrond laid, he sent out a force of Orcs as well as one dragon, Glaurung, to attack the city. The Nargothrond armies were utterly defeated and the citizens of the city were killed for the most part. Glaurung took up residence in the city and kept his hoard of treasure there.

Glaurung takes up residence in Nargothrond.

Glaurung would reside there until he was slayed by Turin Turambar. Despite the dragon being slayed, the city of Nargothrond would remain uninhabited. It would later be flooded in the flood of Beleriand.



After the land of Beleriand was drained by the will of Nameless One, the ancient city of Nargothrond would be rediscovered by Annalle and her husband, two wood elves from Aman. Annalle decided to restore the once great kingdom and turn it into a beautiful resort. Queen Annalle would eventually become corrupted by vanadium crystals and fall into darkness.


Users can get into the city of Nargothrond by swearing loyalty to Queen Annalle and paying 100 gold. Users can rent cabins in Nargothrond for 10 vanadium crystals per night. There are also some small shops where users can buy touristic items as well as a forge where elvish armors and weapons can be forged. Nargothrond also has a resturaunt for all its hungry visitors to get free fine cuisine at.

Areas Restored

Exterior of Nargothrond

Narthogrond's Courtyard, converted into a Hotel Lobby

A view of the Nargothrond Castle

A view of Nargothrond's Forge, Merch Store, and Restaurant

Interior of Nargothrond Castle


Hidden Kingdom

Related Annalle, Beleriand

Location Beleriand, in the East
Past Rulers Finrod, Orodreth, *Annalle*
Ruling House House Ardamire of Aman