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Beleriand is a continent containing several different kingdoms which originally were prosperous during the First Age, however the land was sunken after the War of Wrath (Dagor Dagorath on OldCP), though it did not take place on Beleriand in the games lore. Due to the island sinking, most of the kingdoms would be lost except for Himring and Gorgoroth, which were high enough in elevation to become islands. Eventually after the Dragons declared war on all of Arda, taking every single island as their own, Nameless One would decide to let the flood waters recede from the island for easy passage to Gorgoroth. Due to this many of the old kingdoms were uncovered and distant relatives of the inhabitants arrived from Aman and Tol Eressea. They then restored the kingdoms to their former glory.


Beleriand is comprised of several kingdoms, from elves, to dragons, and vultures.
Ered Gorgoroth
• Brithombar (DESTROYED)
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Kingdom Charter of Beleriand

Ered Gorgoroth

Ered Gorgoroth is the former residence of the Dragon race, as Angband was sunk after the First Age. Originally, Gorgoroth was inhabited by Dune Dwarves, who created stone statues of themselves, with a giant treasure hold. It is likely the dragons saw this, and took it as their own. Currently Raymond owns Ered Gorgoroth

Entrance to Ered Gorgoroth

Gorgoroth Prison

Hallways to the Gorgoroth Vault

Staircase to the bottom of the Gorgoroth Vault

Gorgoroth Vault


Gondolin was founded by Turgon the Wise, who created weapons, such as the Goblin Cleaver, it was known for its smiths and fine craftsmanship. After being drained, Azeb took over the kingdom, and restored it with his wealth. It eventually was taken back over by forces of light. Gondolin also is home to the last Silmaril of Feanor.

Gondolin Courtyard

Gondolin's interior, with a view on the Silmaril

Gondolin Jail


Vinyamar was also founded by Turgon the Wise at the beginning of the First Age. However, it was abandoned roughly 150 years after it was founded due to Melkor lurking on Beleriand, by the suggestion of Ulmo. Eventually, it was uncovered and Fengurad, who is likely a Noldor descendent of Vinyamar's Inhabitants, settled the area and rose up against Ancalagon's control over the land.

Vinyamar's Courtyard

Vinyamar Castle Interior

Vinyamar Jail

Crosswalk to the Vinyamar Gatehouse

View of a portion of the Vinyamar Gatehouse


Himring was a fort created by the Sons of Feanor as a watch over the land against the forces of Morgoth. The fort would eventually be abandoned when the sons of Feanor no longer had enough people to man the fort.

The Vulture Kingdom would later inhabit this fort and take it as their residence, building up a small throne room from the rubble. It currently remains in the hands of Loki.

Himring's Entrance, containing a Vanadium mine.

The throne of Loki, Queen of the Vultures


Menegroth was the capital city of the kingdom of Doriath, but was invaded by Ungoliant when Beleriand was drained by Nameless One. As Ungoliant served Ancalagon, it was in the hands of The Fire Nation, but it eventually fell. The Land Trident was also located there as stated by Glarthorn's Prophecy.

The remains of Menegroth, Ungoliants Throne


Nargothrond was founded by Finrod. It contains a lot of Mithril, Ice, Amethyst, and Vanadium. Queen Annalle took over the Kingdom after it was drained, and renovated it into a tourist hot spot, where you can rent a cabin for several days with Vanadium. Unfortunately, Queen Annalle became obsessed with Vanadium, which slowly corrupts her to darkness.

Exterior of Nargothrond

Narthogrond's Courtyard, converted into a Hotel Lobby

A view of the Nargothrond Castle

A view of Nargothrond's Forge, Merch Store, and Restaurant

Interior of Nargothrond Castle


Brithombar was a city and port in Falas, the South of Beleriand. It was destroyed by Melkor in the First Age. It was inhabited by a people known as the Falathrim, a shipwright faction of elves.

Remains of Brithombar after its destruction in FA 473


Beleriand's Geography is a mountainous landscape, containing patches of grass and stone, full of green grass and tall trees. Notable locations include the Great Sea Belegaer, which is the western/southern coast of the island, the Tomb of Turin Turambar, the Tomb of Findulas, and the Tomb of Morwen.

View of one of the Beleriand Plains.

Exterior view of Ered Gorgoroth, the tallest mountain in Beleriand.



Location North-West of Cobia
Rulers Teigan, Raymond, Queen Annalle, Kace, Ungoliant, Loki

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