Enaril is and elf from the land of Aman and the King of Nargothrond. He found it with his wife, Annalle, after the waters receded from Beleriand.


Enaril and his wife, Annalle, left Aman when Beleriand was drained. Together, they searched for the lost underground city of Nargothrond.

Locating the City

Nargothrond proved to be rather hard to locate as the area's geography had been altered during the time Beleriand was flooded, the place was practically unrecognizable. The halls of the city had collapsed under the weight of the mountain that the city had been constructed under. The only thing that had not been destroyed were the passage ways through the caverns. Enaril's wife was the one who discovered an opening into the city, thus relocating Nargothrond.

Enaril and his wife, looking for Nargothrond.

After entering Nargothrond, they discovered many treasures that had been buried below the rubble. Some of the treasures that were found were frost ice crystals, mithril, gold, and vanadium crystals. Enaril hypothesized that the vanadium had been brought there by Glaurung the dragon in his early years as part of his treasure hoard.

Leaving the Project

Annalle would become obsessed by the vanadium crystals, leaving Enaril to feel unloved and undervalued. Enaril eventually had enough of her obsession with vanadium and called her out over it. He said that she loved vanadium more than what she loved him. Then Enaril left the project to return to Aman. He told Annalle he would return after the restoration of the city had been completed.


Annalle would complete her work in Nargothrond and her husband Enaril returned as promised. When Enaril returned he found that his wife had been completely corrupted by vanadium and was now obsessed with Melkor. He sought her out in order to try to save her from her corruption.


Enaril is also a messenger for the forest. The forest speaks to him and he delivers its messages.


King of Nargothrond

Titles King of Nargothrond
Gender Male
House Ardamire
Related Annalle