Elite Penguin Force

Founding of the Agency

The Elite Penguin Force (commonly called the EPF) was founded on 12/26/21 to combat dark forces such as arms dealers and armor forgers with illegal contraband, such as BB guns, and using the /forge in general to create illegal weaponry. The prime goals of the EPF is to combat Damen and Gatito, with their arms dealing of overpriced nuclear devices and contraband BB guns.

Prime And Future Directives

The EPF hopes to combat the Blackhawks in the future, if they ever dare to step ground on P3D, which is likely to happen in 2022, so the EPF plans to grow into a largely based military and player organization, with tons of cooperation from the userbase.

Current Members

Mitty - Director
Raymond/Gary - Commander
Kace/Jetpack Guy - Commander
Zaron - Commander
Skylinr - Agent
Isaiah - Agent
Aven - Agent
PenguinX - Agent

Elite Penguin Force


Aliases EPF
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