The Blackhawks Smuggling Gang, later known as just the Blackhawks, were an unofficially formed gang operating on Their leader, Rover (Scarlet Myers), was a former OldCP Agent who secretly acquired game control over a period of time.

Gwin Case

The first recognition of the Blackhawks was the Crimezone's first Case involving the murder of a user called Gwin. His body was shown dead at the Mine Shack on in Nov. 2013.

Gwin's murder was done by the Blackhawks to steal the 'Red Viking Helmet' which he owned. It is thought that his helmet was special because it belonged to Rocketsnail.

The Gwin case was solved by Pieguy, going by the name of Sherlock.

OldCP Crimezone Case 1 wrote:
Gwin: Buys Puffle Food at Puffle Shop.
Murderer: Breaks into Gwin's igloo and captures Puffle, leaving tracks to the mine.
Gwin: Gets home and finds a track, follows it to the mine. Sees Puffle on top of Shack.
Murderer: Injects Gwin with deadly injection, causing him to faint.
Gwin: Collapses onto the floor, and lands on the snow.
Murderer: Kicks Puffle off Mine and breaks wooden beams to make it look like suicide, the wood was broken by repeated force and only a small amount of wood broke off, showing someone snapped it on purpose.
Murderer: Claims hat from Gwin and leaves by covering his tracks with snowballs.

Derrick killed Gwin, he has been captured and arrested. His possessions are taken in for evidence for the new case #3.

Derrick Case

The next case of the Crimezone was the situation with stolen bunny slippers. Derrick, a Blackhawk Smuggler, went to the Coffee Shop to steal some Pookie's rare bunny slippers. Whilst doing it, he left his personal notepad on a table in the Book Shop.

Inside the notepad, it contained top-secret Blackhawk information. It would serve as evidence against the gang and make the Detectives capable of finding out their members.

Derrick was later spotted searching for the notepad, Detectives pursued him and he was arrested.

Blackhawk Gang Revealed

The most intense awakening in OldCP history occurred when Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel examined a graph in Derrick's note pad. It was called a 'pentagon code'.

OldCP Crimezone Case 3 Statement wrote:
We cracked the Pentagon code (360 Interior Angle, 540 Exterior Angle) that allowed us access to a setup pyramid base called 'TSZFFZ', MuscleBob1, Starrry, and Nicholas Angel helped crack this important clue.

Det Sgt Nicholas Agent and some others revealed the JR channel 'TSZFFZ' from the cryptic message in the notepad. When they joined the room, the threat of the Blackhawks had become major.

OldCP Crimezone Case 3 Statement wrote:
Rover had arrived and told them about the Blackhawk gang and the fact that 'Mickey' has returned. Rover revealed the gang is named 'Black Hawks'. Rover has been IP banned and arrested by OldCP. Rover's account is blacklisted under the registration. Rover will never return, but Mickey may have to find a way of taking OldCP over WITHOUT his account which was banned in the Disney Takeover.

Blackhawk Smuggling

The Blackhawks were now understood to be stealing valuable items on OldCP and selling them to NewCP, or Disney's evil, Lord Mickey.

Flip Flops

It was 12 AM on OldCP when Rosie had Bunny Flops stolen that was signed by Aunt Arctic.

Rosie was a 9-year-old Pookie and loved to play with 'mwummy and shishter', she also read Aunt Arctic newspapers every day. The last place she saw the Bunny flops was in the Coffee Shop whilst she was out buying some O' berries.

She took them off to go into the book room and lie down. After her nap, her bunny flops were completely gone.

Evidence Zone
1) Bunny Flops signed by AA, est value up to 400 credits.
2) Rosie's sister said she saw someone trying to get past a penguin blocking something on the table.
3) A thief of valuable items is part of the Black Hawks, perhaps another item to sell on NewCP?

This was the same case involving Derrick, it was solved by Kricken.

Kricken in Crimezone Statement wrote:
I think I've cracked the case! Derrick was walking into the Coffee Shop to find no one but a pair of flip-flops there! He picked the shoes up and looked at them! And it said "AA" so he took it! He knows that a pair of flip flops signed by Aunt Arctic (a famous mascot) would be a fortune! So he took the flip flops and ran off with them! When Rosie waked up from her nap time she found it missing!

Lighthouse Artwork Heist

The famous 'Rockhopper on Land' painting hung iconically in the Lighthouse had disappeared around lunchtime on Nov. 6th, 2013.

The painting itself was taken leaving a dustless patch upon its former residing place. The painting thought to be worth more than one million Club Penguin Coins, had left a great hole in CP history on OldCP.

The OldCP agency wanted this treasure returned as soon as possible, offering a whopping sum of 20,000 OldCP credits for its return.

Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel wrote:
I'm not going to be there for long, I am sending my best detectives on the job. I know they can find the thief.

The main Detective on OldCP wanted to give this one to his comrades who have helped him in the past, hoping that the island can develop new legends of the Crime Zone.

Damen Spike wrote:
This is the age for investigation on OldCP. This is the age we fight the Black Hawk gang. All crimes so far are linked, expect nothing less!

The changes to the Lighthouse were:
  • Removed 2 Paintings
  • Penguin changed to Red in Painting
  • 'Eye' Symbols displayed around the area, including on paintings and on furniture.

Rover attacked the Lighthouse later that day. The lights went out and the windows blew open, sniper lasers everywhere. He tried to 'kill' everyone but he failed, and then gave a truce.

Base Discovered

The Blackhawk base which was used to scare users and was the place Rover first appeared, had finally been located by Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel and Shuttle8.

The pool looked just like the one under the Plaza, but it was a secret pool underneath the Cove which was never finished.

Rover Faked His Death

On the 8th of November 2013, Agents discovered a bombshell of the Lodge. It seemed the Blackhawks have returned with a new leader after rover 'lied', regarding the truce in the Lighthouse when he failed.

Burnt down Lodge from the outside.

Faked scene of Rover's death.

The writing on the floor was

And smaller writing by the entrance was

When Agents realised this, they immediately knew that a new leader may be out there. The search had begun.

Rise of Clarkson

Clarkson was a Blackhawk who wore a cream jacket and brown afro along with regular blue player color. He had begun his work as Blackhawk leader by blowing up the Town of OldCp.

Town Bombed

The Bombing of the OldCP Town occurred on Nov. 14th, 2013. It was the second time the Town was hit on OldCP after Mickey's Disney Take Over earlier in 2013.
Clarkson accepted the job from Mickey, who the Blackhawks may have had contact with, or perhaps pretended to. After the bombing, Clarkson and Blackhawk members had raided the Coffee Shop for rare objects.

Clarkson then set up a small base where the Blackhawks would keep their prisoners. The base was not used much, since Clarkson leaked secret Blackhawk information to Detectives.

Death of Clarkson

After leaking private information regarding the fact Rover faked his death, not long afterward, Clarkson was assassinated at the Town by some kind of assassin probably working for Rover.

Start of 2014

At the start of 2014, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel was on the case to wipe out the Blackhawks. He and the Detectives planned to setup Rover and shoot him.

Death of Det Sgt Nicholas Angel

They successfully set Rover up, but Rover already knew their plan, he was too cunning for their scheme. Pencil and Nicholas Angel himself were killed by Rover because they were not as fast as Rover. Weeeee12 also had fallen, but no picture had been taken.

After this event, Rover mostly disappeared until late January the following year.

Plot to Blow up OldCP

At the beginning of 2014, the Blackhawks had created another plan under their original leader Rover/Scarlet Myers. Blowing up OldCP would not be easy.

First, they began by placing bombs in the boiler room, the central energy source for OldCP. Exploding that room would destroy the entire island. With no Nicholas Angel, the DSGHQ Agency had to stop this from happening.

Death of Rover

The Agency waited for Rover's arrival and killed him on site. Finally, Rover and the Blackhawks Gang were stopped and OldCP never blew up.

Rover Assassinated

Return of the Blackhawks

Some months after Rover was killed, the Blackhawks returned. Their return was in the form of vandalism at the OldCP Forest.

Smuggling Again

The July 2014 Blackhawks were back to stealing objects from OldCP. Though this time, they only stole one thing. Their weak gang had stolen the Puffle sign off the Pet Shop. It was found in the /jr ava room. It was recovered.


Mais, the new Leader of the Blackhawks working with Scarlet had organized the assassination of the forest boys and Snowfalls by giving out smuggled guns from the beginning of the year.

Failure of Scarlet

Scarlet failed to continue the Blackhawks. Extreme failure led to her downfall now. Her final attempt at the crime was to destroy Snowfalls the Ice Queen, Detectives, and all the Forest Boys.

Snowfalls killed Scarlet and Mais and the Forest Boys outsmarted the remaining Blackhawks.

Death of Mais by the Ice Ghosts.

Mais' note before he was stabbed by an ice dagger.

End of the Blackhawks

Mais and Scarlet were killed by the Ice Lords and there are no remaining Blackhawks to continue their smuggling tasks as of August 2014.

The Blackhawks make a return

On 3/04/17 the Blackhawks made a return under the name of DisneySoldiers and CPIMilitary to help Pythas/Rodnor attack. Once Rodnor was killed, they left.


Smuggling Gang

Date Nov. 4th, 2013
Location OldCP
Ended March 2017