Black Pope

Raymond wasn't always a knight of the light, but the opposite. He was named Black Pope by LEGION and became the most powerful draconian, assuming the role of leader.
Both LEGION and the nazgul were his friends, which caused them to give him even more power.

Changing sides

After a while as black pope, Raymond got BOS for taking place in Kace's abuse on P3D and OldCP. This drove to his rank being claimed by another draconian, which meant losing most of his power.

With nothing left in the evil side, he decided to join Aule and become one of his first stone masons to later become a Master Stonelord.

Master Stonelord

In his time as master stonelord Raymond fought many followers of evil and traitors like Hahu and helped The Forest, he also claimed the title of Lord of Earth

A new soul

Even if Raymond changed sides, he knew his soul was still owned by evil. So when Nook gave him a free wish for saving his life, he chose to be reborn with a new cleansed soul. It was also revealed that his parents were Khamul and Numeniel all the time.

Since Raymond kept ruining evil's plans, a draconian who held the trident of doom chose to vanquish him. But a new prophecy was being spread around the forest...

The Bright Knight

After a long waiting, the day came. Nameless had descended to Arda once more to reveal who the bright knight was. And so it happened, Raymond, the Bright Knight, ascended from the ashes as prophesied.


The Protector

Titles Imperial Knight, King Of Cobia, Warlord, Moderator, Warlord, Top Dogg, Emperor’s Guard, World Champion (x3), Lord of House Septim, Das Knight
Gender Male
House House Septim
Death 27/08/2021 (Resurrected by Nameless One)
Related Aule, Khamul, Numeniel