Kace joined OldCP in 2013 under the alias Weeeee12, after looking for games that resembled the old 2005-2012 graphics of Club Penguin. Eventually he changed his name to Lark for unknown reasons.

Weeeee12's final moments.



Kace tried to join the Blackhawks after the Dojo bombing of September 2013, and created the alias Tave to do so. Sadly Mickey never gave any of them orders, probably because most people who tried to join the Blackhawks were around or under 10.


Kace liked the name Tave better than Lark, so he stuck with it for a couple of years. In between 2013 and 2014, Kace had gained many achievements, and had been a witness to many battles.

Guards vs Disney ontop of Skihill


After being inactive and not participating in anything for a good while, Kace decided to become a detective, with an simple and easy plan, luring out a CrimeZone character that was hunting Adawg. This, surprisingly worked after 15 minutes, and Kace was awarded Detective by Cyberwolf.

Detective Sergeant

When Bakon was made Detective Inspector, Kace was chosen as his Detective Sergeant, and he did great things like combatting pirates, and facing against Skull.

Video of Kace after finding Pirates at forest, from Jesse's perspective.

2017 Evil Era

After taking a short break from 2016's total wipe of the game's ranks, Kace rejoined OldCP in early 2017, deciding to side with the sith, and became a dark apprentice.
Noteable acts: Joined Fangsworn, participated in multiple wars, held Pythas' Greater Knife.

The 7

After it was prophecized Pythas would betray the Draconians, and the former Draconians would rise in power on the good side. Kace switched sides to the side of the light, and became a Wizard under Tent because of this. Eventually Kace would become one of the 7 Maiar prophecized by Nameless One, later becoming a Forest Prince after Maiar were removed from the game.

Lord Of Earth

Kace was given Lord of Earth in 2020 after Nameless One gave him the title but quit a year later and gave up his title to Warth the Forgotten Warrior, who eventually gave that title to Raymond the Bright.
He also gained the title King/Lord of the Forest

OldCP Fileserver

Kace was given OldCP fileserver along with iOldCP's, alongside being able to make OldCP and iOldCP commands, before being demoted in April of 2021 after abusing on OldCP out of boredom and inactivity on the game. He also lost his ranks and titles due to this, such as Lord of Earth, which he passed to Warth before being banned.


Kace decided he had enough of the community, so instead of taking a break (which he probably should've done) he destroyed OldCP in April 2021, by demoting everyone then giving the rank of Moderator to people like Zeldamaster, Tuples, and other users, before quitting until December 2021, since he missed the game.


iOldcp Era

After previously being a mod on iOldCP v2, and participating in iOldCP v1, Kace got the chance to play iOldCP v3, which was again ran by Orlock, eventually getting up the ranks as Administrator, then File Server Manager, before being demoted in early 2021 for silly reasons, such as creating light-hearted rooms to annoy other people, and possibly for gain. Kace to this day was possibly the best FileServer manager.


Warlord Victory

Before having the goal of WCI, came the goal of the rank warlord, in June of 2020, Kace bested iBlue and void to the win.

Kace's Warlord Fight


Kace won June 2020 WCI, besting Zpheal and Accal to the win. He also was the first winner of WCI on Penguin3D. Wiki:DSGHQ WCI

Kace's WCI win

Lord of the Solar System

Alongside Lord of Earth, Kace was given ownership to the entire solar system, by Manwe after dividing up Space before his passing on OldCP.

Penguin3D Warden

Kace was made Warden of Penguin3D in early 2021, but lasted until only April, after being demoted for misconduct on OldCP.

2021 Evil Era

In December 2021, Kace rejoined P3D to be evil, and wanted to cause some chaos, so he joined the fire nation and quickly rose through the ranks, and became very powerful. This was short-lasted, though, since he felt misled by Ancalagon's wrath.

Light Turn

After being misled by darkness and the Fire Nation Kace rejoined the light and was cleansed by Glarthorn/Glarthir, becoming a Forest Boy once more.

Joining Stone

Kace decided to participate in Aule's training course, dying to a plane crash but used an alternate account to continue on with the training, winning Aule's trust, and gaining OP lightning and stone-flesh.

Game of Mods

Kace finally got back Moderator after winning Game of Mods Winter 2022.

King of Gondolin

Kace would help defeat Ancalagon in the war on 4/4/2022 and as result of the Prophecy of Stars would inherit the kingdom of gondolin

Destroying the One Ring

Kace would destroy the One Ring on Earth Day 2022 (4/22) and put an end to Pythas for now


Kace would one day be offered Administrator by Damen and accept it


Kace rebirthed into the light after swallowing the Silmaril, becoming R'hllor, and ascending

End of the Road

This stuff will stay here to be remembered, Kace has left the community as of 6/2/2022


Former Administrator

Aliases Lark, Tave
Titles King of Earth, Free Fighter, Imperial Knight, King of Cobia, Top Dogg, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Detective Inspector, Wizard, Arch Wizard, Moderator, King of Axel, Administrator, Emperor Helper, Fileserver Manager, Warlord, Knight Captain, Fire Nation Lord, King of Gondolin, Forest Lord, Lord Of Light
Gender Male
House Wolf
Death April 8, 2020 (OldCP) June 2nd, 2022 (Penguin3D)