Ellie's journey starts when she was looking at videos of Old Club penguin on Youtube. She stumbled upon a tutorial for OldCP. She found the link to OldCP in the comments. She joined this game and thought it was quite good. Since Ellie was a new player she started asking questions, the staff members happily greeted her and helped her. Soon, she learned her way around the game.


In her early days around OldCP, Ellie learned her way around the game and started making new friends. Some of her first friends were: Jackie, Techno, Brndav, R2D2, and Chewbacca. She started watching Moderator Competitions but never joined one. Ellie worked hard for Moderator and eventually earned it. But Ellie suddenly disappeared, leading to a demotion for inactivity. She came back and hoping she would earn her spot back as a Moderator. She applied and had a conversation with Damen, The application was accepted and she was promoted to moderator, She was demoted two more times but she earned it back. Oldcp shut down for a bit and Snaildom came. Oldcp v10 was launched and Ellie was demoted by Cyberwolf.

Until then she is trying to earn her position back, she is very positive about this.


Ellie joined the forums on the 3rd of September 2013, The first user that ever helped Ellie was Iceesofie and they became really good friends. Time passed and Ellie left the forums, when she quit Oldcp, When she came back she had forgotten her password, so she joined on another account. Later on, she earned forums Moderator. She is now a Forums Moderator of the DSGHQ.


Titles Forums Moderator, Oldcp Moderator, Penguin Watch Captain,
Gender Female
House Hunters
Related Iceesofie, Cheep, Chex